Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 18, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

(no subject)
Apr 18 (11 days ago)

to me, MORGAN, lmontymont, proctor, Rayelan
I have NO posts or blogs on you...
Why do you persist on stalking us and telling LIES....
Why?  What do you get out of all your fake posts and fake emails and fake Media!
The Media is dumping you because of your false and Libel YOU got them into....

Were not even using the duke of manchester yola site...You are its our family NOT yours!

Now your getting your Radio show in huge trouble! Why can't you just learn to go away and make legitimate money and have fun?

Oh and go see your family and grandchildren?
They are terrified of you how sad!

Your tell all book is really coming and it had nothing to do with me.....Its good info!

Again if you GALS were so afraid of us the little duke and duchess why didn't you take all your money and get a PPO? Personal Protection Order?? Why?

Its because your a lier and you then won't be able to write or talk OR stalk us if YOU get a PPO order.....Go get one your doing all these fake police reports....GET a PPO old lady!
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