Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Duke of Manchester gains more visibility - along with his co-conspirators

 The article below was written by Raven Woods, a long-time admirer and advocate for Michael Jackson.  Raven came across the article I wrote recently on Manchester's vile behavior toward Michael and used it for the basis of her own article.  Raven is a teacher with two master's degrees who is determined to get the truth.   I applaud her. 

Many are determined to establish Michael's innocence and are using the principles of transparency and accountability as tools in their campaign.  It is these values which work best against those without conscience. 

Understanding., and accounting for, the  psychopathic, is essential if we are to change direction as a people.  The ramifications of the condition touch on every issue now in the forefront our our attention from wars, waged for corporate profits, to foreclosures, for corporate profits, to the constrain of individual choices, for corporate profits, and the use of drones, a military weapon, on Americans domestically.  

You can know someone by looking at two data bases.  Who respects you, and who attacks you.  I take the attacks waged against me as a compliment of no small order. 

“Stalking Michael Jackson-Psychopath In Action”: How Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Important Article Can Help Us To Better Understand The Craziness Of Michael Jackson’s Life-Literally!

The transparency and accountability have only begun.  

Coming soon - 

(Sort of like Ghost Busters, but scarier) 


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