Thursday, June 15, 2017

Inquiring Minds Want to Know. Just a tad.

The copy and paste title for a lawsuit brought by 'The King of Condos,' appeared in my email box via the comment app on this site.  The return email was 'sally,' with a fake URL.  This excitement occurred in the lives of Alex and Laura in 2013.  I talked to the Plaintiff, the person not his corporation or attorney. Others also emailed or otherwise contacted me with further updates.  Now, why would either Laura or the nastiest little psychopath in the world, Morgan Gell, have sent this?  

I overlooked it because of the surge of alerts coming up from the tragic Manchester event of late.  

King of Condos Inc, Plaintiff(s) vs. Laura Ann Montagu-Manchester, Alexander Montagu-Manchester et al., Defendant(s)
Clark Nevada Court System | Unknown | 13C017268 | 07/23/2013
Defendant - Montagu-Manchester, Laura Ann Doing Business As International Security Trust | Unrepresented
WestCorp Mangement Group, Landlord(s) vs. Alexander Montagu, Laura Montagu-Manchester, Tenant(s)
Clark Nevada Court System | Las Vegas Township Justice Court | 16E011415 | 06/01/2016
Other - Montagu-Manchester, Laura Also Known As Montagu, Laura | Attorney Represented
Los Angeles County Superior Courts | Torrance Courthouse | YD054850 | 10/24/2008