Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Duke whines he needs "new representation."

This most likely means his Half-Priced Attorney is no longer in evidence because he was not paid.  Montagu used the same strategy during his divorce to drag out the process. 

During the divorce Montagu had money to pay attorneys but they declined to continue to represent him. 

New Date for the Preliminary Hearing: 10/25/12 at 8:30am,  Court 8 in front of Judge William D. Jansen, Department 5. 8:30am Las Vegas. Case No. 11F21867X

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 27, 2011 - Letter to the Media by Montagu Manchester

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 10:29 PM
To:;;;;;;;;; Craig, Gary;;;;;;;;;;;;; dawn.goodman@withersworldwide;;;;

Subject: RE:13th Duke of Manchester

Dear People of the Media
After all of the completely false statements made about my self I would like to extend a invitation to all reporters to come to me residence and to meet my wife and see all legal documents confirming the major fraud committed against my self by the Trustee Peter Green and also by my Mother Mary Montagu and my ex Wendy Buford I would also like to invite you to set up a polygraph test and I will answer all questions that you want answers to on Camera while you are submitting me to a polygraph test I will be willing to answer any question you want and I will also be willing to answer all questions going back to the frauds I was accused of doing back in the 80's that I did not commit
If the Media is so positive about the truth of there story's I dare you to set this up so I can prove you all wrong as I am going to be demanding apologies from all media networks that has printed lies about my self
I have already spoken to council about taking legal action against the media networks that have al ready printed or spoken false information about me
The media seems to thrive on putting people down now I give you a chance to prove that what you preach is the truth so lets see you stand up to the plate if any of you have the back bone and prove that the media is not just cowards hiding under rocks This is a challenge to prove to you that the trustees are thief and manipulate things to put things the way they want them so they can make things easer for them to steel
This will also give you a chance to view the complete original copy of the court reporters transcripts that will prove that what ever Wendy Buford has said is complete lie
I do hope that you will all accept my offer and also I will give you the chance to view that the person who claims to be the Earl of Sandwich is a fraud and I am the correct Earl of Sandwich

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

1989 January13 - Montagu working for Justin Case Cleaning Service

Alexander Montagu working for Justin Case Cleaning Service

The Duke of Manchester gains more visibility - along with his co-conspirators

 The article below was written by Raven Woods, a long-time admirer and advocate for Michael Jackson.  Raven came across the article I wrote recently on Manchester's vile behavior toward Michael and used it for the basis of her own article.  Raven is a teacher with two master's degrees who is determined to get the truth.   I applaud her. 

Many are determined to establish Michael's innocence and are using the principles of transparency and accountability as tools in their campaign.  It is these values which work best against those without conscience. 

Understanding., and accounting for, the  psychopathic, is essential if we are to change direction as a people.  The ramifications of the condition touch on every issue now in the forefront our our attention from wars, waged for corporate profits, to foreclosures, for corporate profits, to the constrain of individual choices, for corporate profits, and the use of drones, a military weapon, on Americans domestically.  

You can know someone by looking at two data bases.  Who respects you, and who attacks you.  I take the attacks waged against me as a compliment of no small order. 

“Stalking Michael Jackson-Psychopath In Action”: How Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Important Article Can Help Us To Better Understand The Craziness Of Michael Jackson’s Life-Literally!

The transparency and accountability have only begun.  

Coming soon - 

(Sort of like Ghost Busters, but scarier)