Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Audio Recordings - Lest We Forget the Voice of the Dolt

Alexander, Duke of Manchester, has a rather creepy voice when all is said and done.  Definitely not what you expect from a member of the English aristocracy, which, in itself is appropriate.  Alex inherited the title, but in terms of culture, he has much more in common with the original 'transportees' to Australia.  

This is said with apologies to many of those convicted unjustly in English courts or transported simply because they stole because they were starving.  

These excuses do not apply to Alex or Laura, though her childhood included, she once told me, hiding in the barn all night for fear of her abusive father.  

For Alex, being a 'duke' is as much of an act as being a duchess is for Laura.  Neither were bred for it, neither understands the obligations which come with even the ordinary roles of life, these being obligations of parenthood, friendship, and caring for others. 

The Audio Recordings you will hear include the radio interview of Alex done by Rayelan, the interview Melinda did of Marcus Scriven, author of Splendor & Squalor, and telephone messages Alex left on the various phone machines owned by several of us.  Listen carefully. 

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