This site is provides information on Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester as it comes to our attention. Over the course of his life time Alex, also known as Alexander Montagu Manchester, has illustrated behavior which is highly disordered.  

On Narrative we provide a compilation of his life story, with links to published articles and other evidence. 

Disordered individuals are characterized by the chaos they create around them. They lie as a matter of routine, often inventing elaborate story lines to serve their purposes.  Doing so is part of the manipulation necessary to accomplishing their goals.  The disordered are incapable of long term, reciprocal relationships.  Any relations with a disordered person lasts only as long as they are getting what they want. 

While Alex is only one individual who demonstrates these traits, those who come in contact with him are vulnerable.  Reading this will help you decide what choices are best for you if you encounter him yourself.  

The disordered bring chaos into our lives.  Chaos brings trauma and loss to all of us.  

If you have had contact with a psychopath you may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  There are now effective treatments for this condition which you may want to consider.  NeuroFeedback is one of these.  Zengar.com, site for NeurOptimal technology, is one of these, but there are many others.  

The list of sites below are different ways of presenting the material and also for providing additional informational resources and for fighting back.  


Fighting Back using the truth, documentation, and  transparency 

Craig Franklin - A highly intelligent psychopath who is a sexual predatory, his focus being on very young girls and women.  His wealth comes from work in the software industry.  His most recent job was Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., for Advanced Products Development.  

Dan O'Dowd - Another highly intelligent psychopath whose addiction is money and power.  O'Dowd is CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc. 

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was diagnosed as a psychopath for the first time in 1984 by a professional in Australia.  His present wife, Laura, does not show signs of being a psychopath but is very strongly influenced by her husband in a way generally referred to as 'situational psychopathy.'  

Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, was the daughter of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster by her first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Barteaux was a psychopath and appears to have passed the trait on to all of his biological children.  

Richard Lee Barteaux died of chronic alcoholism when he was 43 years old.  His story is on the Barteaux site.  

Pillsbury-Foster is a writer and author working on a book about psychopathy.  The book uses real life instances of psychopathic encounters to illustrate the behavioral patterns used by psychopaths and show how the individual can cope, escape, and rebuild their life.

 She became engaged on the subject, writing numerous articles, for some time as the direction and range of research on the subject began to grow rapidly, this in the last two years.

Pillsbury-Foster received hundreds of documents from the Montagus, which, in lieu of payment she is using as source material along with other documents provided by Wendy Buford Montagu.  Other journalists around the world have also, generously, provided links and documents.  More are coming. 

After many years as an activist, working on reform, Pillsbury-Foster began to see the larger patterns emerge, which are now being discussed academically and in finance.

The foundational problem facing us today is one of normal humanity's inability to cope with those without conscience.  She was not the first to have this epiphany. Today many people from all professions are confronting the problem and considering what action to take.  This is true in government, finance, academia, and all other professions as well as our personal lives.

She is using Alexander, Duke of Manchester, as an example as his condition is well documented and he is a public figure, or at least notorious. 

Melinda has an enormous cache of information on him, his family and life's events which she has shared with other journalists around the world.  Because of his bizarre behavior, and his prominence based on his status as a titled peer, his behavior is unusually well documented for public view.

Our rapid understanding of new information is facilitated by real stories.  This is one such story.  

 Wendy Buford Montagu is an activist who experienced psychopathy in her own life under circumstances which forced her to confront the condition through a harrowing experience in Family Law Court.  

Her book, tentatively titled, The Duke of Deceit, is now being written and is expected to become a movie. 
This site is one of sevWendy Buford Montagu is an activist who experienced psychopathy in her own life under circumstances which forced her to confront the condition through a harrowing experience in Family Law Court. eral which serves as an illustration for how normally functioning, non-psychopathic people cope with those without conscience.  For more on surviving and fighting psychopathy visit Psycho Busters

The domain name of this site.

Definition - Doxie 

Laura, presently holding the title of Duchess of Manchester, appears to be operating as a situational psychopath.  She repeats lies, never seemingly impacted when documentation is provided showing her statements to be slanderous, libelous, and absurd.  She engages in character assassination as a matter of course, showing no concern for damage done to others by her actions.

Laura presented herself to Pillsbury-Foster as having been raised in Laguna Beach, California, where her parents had resided. She said she had been in business in Los Angeles.  Over time the story changed as she appeared to forget statements made previously. She, in fact, was raised in a small town in Michigan, attended High School in Holly, Michigan attending, but probably not graduating, from Holly High School.  Her photo, along with that of the Duke, is available on this page, toward the bottom.  Laura's nick name in High School was evidently, 'Peaches.'

Naturally, it matters little where an individual originates.  But lying systemically and refusing to provide documentation for more substantial matters does matter as it calls into question their veracity, eventually devaluing any assumption reliance can be placed on any statement unsupported by documentation.  .  

Laura, was described to Melinda as a prostitute by her husband, the Duke. Melinda did not consider his word alone reliable because of his propensity to lie. However, this opinion was repeated to Melinda by others who know Laura, this, and the other meanings of the word, 'doxie,' not necessarily sexual in context, were the source of the url adopted.