Sunday, April 29, 2012

This was an Email exchange, mostly one way, between myself and Laura, the Stalking Duchess.  During this period I received multiple threatening calls from UNKNOWN NUMBER, which is always Alex.  Some of these went to voice mail.  Those will be up shortly so you can hear them.

I would not have responded at all except for the opportunity to get Laura's response to the facts on specific issues, which are documented by articles and court documents.  She persists in ignoring the development of events and focuses on the frauds perpetrated by Alex which the court, eventually, realized were ungrounded.  

The emails are ugly, insulting, libelous, and clearly intended to intimidate.  The log of this period is now being provided to the local police as a report for stalking.

Links to Emails, newest to oldest

Totals:  Laura, the Stalking Duchess  22    Melinda  8  
            Ilene Proctor    1                          Craig Franklin of Green Hills Software 1
Receiving ccs from Laura:  Morgan, Alex, Proctor, Craig

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 21, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 21 (8 days ago)

to craig, Charles, me, morgangell, lmontymont, raelon
Go find a HOBBY? Your brain is overworked.....By your evil sick handwriting skills? You put my phone number and my address on the internet what do you think would happen?

What do you think happens when you put someone children's birth certificates on the internet very sick indeed!
I had a real doctor look at your internet sickness and he said your a borderline personality disorder with phycko also,
He also said a phycko CANT LET GO, phyckos ALSO like the cat and mouse game! They also don't care who they hurt.......THAT IS YOU!!

YOU need serious help and YOU need to work on your own family ISSUES you have family issues!! You need to get your life together before your too old to enjoy it.

Your Grandchildren need. Real Grandmother not Menace to society! Wait till the children can look up your internet skills how embarrassing!

Your life should have been and could be beautiful but its just pure evil and destructive and you sabotage everything you touch!

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Email April 21, 2012 Response from Melinda

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 21 (8 days ago)

to theduchessofma., bcc: craig
Let's see.  You all have separate issues with me but are cooperating in your attempts to destroy me.  There is a word for this.  It is a conspiracy.  Thanks for sharing.  Look it up in the dictionary.  I use The Melinda in remembrance of my ancestor The Bruce.  Look him up.  Craig can tell you all about it, if you ask him. 

The Bruce never stopped until Scotland was free.  Ask Craig what happened to The Craig.

Email April 20, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 20 (8 days ago)

to me
Craig, Is NOT involved with us at all Stupid.
We ALL have separate issues with YOU THE Melinda.....what is THE Melinda anyway? What do you do but write and stalk humans!
GO do something good in the world. It will be tough for YOU for sure. DO not talk to Alex Montagus Children you can't even speak to your own!

OH I'm starting my own Radio show!

We all have one thing in common being stalked by The Melinda Pillsbury Foster.

All of US are Victims of your fake Phyco doctor assessments, , Fake emails, Stupid web sites, Blogs, Extortion, LIES, Fake Media statements, Cyber Stalking, Indangerment of a child or children!

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Email April 20, 2012 from Craig Franklin at GHS

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 7:38 PM, Craig Franklin <> wrote:


Please leave me out of this conversation.


Email April 20, 2012 Response from Melinda

From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 19:42:06 -0400
To: Craig Franklin<>
Subject: Re: Re:

Ah shucks.  You don't want to play with Laura?  I don't believe that.  I thought psychopaths liked pulling the wings off of flies.  What's wrong, she too old for you? 

Email April 20, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 7:52 PM, <> wrote:

You are so caught in LIES about everyone your mentally ill......You don't care who you hurt.....All your website will be taken down soon anyway! We are just keeping them up for documentation! Do you see how many people are looking at your site??
Leave Craig alone that comes from all of us old lady.......

NO ONE! Go away!
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Email April 20, 2012 Response from Melinda

Re: Re:

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 20 (8 days ago)

to theduchessofma., morgangell, lmontymont, raelon
Craig was stupid to involve himself with you two.

Email April 19, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 19 (10 days ago)

to me, morgangell, craig, lmontymont
The Melinda,

This is The Duchess, You have been stalking a PPO is in order.

Your not a doctor of anything,
Keep it coming Phycko! Your the expert....LOL

Where is your journalism I'd number?

Who is the Doctor you use for your shows? On your daughter and my husband analysis. Didn't she have a very indecent and illegal relationship with a Client? Not good.

Your OH so wrong about my family! I don't even put the real information for anyone.

I don't tell people I don't know my personal information. Smart people are private and take time for relationships. I have tons of friends and people from all over the world. I just don't drop names.

We have told YOU to go away so many times its recorded!

Remember, You Both said Alex was missing in the desert? Then Dead,
Then Alex was threatening you ? You were so scared and confused? Where was Alex?

Then you called Ilene! You Sick woman after telling Ilene to go to hell. I have that email also....You had a plan and here your plan is!

BUT, You didn't do a PPO?
Because YOU can't get one...We have all your internet posts to show your mental illness..And more...

Your the one with the Extortion and threats from the day after we told you to not contact us....We have everything....

Where is your family? YOU have none!

Oh I was so right that YOU were NO family member of James Dean...
Nor were you his girlfriend...And No peanut butter sandwiches...

What have you done with your life nothing,
Your still talking about John Fund come on OLD news lady??? Where is your body of work?

You did a radio show on your beautiful daughter? How sick...What a STUPID doctor who has done NO analysis on your daughter is illegal! She will also be contacted.

YOU are no one to talk about anyone's life you crazy wacko!

YOU had our children's Birth certificates on the internet that is so a prison term!

The Children will not appreciate you posting there birth for the entire WORLD to see.
You are sick.

If you use there names or anyone else does YOU are NOW LIBEL for there safety!
You crazy wacko.

You have been reported TO everyone!
You put my number on the world wide web so this is what you get..Wendy is also in big trouble..

Good Luck, Your being checked out big time.
Keep it up.

Your such a great Journalist!

Many other people are ccd....

Email April 19, 2012 Response from Melinda

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 19 (10 days ago)

to Laura
What an interesting creative writing exercise.   Keep it coming.  You are digging yourself in deeper with every word.  

You told me your father was a farmer and had pigs.  I made notes.  Anne's father also raised pigs, but lived in a different part of Michigan.  You used to hide in the barn when he was looking for you to deliver a beating.  In the barn you hid under the straw. 

I believed Anne.  You could have been lying to get sympathy or for the drama, but that is what you said both to me and, separately, to Raye.  You, Laura, were not raised in Laguna Beach.  That was a complete lie.  You are Peaches from Holly High School in Michigan, class of 1980, but did not graduate.  You told me you did not graduate yourself.  Your nickname is up online along with a pic of you and Alex, which I copied.  I'm not doing that research.  Another journalist took it on. 

Wendy completed the programs mandated by the court with an exemplary record for compliance.   She has no drug or alcohol issues and your statements are libelous, seriously so.  She has physical custody, works a regular job, and has a strong support network of family and friends who are very normal.   Alex Jr. wants nothing to do with his father, or does Ashley, who is now old enough to decide for herself  with whom she will have contact.  Alex Senior left Orange County without having paid once centavo of the money mandated by the court.  Repeating yourself does not alter the written records. 

I have had communication with Yola.  You libeled me to them.  It is going to cost you personally.  You.  Awards last for twenty years.  Produce the letter from Yola.  Either send it to me or publish it. 

I opened the account on Yola for  I wrote the content.  Of course it was free.  Did you expect someone else to pay for it?   You could not even afford a URL.  You pay for content.  It is not free.  I was willing to wait to be paid.  It was not a gift. 

Nothing on my sites was libel.   Libelous material is untrue.  It was all true and all documented with court documents or other materials.  You talk constantly about what you are going to do then act as if putting up another picture of your cat or a quote on the original Lady Mary Montagu provides you with some validation. 

Why don't you write about your years between 17, when you said you left school without graduating, and the time you started dating Alex.  Just the facts - and provide documentation.   Their date of separation is January 2007. 

You had family in Europe?  So what?  No one asked about your family history.  Provide facts.  Most Americans have European ancestry.   No one said you were a Native American. 

Even Craig has ancestors.  He is proud of his Highland Craig background - but William Wallace beheaded the Craig as a traitor.  My ancestor was Robert the Bruce.  Catch the movie sometime.  It was a funny moment in our family history.  Craig insisted me go to the movie when it opened and then jumped out of his seat when the Craig got it in the neck.   Craig stalked out of the theater, practically unable to talk. 

The Bruce was the one who made Scotland free.  He never stopped trying.  His motto is still in use today, "try, try, again."  He never gave up.  Neither do I. 

Don't be vague and claim to have documentation or be about to publish it.  Publish.   Give dates, provide  documentation which can be checked for its validity.  Every scrap will be, rest assured.  It will be no problem as several journalists are now interested in the story and we all share. 

It appears, from the evidence, neither of you have ever done anything which was not self-serving and destructive.  Every letter you write reaffirms that view. 

Email April 18, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 3:28 PM, <> wrote:
Are you going to take the duke and doxie site down,  I'm told to ask the owner of our site.....YOU!  I need a answer.

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Email April 18,2012 Response from Melinda

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: Re:

It is not your site.  You and Alex are the subjects of the site.  The two of you are public figures and clearly notorious characters about whom the world must be warned.  I am a journalist.  I own the site and use it to that end.  Marcus is not a cad, he is a journalist.  He and other journalists use the site as a resource because you work so hard to eliminate the evidence of your husband's sleazy behavior. 

You stole the site I built for you.  I provided all content. You asked me to wait to be paid, setting me up.  After you stole the site you presented yourselves as the creators who owned it, wrote it and did the work.  This is a lie, an outrageous lie.  If you were locked in a room without food you would starve to death before either of you could write enough literate content to put up a comparable site. 

The more you write the dumber you look. 

You then persuaded Yola, Inc. to take down my account, completely unrelated to your site,destroying 45 sites which were my livelihood.  You then slandered me, called my family, told outrageous lies about me, threatened to murder me, and in every way you could think up interfere with my ability to earn a living.  You continue to do this while asking me to stop publishing the truth about you.  Amazing gall, evidently standard operating procedure for psychopaths.

These are facts, easily documented, which will also be up on this site.  What Alex and you did to Wendy, and to the children, was even more despicable.  You lie about everyone. 

You were characterized as a prostitute by Al Kidd.  Raye was also on that call.  Wendy believes you expect men to pay you for 'services,' based on her  experience with you while you were living with her.  It is bizarre for her to take you in, but she is very charitable. 

Your husband described you, for publication, as a whore and told me, for publication, I should contact Steve Winn for confirmation as you were known to pick up Johns on the Strip.

Expecting rationality from you is fruitless.  Never try to teach a pig to sing. 

Email April 18, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

My book coming soon the truth ann documented fact.

Laura Montagu
Apr 18 (10 days ago)

to me, Rayelan, MORGAN, lmontymont, Ilene, john1885c, craig
Is not a Journalist if he was he would have got the true information on Wendy and the entire Trust.
None of you know what your blabbing about your so stupid. A true journalist listens to both sides of a story and prints not just from a angry X wife who was a drunk. who called Alex her babysitter!  Wendys photos are shocking.  Alex has been kind not to post them.   Where did you get your information that Alex lost custody of his children....We lived in Los Angeles, Wendy would not let us speak to the children. Wendy also told the children lies that he had money and was not paying them....That was a lie.  Wendy also told the children that I married Alex for his money!   Now we all know that is a lie....
Oh by the way my family lives in Europe also. and my father is not a pig farmer....That was Anne fishers family...Your getting old and your facts are distorted.
Yola took you off there sites because your a wacko! I had nothing to do with it. I have a letter from them stating that fact.  Your LIBEL to everyone everywhere.
If you posted the real ant true information you would be a Journalist. You are a lier and So is Marcus the heavy drinker and smoker cad I'm told by many people in London.  You wanted money for what you have done nothing. When Alex and Ilene asked you for the prologue for the book we gave you a opportunity to write....YOU had nothing.  A 15 year old would have had something , With just the history on the Internet and the documents I have a extensive.  You talked with Alex for a few weeks and had nothing so we could get a advance for you and all of us.
Marion Stoner is being served for extortion and False identity.  Marion Stoner has a record and was married........The court document you posted, The judge was stumped...Where was Alex?
Where was the police officer? Where was Marion she wasn't in court either? 
We have asked the pine lodge clinic and they had never had Alex as a Client. I also have a letter.
I will be doing a extensive body of work with the real proof.
And the fact that Wendy sold her children out for money so Wendy could have extra cash for herself. 
No one in this entire world thinks your any thing but a
pshycko!    What is your Journalist code number?  You never had and would never have one.
You soon will be given a court order to stay off the Internet
The yola site was ours and it was a free site...It was in our name from day one. NOT yours.
You are a public figure as you think you are right?  Oh and Wendy is also now.....So it will also be fun!
Al kidd thinks your all nuts! He is laughing calling you the Pillsbury DOE twins!
No one liked Wendy shes never been out of OC. Never went to Europe with her husband...
Never went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the collection.  Wendy the duchess who has NO interest in her title....Sad!  Wendy also knew nothing about the real family history.....
By the way your family history is coming for all to see!  It makes most family's look good!
My book is almost done!  I have been writing for a year. 
Many people have read it, All truth all documented! Much different than your babbling mouth....
In court you will have to tell them why you wanted to extort thousands from us. You will have to show signed contracts. You will have to show how You ordered contracts from your friend charles not us. Charles even said this as well.    It also was stated that your focus was to ruin our marriage....Well Melinda I was here the entire time.....I listened to all your recorded phone calls and it was shocking!   You Melinda called our home every minute of the day and night 2am 7am in the morning.... That is after we told you to just leave us alone.
Stalking is what you do and what you are is a stalker.
You never answered....why haven't you the scared old lady got a PPO yet?  I guess with a personal protection order you would not be able to write or Slander us.....
Your a mentally ill woman go look in the mirror!  The world is looking!  I feel sorry for your family you ruined your life and sad.  Wendy did the same thing.  Wendys drunk naked photos were shown to the courts as evidence to her drinking and Wendy not a proper mother for any child.
If Alex was so bad why did Wendy have another child 7 years later??  Wendy was nine months pregnant when she married Alex. Wendy had no idea who the father was!   Remember, Wendy was hanging out at the cowboy boogie bar everyweekend!   Alex was in california many years before he met.
Wendy and her lie about him needing her to stay in the country is a joke..
The count minutes I do have Wendy states Aex was a great father.
Alex was never in trouble for years nothing all of you are posting all his old childhood troubles? 
How stupid.....Alex dosent even have a traffic ticket! 
This is going to be all public and the recent findings you have no idea about this family and the history and the wealth.

Email April 18, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

(no subject)
Apr 18 (11 days ago)

to me, MORGAN, lmontymont, proctor, Rayelan
I have NO posts or blogs on you...
Why do you persist on stalking us and telling LIES....
Why?  What do you get out of all your fake posts and fake emails and fake Media!
The Media is dumping you because of your false and Libel YOU got them into....

Were not even using the duke of manchester yola site...You are its our family NOT yours!

Now your getting your Radio show in huge trouble! Why can't you just learn to go away and make legitimate money and have fun?

Oh and go see your family and grandchildren?
They are terrified of you how sad!

Your tell all book is really coming and it had nothing to do with me.....Its good info!

Again if you GALS were so afraid of us the little duke and duchess why didn't you take all your money and get a PPO? Personal Protection Order?? Why?

Its because your a lier and you then won't be able to write or talk OR stalk us if YOU get a PPO order.....Go get one your doing all these fake police reports....GET a PPO old lady!
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Email April 17, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess
Apr 17 (11 days ago)

to Rayelan, me, MORGAN
Where do I send your creditors!

Email April 17, 2012 from Melinda, responding

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 17 (11 days ago)

to theduchessofma.
Smooth move. I wasn't me.  Probably one of your fans.

Email April 17, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

(no subject)
Apr 17 (11 days ago)

to me, MORGAN, lmontymont
The facebook site YOU did on Alex is also reported!
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