Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 18,2012 Response from Melinda

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From: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: Re:

It is not your site.  You and Alex are the subjects of the site.  The two of you are public figures and clearly notorious characters about whom the world must be warned.  I am a journalist.  I own the site and use it to that end.  Marcus is not a cad, he is a journalist.  He and other journalists use the site as a resource because you work so hard to eliminate the evidence of your husband's sleazy behavior. 

You stole the site I built for you.  I provided all content. You asked me to wait to be paid, setting me up.  After you stole the site you presented yourselves as the creators who owned it, wrote it and did the work.  This is a lie, an outrageous lie.  If you were locked in a room without food you would starve to death before either of you could write enough literate content to put up a comparable site. 

The more you write the dumber you look. 

You then persuaded Yola, Inc. to take down my account, completely unrelated to your site,destroying 45 sites which were my livelihood.  You then slandered me, called my family, told outrageous lies about me, threatened to murder me, and in every way you could think up interfere with my ability to earn a living.  You continue to do this while asking me to stop publishing the truth about you.  Amazing gall, evidently standard operating procedure for psychopaths.

These are facts, easily documented, which will also be up on this site.  What Alex and you did to Wendy, and to the children, was even more despicable.  You lie about everyone. 

You were characterized as a prostitute by Al Kidd.  Raye was also on that call.  Wendy believes you expect men to pay you for 'services,' based on her  experience with you while you were living with her.  It is bizarre for her to take you in, but she is very charitable. 

Your husband described you, for publication, as a whore and told me, for publication, I should contact Steve Winn for confirmation as you were known to pick up Johns on the Strip.

Expecting rationality from you is fruitless.  Never try to teach a pig to sing. 

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