Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yet another illiterate text message

The ominous date with justice now looming in the near future of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester has evidently sent him and his duchess, Laura into a frenzy of threats and lies in a renewal of their attempts to intimidate Wendy into handing over her daughter to them.

The motive is not affection for their daughter, but a driving need for funds. In this case, most likely to be used to pay court ordered costs resulting from Alex's conviction for passing a bad check (CASE NO. 11F21867X), and his conviction for pulling a gun on two little girls. (CASE NO. 12F20159X) See Time Line for more information.

At one time Wendy, an emotionally normal person, was intimidated by threats from Alex but that time is now long past. She came to understand psychopaths lie with complete conviction. Threats she would be arrested, lose her children, among others never materialized.

Last night a series of text messages arrived in response to action taken by Wendy, at the request of their daughter, to block Alex from contacting the 14 year old. Wendy reported the girl is upset by the ugly messages she received but was reluctant, until now, to cut off all contact. Wendy's son cut off all contact some time ago.

Wendy felt it appropriate to inform Alex of their daughter's request.

We have said in the past for Alex it is all about the money. These communications say little about the children but much about Alex's need for funds.

In addition, this morning Wendy received an admission of a crime, long suspected but not proven, by Laura in 2008.

This is the period when Laura had left Alex and was living with Wendy and her children while trying to renew relations with some previous boyfriends. In response to questions Laura asked, Wendy showed her Alexander's financial records, which she received as part of the routine exchange of records during their divorce.

As most people know, disclosure is part of the process of divorce, though Alex had resisted this in every way possible. Alex knew Wendy's financial information, including how much she earns. This is a modest amount. Wendy was startled to discover Alex, who had demanded he receive alimony, had over half a million dollars in the bank. He had been claiming to be penniless.

This morning this was received, apparently from Laura, denoted in RED:


These records were routinely supplied through the divorce process, but what Laura is actually referring to is something quite different. Wendy receives $1,000 a month for support for her daughter from the Trust.

Neither Laura or Alex, or Morgan for that matter, can spell.


Wendy has never seen her parent's financial records so has no idea how Alex and Laura could have gotten possession of these. She suspects this is a straight lie as she has never had the money to help her parents financially and this is very clear from even a cursory examination of her own financial records. The truth has no relationship to assertions by either Laura or Alex.

you forget that I stayed with you and it was amazing how the children showed me All of the documents you have and I took them to kinkoes and had every thing copied to disk and photo copied”

Now, this is an admission of a crime. Wendy, not the kids, shows Laura Alex's financial records and after Laura left Wendy realized these had disappeared. Laura is far too cheap to pay for copying, and all indications were while Laura was staying with Wendy were that Laura was entirely broke.

You for get to much “

Wendy has an excellent memory, and also copies of her own records. The support she receives from the Trust is small, but Wendy uses it to ensure her daughter has the things which let a child know she is loved and cherished.

The kids told me How much they hate you I had to force you into alowing Ash to see her father “

Completely untrue. The kids love their mother very much and appreciate the many things she does for them, deferring things she would like for herself. Since she is a loving mother Wendy has refused to involve the children in this unpleasantness. She wants to preserve what she can of a happy childhood for them.

a lot more will be Coming out in court”

Alex has no money for an attorney. If he did he would have taken care of the rather small amounts owed to the court. We suspect Craig Franklin paid for Susan Bush, but are interested in discovering evidence in the matter.

Alex has a very powerful lawyer  and will not have a chance”

Yes, it is true. Alex does not have a chance of continuing to get away with these lies. But we suspect this is not what Laura, if Laura wrote this, meant to convey. If you would like to guess what Alex/Laura mean here, please let us know.


Wendy's family is comprised of hard-working people who pay their own way and do the right thing. They value honesty, kindness, and good character. Of those involved here the ones who exhibit the characteristics associated with 'trailer trash,' stealing, fraudulent behavior, laziness, and the inability to hold a job, are Alex, Laura and Morgan. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Duchess, Laura of Manchester, again communicates with the world from the ducal residence in Las Vegas.

Posting on the website of Laura, Duchess of Manchester found today. 

RED denotes Laura's arguments. BLACK denotes our responses.

Nullity Under the Family Law Act 1975, Family Court of Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia have the power to declare a marriage invalid, Underage,”

Alex was not underage, he was 21 and 8 months, over the age of consent for purposes of marriage. Since he used his correct date of birth on the Marriage Certificate those who processed it would have asked the appropriate question if this had not been the case.

One or both of the parties were forced into the marriage under duress, parties were married ie, Marion stoner was married and had three kids with a man for over ten years and then decides to marry a 20 year old kid Viscount as Marion Stoner was 34.”

Neither Alexander or Marion was under duress.  

Marion had co-habited with the man who fathered her children. They had never married and therefore no divorce was necessary. These facts are attested to under penalty of perjury in the documents generated at the time Marion asked for a legal separation and restraining order.

After filing for separation Marion never saw Alexander again.  She never used the title, Lady Montagu. 

August 31, 1984        - Application for Separation  
September 5, 1984   - Request for Restraining Order 
September 6, 1984   - Transcript of Proceedings
September 19, 1964 - Court Order extending previous order of court, made September 6th, 
                                        until 2nd of  October.
October 2, 1984         - Court Order October 2, 1984  Alexander is restrained from molesting,
                                        assaulting, abusing, intimidating, harassing or in any way interfering 
                                        with the wife.  

Sometimes people live together, engaging in carnal relations which result in offspring without marrying.

Marion's birthdate is February 1, 1950, making the difference in age something over eleven years. 

Marion stated for the record she married Alex because she thought he was charming. Her illusions about Alexander were, clearly, of short duration as she had fled the marital residence within weeks.  

Why would she marry a broke kid?”

Most likely she was NOT marrying him for his money or his title, since at the time not even the title was guaranteed.

In fact, she received no money from Alex at the time of their legal separation or thereafter.  She did not ask, being satisfied simply to ensure she would not be liable for his debts, according to the court papers.  

Wendy married him because she got pregnant and this was deemed to be the 'right thing.'

So. Why did you marry him, Laura?   

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Calloused Unconcern for others – A lesson in the strategies of the highly disordered

Calloused Unconcern for others – A lesson in the strategies of the highly disordered 

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, is the father of two children, ages 19 and 14.  He fled the state so he could not be compelled to provide the support ordered by the court for them.  He has not seen them in five years and in 2009 he took action to ensure the support they were receiving from the Manchester Trust ended.  

Manchester's motive was the false belief he could have the money directed to himself if the Trust learned the children were illegitimate.  

Until June of 2009 only Manchester, and his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, knew he had committed fraud when he married his children's mother, Wendy Buford.  Manchester had never ended his marriage to his previous wife, Marion Stoner.  With full knowledge of this fact, Alexander committed bigamy.

Due to the decency of the Trustees, a law suit was filed which was heard in the Queen's Court on July 19, 2011 and the Trust was allowed to restart support to the children. Although the older Manchester child no longer receives support, the  younger child, a daughter does.  Wendy is able to pay for some of her daughter's expenses with the stipend received each month.  

Money was the motive  behind the threat made in the email below.  If the girl lived with him, he would receive the stipend. 

In an attempt to get his way, Alexander, yet again, threatens Wendy with Child Protective Services.  

While he should know from past experience this will not work, he continues to hope.  

The message from Alexander below mentions 'text messages' from his daughter.  

Teenage years are hard for children.  This little girl wonders why she can't have a father who is normal, kind, loving, decent.  She is angry and resentful, not toward her mother, but toward Manchester.  

To the highly disordered, the well-being of a child does not matter. It does not even appear on his horizon.  It is all, only, about the money.  

Alexander called CPS, most likely immediately after his exchange with Wendy, who warned him he could harm his daughter.   He attempted to use the text messages against Wendy.  These claims included Wendy chaining her daughter up during the day while she, Wendy, was at work.  

As required by law, CPS visited the home. Wendy's daughter  found the card CPS left upon returning from a bike ride with a friend.  Reality does not matter to the disordered.  Lies told which they hope will gain their ends are entirely justified in their minds.  Because far too often these people are believed, since they remain calm, while emotionally normal people are upset, shocked, and frightened, this often works for them.  Alexander, in addition, uses his title as a reference of integrity and respectability.  All too often this works, at least for the short term.   

Wendy has learned to cope with these assaults on her life, but her daughter remains vulnerable.  

This is important to remember if you are dealing with someone who is disordered.  Expect only Calloused and Unconcerned behavior.  Never project human limits and decency.  Doing so leaves you vulnerable.  


From: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:30 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Do not fuck with me I want my daughter back with me IF YOU WANT ME TO POST ALL OF HER TEXT MESSAGES TO ME I WILL DO SO
 have not been to CPS yet but are willing to go there
I know all the money you get goes to your mother you should stop and think before I go into everything including PIcs

Wendy Montagu

Jul 17 (10 days ago)

to Lmontymont, lmontymont

I have already gone to CPS with your last email with regards to Ashley.  The only one that will look bad here and irresponsible will be you. There is no chance in hell you will get your daughter back.  I don't know where you get off thinking you know where Ashley's child support goes! You are such a piece of shit Alex.  As far as CPS is concerned you've lied to them too many times with your false reports that have been proven as being false, over and over again.  They've got you pegged.  Ashley's messages to you are nothing more than a pissed off 14 year old, taking her anger out on her piece of crap dad.  That has lied to her and continues to lie, and cares NOTHING about what's happening in her life, only his own.  By you posting any personal texts she has sent you will only harm yourself, and push her further away.  So you need to think long and hard, something you are mostly incapable of!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wendy receives another Postal Incursion

Wendy received a dunning letter today.  We responded.  See below.  

To: Brinkley Investigative Agency
Insurance and Recovery Specialist
P.O. Box 16956
Encino, CA 91419

Regarding: Demand for payment from 2003

Dear Sir or Madame,

Please note that third parties cannot attempt collection on debts as they are legally constrained from doing so. The debt for which you are attempting collection is most likely uncollectable.  

In addition, Wendy Montagu was not legally married to Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester at the time the debt was accrued because Manchester had committed bigamy, an act of fraud, against Ms. Buford Montagu, this having been revealed to her only in 2009.  Manchester also informed the Manchester Trust at that time, in hopes the money used by the Trust to provide support for his two children would be redirected to himself.   

The matter was litigated in 2011 by the Queen's Court in the UK regarding the right of the children of the marriage, made illegitimate by Manchester's fraud, to receive support from the Manchester Trust.  They do receive support, but Wendy does not, this acknowledging the marriage was not regular. 

But we want to encourage you to persist in your efforts to collect from Manchester. 

I am linking you to the most recent address in our possession for Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.

Last known address: Loretto Apartments 7545 Oso Blanca, Las Vegas, NV, near the Post Office Box he was using until the company went out of business two months ago. It was located at 8414 Farm Rd. Suite, # 180, Las Vegas, NV 89131. The two locations are only three or so minutes apart. The UPS now appears to be the closest private PO location available to Alex. “

Good luck with your attempts at collection. He owes Wendy tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid alimony, child support, court ordered payments for costs, and garnishments caused by his continual attempts to evade payment. Wendy expressed the opinion Alex probably canceled the check, as that is his favorite method for evading costs.

A copy of your paperwork has been sent to Judge Conrad Hafen, Las Vegas Township, Department 14, Justice of the Peace6-year term expires in 2016, 702-671-3625. CASE NO. 12F20159X , which Judge Hafen heard, is for pulling a gun on two girls, ages three and six.

Judge  William D. Jansen is hearing Case No. 11F21867X in Department 5.   Las Vegas. Judge Jansen has also received a copy of your complaint. 4 - Speedy Car Loan is still waiting for their money, with a hearing having taken place April 16th.

CORRECTION:  The new judge in this case is: Judge Cynthia Dustin-Cruz
Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
Department 5
Fax: 702-671-3472
Tel: 702-671-3381

Since Alex had a public defender in that case your best bet for serving him is probably his attorney in the case of pulling a gun on the two little girls.  

Alex's counsel, who was very sympathetic to the lingering problems caused by Alex's butt lift of 2007, is: 

Susan K. Bush, is one of two founding partners for 


We are sure Susan will be delighted to hear from you and aid in your endeavors.


Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

BELOW SEE PAPERS PROVIDED BY Brinkley Investigative Agency

Friday, July 19, 2013

How Alex Can Limit Our Posting

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester screams about stalking continually so Wendy and I, after careful discussion, offer these brief and simple suggestions, which if followed, will result in far fewer posts appearing on this site.

Suggestion No. One

Alex should consider very carefully before engaging in criminal behavior as doing so results in a recitation of the facts along with court papers appearing on this site.

The following behaviors are criminal.

Stopping checks for automobiles you buy because you did not have the money in your bank account.  

Pulling a gun and pointing it at small girls or other people, for that matter.

Accepting money for 'business plans,' 'selling property he does not own, or otherwise making 'deals,' when he cannot carry through with his end of the bargain.

We will not find out immediately, most likely, but eventually we will, and publishing will take place.

Suggestion No. Two

Alex Montagu and Marion Stoner, 1984
Alex, if he gives interviews, should be careful to tell the truth and not make libelous comments about us or other people, for instance his mother, his brother, his sister, his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu, or others who may well contact us with offers to provide information and evidence they are telling the truth. We always ask.

Suggestion No. Three

Spending money on more cosmetic surgery, including colon reductions and butt lifts, when he is still owes unpaid debts for child support, alimony and court ordered costs.

Engaging in slander (verbal lies about others, including us) and libel (written lies about others, including us.)

You will note we barely posted at all while Alex was being quiet. It is a restful period, and although we are called to the duty of ensuring the public remain informed, we would be delighted if Alex started behaving himself.

We also promise to publish positive, heart warming stories (once we research them) for instance, if Alex decides to volunteer time in a homeless shelter for the disadvantaged.

Now, isn't that easy?   

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester sends another threatening email to his former wife, Wendy Buford Montagu

And once more Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, speaks from the ducal residence, as far as we know, located in an apartment complex in Las Vegas.

Last known address: Loretto Apartments 7545 Oso Blanca, Las Vegas, NV, near the Post Office Box he was using until the company went out of business two months ago. It was located at 8414 Farm Rd. Suite, # 180, Las Vegas, NV 89131. The two locations are only three or so minutes apart. The UPS now appears to be the closest private PO location available to Alex.

This Post provides insights to the lies told by Manchester relating to the newest harassing email and threats receive by his former wife, Wendy Buford Montagu intended to blackmail her. The email contains ugly lies about her and her minor daughter.

Alex employed the strategy, common to the highly disordered, of spinning lies which served his purpose. One of the many victims of these lies was Wendy Buford Montagu, his second wife and the mother of his two children.

The lies were intended to defame her, painting her as an alcoholic, user of drugs, a terrible mother, and promiscuous. I can attest to these statements as this his how Wendy was presented to me by Manchester, in August, 2011, at the time I began working for him. If asked to testify to these statements in court, under penalty of perjury I would say the following.

Alex told me Wendy never saw the kids, leaving each as soon as they were born for him to raise. When she was there, a very infrequent event according to Alex, she was too drunk or stoned to function and was so inebriated she routinely passed out, often naked, this happening, I was told by Alex, on their front lawn.

Alex also said Wendy was promiscuous and spent all of her money in bars, clothes and other men.

Alex painted himself as a loving, nurturing man, who during his marriage was functioning as a single father. At one point me asked me to write about this as the truth and also told me many would independently back him up. But he had not one single name to offer. Reviewing his story, I asked about the minister of the church where he reported he attended. The minister, Alex said, helped him out, watching the children on occasion. Alex then told he could not rely on this man telling the truth now.

We worked our way through a list of individuals Alex mentioned as having known well. None of these, Alex believed, would be accessible to provide third party testimony.

I offered to get in touch with former neighbors but Alex said he could not remember his address. Then, we went over documents Alex said he had been created by his mother, Lady Mary Montagu for nefarious reasons having to do with her wish to see her second son inherit the title of Duke of Manchester.

I read the documents and asked where Alex had gotten them. He said they came from the Manchester Trust. I later learned he had received them as part of the documentation for the bigamy he had committed which had resulted in the case filed by the Manchester Trust to allow the Trust to continue to provide support for the two Manchester children.

Alex had told the trust of his bigamy in 2009, two years after the marriage ended in divorce. Wendy did not know until Alex called her, gloating at what he had done.

Alex hoped having kept the Trust from supporting his children he would then get the money for himself.

This strategy failed, leaving Alex exposed publicly as a bigamist.

Wendy's mother does not receive money from Wendy, who is hard pressed to support her children on her salary and the amount provided by the Manchester Trust, which simply makes up for what Manchester was ordered to pay for child support. Manchester fled the state to avoid paying either this or the order monies ordered paid by the court for costs he caused.

This site exists to provide the evidence, documents, transcripts, letters, email, and other objective proof. Major media outlets have published on many of the issues regarding Manchester. See the Time Line and Articles Links.


FACT: Montagu was sofa surfing and homeless when he began dating Wendy Buford, who was 24, employed and self-supporting.   She has worked at the same firm for 25 years, receiving regular promotions and raises.  
FACT:  Wendy had been engaged before she met Alex.  She ended the engagement a year before she and Alex met.  
FACT:  An examination of Wendy's DMV record shows she has not had a DUI in over 20 years.  She had one, and only one, when she was 20.  
FACT:  The court granted physical custody to Wendy because she was a fit parent.  She underwent examinations proving she was not an alcoholic or addicted to anything.  These were false charges made by Manchester.  - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling  
FACT:  The court and DSS expressed the opinion Alex was guilty of the worse attempt at parental alienation in their experience.  - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling  
FACT:  Manchester paid none of the court ordered support or for the costs they ordered.  This is why the Manchester Trust stepped in to ensure payments were made.  
FACT:  Manchester knew no divorce was necessary, as he knew they, he and Wendy, were not legally married.  1996 Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
FACT:  Alexander knew his actions meant his children were not legitimate. Wendy did not know.

Alexander Montagu and Wendy Buford were married: 1993 May   7 -  Marriage Certificate
                    15 -  Born:  Alexander Michael Charles David Drogo Montagu. 

Wendy consistently, and without animosity, offered proof to anyone she could identify when she discovered Manchester's nefarious activities. Wendy did so because she wished someone had done this far earlier and informed her.

For this, she was accused of stalking him. Now, he accuses both of us of stalking him.

We follow his activities through a google search. This is a form of investigative journalism, not stalking. Alex has no natural right to evade the accumulated proof of his actions.

In the emails below notice the tone of Alex's communication and the threats. Wendy is not worried about those because she knows he has proven his moral bankruptcy to court and agency authorities over many years. She never consented to be photographed in the nude, which photos she has been told exist by Manchester, information he left on his daughter's cell phone last year.

Psychopaths have an inability to understand they cannot endlessly engage in revisionist history. Normal people want facts which can be proven, and so be deemed reliable.

If you choose to believe Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester you deserve what you get. Don't bother contacting us for sympathy.

From: "" <>To: Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:30 AMSubject: (no subject)

Do not fuck with me I want my daughter back with me IF YOU WANT ME TO POST ALL OF HER TEXT MESSAGES TO ME I WILL DO SO
 have not been to CPS yet but are willing to go there
I know all the money you get goes to your mother you should stop and think before I go into everything including Pics

Wendy Montagu

10:52 AM (22 hours ago)
to Lmontymont, lmontymont

I have already gone to CPS with your last email with regards to Ashley.  The only one that will look bad here and irresponsible will be you. There is no chance in hell you will get your daughter back.  I don't know where you get off thinking you know where Ashley's child support goes! You are such a piece of shit Alex.  As far as CPS is concerned you've lied to them too many times with your false reports that have been proven as being false, over and over again.  They've got you pegged.  Ashley's messages to you are nothing more than a pissed off 14 year old, taking her anger out on her piece of crap dad.  That has lied to her and continues to lie, and cares NOTHING about what's happening in her life, only his own.  By you posting any personal texts she has sent you will only harm yourself, and push her further away.  So you need to think long and hard, something you are mostly incapable of!

Friday, July 12, 2013

HRH Prince Leonard is Queried regarding Manchester's Diplomatic Status

Wendy and Melinda as a question of HRH Prince Leonard

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster <>
1:39 PM (10 hours ago)

to phr.mfa

Re Diplomatic status of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester for the Principality of Hutt River

July 12, 2013

His Royal Highness
Prince Leonard
Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River
By Electronic Mail

I am writing both to inquire on the matter above and bring to your attention issues which may have evaded your notice.
Included in this transmission as an attachment is a certificate you signed on August 17, 1987 naming Alexander Charles David Francis George Edward William Drogo Montagu as an Ambassador at Large for the Principality of Hutt River.
We would like to know what lead you to name Manchester as an Ambassador at large and if you were aware he had recently been incarcerated for 22 felonies at the time of the appointment.
What services did Manchester carry out on behalf of the Principality of Hutt River?
On this certificate you note his titles as Viscount Mandiville, Baron Montagu, and Duke of Manchester, which is incorrect. The previous duke, Manchester's father, Angus, the 12th Duke, did not die until 2002. Was the use of the title of Duke an oversight?
Manchester's former wife, Wendy, the mother of his two children, and I, maintain a website providing accurate and documented information on Manchester in hopes we can to some extend protect the public from his unfortunate tendencies. When we noticed the certificate up on one of Manchester's sites maintained by his present wife, Laura, we decided we must contact you to ascertain how this had come about.
The Time Line on the website provides a record of Manchester's activities over the years which you might find interesting.
At present, Manchester is the subject of two open cases in Las Vegas, where he lives. One is for passing a bad check to Speedy Car Loans, Case No. 11F21867X. The second isCase No. 12F20159X for child abuse in the aftermath of having pointed a gun at two little girls, ages three and six.
Does Manchester still hold an office on behalf of the Principality of Hutt River as an Ambassador at Large? We did not find him listed on your website.
Thank you in advance for your attention on this.

In hopes of hearing from you,

Wendy Buford Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Wendy and Melinda receive a response to our query

To HRH Prince Leonard - Query as to Diplomatic Status

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Re Diplomatic status of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester for the Principali...
1:39 PM (10 hours ago)
PHR - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11:26 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

Thank you for your email and the information supplied.

In the early days of this Principality, 'Ambassadors at Large' were appointments presented to many people, those who were apparent supporters of the Province (as it was known at the time) and it was simply in recognition of their stated support and recognised the fact that they wished to promote the Province in their travels.
The appointment was not a diplomatic appointment thus was not issued on our Diplomatic Appointment Certificate and no territory was appointed.

All Diplomatic Appointments are issued with a signed certificate (not on a letterhead as seen in this case) and are supported by a renewable Diplomatic ID card (generally requiring replacement yearly) or a Diplomatic Passport issued for a period of 5 years (issued to Diplomats who have already proved their worth of such an appointment).
It is this ID card or Passport that is required to be produced by Diplomats when called upon, not a certificate which is purely for the appointee's own 'office display'.
Any production of the certificate you provided would be seen as a non-diplomatic appointment which carries no weight or position.

The appointment of 'Ambassadors at Large' by this Principality ceased many, many years ago, though we do still appoint some non-diplomatic positions, such as Ambassadors to Sport and Cultural Ambassadors etc.

Details as to the appointment of the gentleman you refer to is much lost on us after so many years, after all the certificate is dated 1987 and is thus irrelevant today and if a Diplomatic Posting we would not entertain such discussion as here.

Our records show that the appointment was however cancelled in it's early stage (no reason shown) though the fact that nothing is shown on the record would indicate that we heard little or more likely nothing from him after the appointment. He had no tasks to perform for this nation as such, his only expectation was that he was to promote the Province in his travels.

His appointment would have required references at the time for consideration to be given and references as to his claimed Titles.
Who provided the required references is of course unknown, as again, we are talking of 1987 and his main file was destroyed years ago, only the merest of details concerning him remain on our records for the archives.

I will make note of your information on the file but have little interest as to the claims made as once again, any matters are irrelevant today and we have no interest in investigating your claims for validity at this stage. I am interested to note however that for such a "bad man", an ex wife is still., bearing and using his surname????

Maybe it would be far more relevant that the British Crown be made aware of your claims since you state that he does in fact carry the Title of the 13th Duke of Manchester, a British Crown issued Title I would assume?

Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention, I have forwarded it to our Diplomatic security Force for their possible interest.

For: MFA
PHR Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Principality of Hutt River
Via Western Australia 6535

Wendy and Melinda Respond


Thank you so much for your prompt response, which is very much what we suspected would be the case.  

The British Crown is well aware of Manchester's behavior, as he has also attacked them. Wendy says he was probably off his meds.  

 2012  January 16th - Duke on Sick Attack on Royal Family 

Every  time we think nothing he did could be worse he surprises us.  

I believe Wendy kept his name because her children use the name Montagu.  

The title was given by the British Crown, but to a much earlier generation.  At the time, the family was highly respected.  

This, unfortunately has changed due to several generations of Manchesters who share much in common with the 13th Duke.  

Again, thanks for your response and for clearing up this issue.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster