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On This Site You Get Documentation

What kind of research and documentation does Laura provide?  We are going to show you.

This is the first page of the filing for legal separation which Alex made without discussing it with Wendy, with whom he was then living in his version of marital bliss.  

Wendy describes this period of her life as indentured servitude.  Clearly, Laura's only job as Duchess is thinking up (expression used loosely) ways to misuse documents and lie in her continuing attempts to make someone, anyone, believe Alex is not, as he was diagnosed in 1984, having "psychopathic tendencies."  Much less was known about the condition then.  Now, it would be nice to hook Alex up to an fMRI.  

But back to Laura's newest attempt at creative writing.  

1.  Laura provides no documentation any separation took place between Wendy and Alex at any time.  Even the Divorce Filing of November 16, 2006 asks for a Legal Separation, not for a divorce.  It also does not cite Nullity of Marriage, which would have been true since Alex had committed fraud and bigamy, crimes for which he has not yet answered, having fled California.  This was noted by the Queen's Court in London on July 19, 2011. 

Alex did not cite this because he intended to take the children and extort alimony and child support from Wendy. 

Further articles: 

Second Marriage - When Alex Met Wendy – Or, the Psychopath Who Ate My Life. - See more at:
The couple had lived together without any interruptions or separations from the time they were married until January 7, 2007 when Wendy went to work and then realized the lengths Alex would go to to gain complete control over her income and life. 

Second Documents Posted by Laura:  

2. These two documents Laura posted do not include the entire record of what was taking place.  It is very like Laura to post a document and then give misleading information and false dates, even handwriting a date on which is inaccurate.  In this case it is like posting pages 2 and 9 in a document made up of 15 pages.  

The two documents show payments made by the TRUST on Alex’s behalf. All payments received, except one, on one single occasion for $250, were made by the Manchester Trust, not by Alex.  

The amount accrued was what Alex owed when he made it impossible for the Trust to continue making the payments for him.  

The Trust payments ceased, due to Alex informing the Trust he had committed bigamy and so had not been legally married.   Wendy was then forced to use the DCSS, beginning in June of July of 2009, in a failing attempt to force Alex to pay the court ordered support himself.  

During the period from June 2009 until July 2011 nothing was paid by the Manchester Trust.  Wendy went heavily into debt, struggling to support the children alone.  Every penny she spent on the children was accounted for during this time so she could be reimbursed when the court rendered its decision.  When support was re-instated, she did so, but that is not noted in this partial accounting.  

Unable to keep up with the paperwork required by DCSS and frustrated at their inability to collect from Alex, she allowed the file to close by not continuing to inform DCSS she was not being paid. 

Due to the fact that the Trust felt it was the right thing to do they paid more in support than was court ordered in California.  Note that the Trust had been making support payments for the children and Wendy to Alex from the time Alex succeeded his father as Duke in 2003.  

Alex received every cent of this money and spent it as he saw fit.  Wendy never saw a penny of it.

When Wendy stopped updating DCSS she knew Alex’s arrears would be taken care of when the Trust  was able to restart support, which happened as soon as the decision was rendered by the English Court in two larger payments.  

Wendy then informed DCSS this had happened much, much faster than any action by Alex, before or afterward. Remember, Alex had not, himself, made payments for support except for the one payment of $250. 

Unfortunately, when the Trust restarted payments they discontinued the alimony payments ordered by the Court in Orange County.  This does not, however, negate the accrual of debt Alex owes Wendy for the court ordered alimony.  These amounts are badly in arrears and will  continue to grow.

If you peruse the accounts for CCSAS-CSE-Non-SDU documents things begin to make sense.  In a few days the entire record will be up on line to illustrate how Laura lies. 

Wendy stopped bothering to report she was not being paid.  Note Laura cut off the document so you can not see all relevant information. 

3. Lady Mary Montagu was, and remains, an ambitious woman whose life had turned sour, not the least of her disappointments being her eldest son, Alex.  

Probably the only calm part of her life, after Alex was born, were the years when Wendy was babysitting him.  The Montagus should have been grateful as the media during this period had nothing to report.  Wendy handled it.  

Although it was Mary who insisted in 1996 Alex file for divorce from Marion Johanna Stoner Montagu, who he had married on March 17th of 1984.  She arranged with Marion to fill out the forms and for ensuring the paperwork was filed.  Stoner - Montagu Divorce

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees   - See more at:

By entering into a conspiracy with Alex by withholding this knowledge from Wendy Lady Mary allowed him to ignore his obligation to remarry her and so legitimate their children.  
Mary's comment to Wendy when this was revealed to Wendy in 2009 was, “we decided to keep the secret from you…… “

Lady Mary is no lady.  
Laura, also no lady, provided no proof of any of her assertions.  It is nice to know she remains consistent. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Duchess Laura Mistakes Herself for Another PopTart

laura Montagu

Laura's Twitter Account

The photo below shows Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester with a woman, unnamed and unknown, from an event at the British Embassy, when they were still communicating with him in the late Spring of 2003.  

This is not Laura.  This is one of those photos taken by the roving photographer at an event.  At the time Alex and Wendy were living in the desert and Wendy, still working in Orange County, did not have the luxury of taking time off to go to social events held during business hours. 

But what kind of woman uses for her own Twitter account a photo of another woman, taken while he was married to yet another woman, to whom he is married? That would be Laura, the Second Hand Doxie.  (See below)  Laura is not in her fifties and you can see the impact of age in this photo below which was taken in 2010 in Santa Cruz.


Wendy, Duchess of Manchester

In the days when Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was not living in constantly changing housing in Las Vegas and was married to a woman, his first Duchess, who gave him children and the potential for redeeming the family name, things were different.  

Shame and degradation had not yet overtaken his entire family.  He was invited to events usual to a Peer of the Realm.  And occasionally, he and his lovely Duchess, Wendy enjoyed the company of other members of the aristocracy. 

Today, Laura, the Second Hand Duchess, is forced to simulate a vanished reality claiming she attends events, such as the Queen's Jubilee, instead of being forced to buy tickets to events put on to make a profit for the sponsoring organization, such as the British American Business Council of Los Angeles.    How sad. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Manchesters Take-The-Cake Walk

The confectioner announced themselves with this delight, copied below. 

Sandringham Murder Duke Of Manchester In Sick Attack On The Royal Picture

This delightful confection honoring   the original January 8, 2012 event, a HuffPost Comment by Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, which brought on all of this excitement.  

 Really, this is what we found today.   Let us pause to remember.  

Then,  let's imagine another cake which perhaps better memorializes the event, including the January 16th article by Richard Kay, titled, "Duke in sick attack on the Royal Family," which made Alex realize how important it is to stay on his Meds. 

      16 - ARTICLE - MailOnLine by Richard Kay, titled, "Duke in sick attack on the
                            Royal Family." - See more at:

And it was not possible to feel this post was complete without the addition of another confection which, perhaps, more completely memorializes the event.  


January 8, 2012 - Huffington Post by Montagu
January 8, 2012 - Huffington Post by Montagu

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The ranting, frothing Laura, Duchess of Dimness, leaves a phone message with Judge Zimmerman's Office

 What a shocking thing.  Laura is claiming I am stalking her because I have the temerity to report on facts from the public record.   

She should probably note this is not HER criminal record but that of her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, resident in Las Vegas from the time he fled California to evade paying the funds to his former wife and children ordered by the Court.  

Someone should explain to her it is not stalking to report the facts on someone who has made the news in so many exciting ways, as have she and Alex.  Nearly 75,000 people have been following their story.  They should be delighted to know so many people are thinking about them, really.  

But so everyone can know the facts themselves we are providing this tiny tutorial on how to access the Public Record maintained by the Justice Court, Criminal Division, online.
Instructions on how to access the Ducal Criminal Record at the Justice Court in Las Vegas, Criminal Division Welcome to Odyssey Public Access

GO TO:  Las Vegas Justice Court

There, you will then see a page which includes this: 

Case Records
(Here you make sure the menu says, "Justice Court")

(This refers to the two choices below)

Justice Court Criminal Records

Justice Court Criminal Calendar

 (You want the Criminal Records to find Alex. 
Unfortunately, we can't move these links, so you have to follow the directions carefully.  But we are trying hard to make this so simple even Laura and Morgan can do it on those special evenings they spend together.  This will give them a real sense of accomplishment. )


Justice Court Criminal Records

Now, enter the Case Number in the small space provided. 

The Case Number is: 11F21867X

This Link takes you to the NEXT PAGE.

Justice Court Criminal Case Records Search Results

You will see Alex's name.  To get the DETAILS you hit the Link at the Left side of the page.



Monday, July 14, 2014

And again, Laura and Morgan answer the question - “How dumb can they be?”

They never disappoint, always finding a way to illustrate it is possible to more thoroughly abuse the English language and revolt all decent, thinking people simultaneously.  

We all know the two of them will not stop until they plumb the depths of not only stupidity and cupidity but have exhausted the limits of their feeble imaginations.

The various slanders published on the asinine site maintained by Morgan for the purposes of defaming me are actually very useful. No literate person who reads them over will retain even a shred of an illusion she is literate or sober.

So little they wrote was true as to make it unnecessary to comment.

One correction, however, because it typified how little Morgan ever knew me or understood my values.

The gold wedding ring which hangs on my gold chain, the only jewelry I wear, belonged to my Aunt Evelyn. She sent it to me before she died as a symbol of the understanding between us about, surprise, Morgan. A discerning woman, she tried to warn me to beware of Morgan because of she had seen how shabbily Morgan treated my parents. I still wanted to believe Morgan would change but I kept the ring and remembered her words to me.  

If only I had believed Aunt Evelyn sooner. Then, John Fund could have handled the problem for us.

I have not the foggiest where the wedding ring Ron gave me went, nor do I care.

Now, the gold chain was purchased at 2pm on Sunday, September 27, 1997. I did not then know my son, Arthur, had nearly died in a collision on his motorcycle and was enjoying walking around the mall in the hotel when I saw the display and this very gold chain.  

I would learn about the accident when Craig, my then husband, left a message for me on the phone in my hotel room. I was in New Orleans attending a National Federation of Republican Women Conference  at the time. 

No flight home was available until the wee hours of the morning.  Only in retrospect would it occur to me how ugly Craig's behavior had been.  We passed the hospital on the way home from the airport.  Craig refused to stop, telling me he wanted to go home and take a bath, first.  

One of the problems which face us in encompassing how different psychopaths are is their callousness.  We simply cannot believe it, finding excuses for those we love.  

I was shaking with fear and felt as if I would not be able to breathe if I could not go to my son immediately.  Craig wanted to submerge himself in bathwater and read a book.  
Two hours later, when I was able to walk into Arthur's hotel room, I could not believe what I saw.  He was unrecognizable.  

I began nearly living at the hospital.  Morgan dropped by once, to pick up a check, her 'allowance,' of $5,000 for that month.  Because she had to wait for me to write it she sat sullenly in the corner of the room, scowling.  She never looked at her brother.  

Two weeks before, Craig had demanded I force her to get a job, even though it has been he who insisted we subsidize her unreasonable demands.  He had his motives.  We'll get there in a moment. 

 At age 30, you would think she was old enough to work, though she had drunk her way through her college years carousing with her boy friend, Eddy van Halen.  I did not know this at the time, naturally.  I trusted her when she told me she was doing well in school and only felt concern when the years rolled on and no degree appeared.  Then, she decided she wanted to become a movie star instead of finding a career.  Of course, what she was doing was a kind of a career, just not one a mother wants for her daughter.

It was a year later when I learn she had already cut a deal with Craig to assist him in getting a divorce.  It was Morgan who found his divorce attorney, Jacqueline Misho.  

Misho would be the divorce attorney who John Cleese's wife also found several years later, forcing Cleese to go back to work, after his retirement, to pay her.  

Cleese compared Misho, in an article by appearing in the Telegraph, "John Cleese divorce tour: the first review," to"one of the monstrous Orcs, from The Lord of the Rings – flashing up two suitable images on the screen behind him."   

Since Misho actually does resemble an Orc this was entirely appropriate.  

Ironically, even Misho eventually found even Craig too frightening to tolerate.  It probably wasn't one thing, but several, compiling over the years.  The final straw could have been his asking Misho to get him unsupervised visitation with his 9 year old grand-daughter. This had evidently been his first thought when his son, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife in July of 2009.  

On visits to his daughter-in-law, Kathy, I was told he ignored his 10 year old grandson but wrote a lovely song for the little girl. This is one of the ways Craig tries to get access to little girls.  He made quite a practice of it, hiring professionals to get him publicity.  The name of the agency was, "To Market Kids."  Craig wrote a short review, in appreciation.  "
"Working with Regina is like drinking from a firehouse – all this good information coming at you!"

                              Craig Franklin, President - Romantic Realist Records, LLC"

I had lost my illusions when my  private detective found the child pornography in his trash can.  But that was not until 2003, when we needed to find him to serve papers.  The trash pick-up was a free extra.

In Misho's office that day in December, 1999, the Orc-in-residence asked Morgan sign a document stating she, Morgan, had not had sex with Craig. Craig was covering himself for what he was planning, apparently.   

Craig has an ongoing agenda, which was sex with little girls to whom he was related.  Evidently even the Orc has a few limits.

I later realized Craig had married me to get access to my three daughters and he fully intended to carry out his evil plan. 

In October of 1999 Craig took Morgan to New York, London and Paris.  He was already staying with her in her apartment in Los Angeles, whenever he was down there in the second bedroom of the apartment I had decorated for her myself. 

So, in Misho's office Morgan discovered what Craig was willing to do to get what he wanted.   He no longer needed her services as an agent against me and was now going for what he had really wanted all along.  

There is no professional courtesy extended between psychopaths, something even they occasionally forget.    

But after he had tried to climb into bed with her earlier that December, in the wake of their trip together, he and Misho coerced her into converting his payments to her for assistance in continuous attempts to destroy me and Arthur, into a 'loan.'  

Who signs loan papers after two years of receiving monthly payments for services rendered?  Morgan, who could have refused. But she was afraid if she did she would have to get a job, for which she knew she was unqualified,  and she had another rich guy she was trying to land, this time John Fund

Ironically, eventually  she would do exactly the same thing, sign a document which was entirely false, during the ugly end of her relationship with Fund.  In both cases she hoped the gravy train would continue.  It didn't.  

The wealthy boy friend previous to Fund was Eugene Volokh, a billionaire and law professor at UCLA, who was then excited about being included in the fold of the rising NeoCon power front.  

Morgan landed him for a time because I loaned her part of my library to produce the illusion she was literate.  I also wrote the emails for her which had initially intrigued him.  I knew I shouldn't - but she hammered me for two weeks, begging, screaming, threatening, and telling me otherwise she might never find someone to marry her.  Now, that was a daunting thought.    
I have worn this chain, and the ring since Arthur's second brain injury on March 22, 1998, to remind me prayers can be answered.  Arthur lived, and so have I.

Last Saturday, July 12, 2014, appears to have been quite a night, for both Morgan and Laura. One can just see them on the phone, spittle dripping from their instruments, as they compare the pathetic lies they are typing.

So, keep up the good work, oh dim and demented duo.

Bore the world and grow older together. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Bench Warrant has not been quashed. Laura Lied. (So what else is new?)

 The Bench Warrant has not been quashed.  

However, Judge Zimmerman's assistant called moments ago to let us know a hearing has been set for July 14th in Department Eight D at the request of the Public Defender who is handling Alex's case, since he can no longer afford to pay an attorney.  

The hearing is scheduled for 8:00am, but if there is, actually, a cashier's check and not monopoly money, Alex would not have to appear.  

Julie said that a cashier's check for the balance has been received but there is no indication who might be rescuing Alex and Laura from their fugitive status.  The most likely candidate is, as always, Craig Franklin, who may be getting tired of having the Duo hiding out in his place in Laguna Beach.  

We all know, knowing Alex, that if this Bench Warrant goes away it will soon be replaced by another. 

See Time Line for Hearings

CASE NO. 11F21867X  
Anne E. Zimmerman Department Eight D
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court
Term of Office 2000–present
Julie Olness-Weinner
Judicial Executive Assistant
(702) 671-3408 Voice
(702) 385-8912 Fax

 Bad check to Speedy Car Loan
See Time Line for Hearings
CASE NO. 11F21867X  
Anne E. ZimmermanDepartment Eight D
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court
Term of Office 2000–present
Julie Olness-Weinner
Judicial Executive Assistant
(702) 671-3408 Voice
(702) 385-8912 Fax
 Bad check to Speedy Car Loan - See more at:

See Time Line for Hearings
CASE NO. 11F21867X  
Anne E. ZimmermanDepartment Eight D
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court
Term of Office 2000–present
Julie Olness-Weinner
Judicial Executive Assistant
(702) 671-3408 Voice
(702) 385-8912 Fax
 Bad check to Speedy Car Loan - See more at:

Monday, July 7, 2014

More Blatant Lies from The Duke and Dingbat

Psychopaths do not recognize the constraints of reality. 

This list by Dr. Robert Hare will serve to refresh you memory in relation to the Characteristics of Psychopathy

This is because they often act as if whatever they claim, even if it contradicts the sentence immediately preceding it, is true.  Unfortunately, their vehemence and outrage at being challenged all too often causes onlookers to doubt the bald facts. 

More intelligent psychopaths understand they need to provide a more consistent storyline. This verity has apparently slipped through the cracks in the ducal brains, in this Instance.

This is why Alex and Laura had no compunction about making claims which entirely rewrite history.  A brain fever evidently came upon them, or at least Laura, recently and these entirely unsupported assertions and blatant lies appeared online.  

The Reader will understand how the two can do this without batting an eye while assaulting the English language mercilessly, by considering their claim they  attended, as honored guests, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. 

The first claim the Duke and Duchess of Manchester had attended the Diamond Jubilee in London came on June 29, 2012 with a posting on Laura's Flickr Page.  

Laura captions the photos with, "The Duke and Duchess of Manchester had a great time at The Queen's Diamond Jubilee! A wonderful day indeed, God Bless The Queen!"

They certainly said they did.  Then, on July 6, 2012,at 10:40PM,  both Marcus Scriven and I received an email from Laura which, among other blather said, "The Queens Jubilee was wonderful! They love us!"  

In this photo, also from Laura's site, you can see Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, wore one of his Manchester shirts instead of something more appropriate for the occasion they were claiming to have enjoyed. 

Presumably, "They love us!"  refers to the Queen who Alex had maligned publicly a few months earlier, on January 4, in Huffington Post, where Alex used the handle lmontymont13 as "Montymont."   A misquote of this in the article below caused some confusion.  Not even copy editors are perfect, alas.  But some miss far more than one "l".

Alex had just created a membership on Huffpost so he could comment, and he did comment to the amusement and shock of HuffReaders.  

These comments were preserved for posterity when Melinda viewed the site and immediately copied them, having received the link from Wendy, the former wife of Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester.  

The Comment elicited a response in the form of an article  by Richard Kay, titled, Duke in sick attack on the Royal Family,  published on January 16th in the Mail Online.  

Later, Alex would claim someone, Melinda, actually, had made up the account and posted the comment but she did no such thing and would never have committed the offense of simulating Alex's abuse of the English language.

Alex wrote:  “This is not a Joke my name is Alexander Montagu the 13th Duke of Manchester I have been accused of bigimie and it is all a lie I have documented proof that my trust and lawyers and mother has set me up for something I have never done the Royal family has a lot of power and will do what ever they can to cover up any sort of embaraseme­nt even if the victim is 100% in the write and has the legeal documentat­ion to proove this you should look up the duchess of manchester under google and you will see the documentat­ion to see how the royal family will do what ever they can to cover any thing they can stop look investigat­e I can also let people know maybe people should look into the cameras around Sandringha­m around the Queens property” 

Evidently, Arianna was persuaded to remove the comment because of this blatantly false claim, though one would have hoped she had more discernment. Perhaps Morgan Barteaux Gell, a disowned relation of Melinda's, assisted since she met Arianna several times and attended the wedding of David Horowitz hosted at Arianna's then-home in Beverly Hills.  

Then Alex began hammering the editor of the Mail Online with the same claim.  A telephone conference evidently ended with the article in place and heads shaking, according to sources.  When pressed for explanations by the discerning Alex's conspiracy theories break down.    

“This is not a Joke my name is Alexander Montagu the 13th Duke of Manchester I have been accused of bigimie and it is all a lie I have documented proof that my trust and lawyers and mother has set me up for something I have never done the Royal family has a lot of power and will do what ever they can to cover up any sort of embaraseme­nt even if the victim is 100% in the write and has the legeal documentat­ion to proove this you should look up the duchess of manchester under google and you will see the documentat­ion to see how the royal family will do what ever they can to cover any thing they can stop look investigat­e I can also let people know maybe people should look into the cameras around Sandringha­m around the Queens property”
- See more at:
8 -  Alex Posts on Huffington, blathering and accusing the Royal Family of various
                     crimes. - See more at:
                           8 -  Alex Posts on Huffington, blathering and accusing the Royal Family of various
- See more at:
                           8 -  Alex Posts on Huffington, blathering and accusing the Royal Family of various
- See more at:

The real Diamond Jubilee began June 2nd, 2012 and ended in London on June 5th.  

 Where ever Alex and Laura were on those days, it was not rubbing shoulders with Queen Elizabeth at any time. It is far more likely they were visiting with Craig Franklin, sexual pervert and pedophile, in Santa Barbara, before returning to Las Vegas for the photo op on June 10th.  

The event below, held on June 10th  in Westlake Village, just North of Los Angeles at the Four Seasons Hotel places them there, with photos, while no Royal event was taking place. (See schedule below) 

From the Royal Website:

Jubilees and other milestones
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was marked with a spectacular central weekend, a series of regional tours throughout the United Kingdom by Her Majesty and Commonwealth visits undertaken by other members of the Royal family in support of The Queen.

The Central Weekend

Saturday 2 June, 2012
The Queen attended the Epsom Derby. 

Sunday 3 June, 2012The Big Jubilee Lunch: Building on the already popular Big Lunch initiative, people were encouraged to share lunch with neighbours and friends as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant: This event took place on the Thames and consisted of up to 1,000 boats assembled from across the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh travelled in the Royal Barge which formed the centrepiece of the flotilla. 

Monday 4 June, 2012BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace: A host of famous faces came together to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee against the backdrop of Buckingham Palace. Find out more

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons: A network of 2,012 Beacons will be lit by communities and individuals throughout the United Kingdom, as well as the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Commonwealth. As in 2002, The Queen will light the National Beacon. Find out more

Tuesday 5 June, 2012On Tuesday 5 June, the Diamond Jubilee weekend culminated with a day of celebrations in central London, including a service at St Paul’s Cathedral followed by two receptions, a lunch at Westminster Hall, a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace and finally a Balcony appearance, Flypast, and Feu de Joie.

Regional toursThe Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh travelled as widely as possible across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Visits included:

29 March 2013: North London
26 - 27 April 2013: Wales
1 - 2 May: South West England
15 May: South London
16 - 17 May: North West England
13 - 14 June: East Midlands and East Anglia
25 June and 25 July: South East England
2 - 6 July: Scotland (Holyrood Week)
11 - 12 July: West Midlands
18 – 19 July: North East England

Alex and Laura used photos from the event below, claiming they had celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with the Queen in London.  

And, rest assured, that is where Queen Elizabeth celebrated the occasion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laura's Fantasy Day at the Diamond Jubilee

The British American Business Council Los Angeles put on an event:

The BABC LA Garden Party

An Exclusive Celebration of HM Queen Elizabeth ll's Diamond Jubilee

With British Consul General Dame Barbara Hay

SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2012

WATERFALL LAWN | Five-Diamond Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Photos by Leo Lewis and Tanner Gardner

 The Two photos below were obtained at the Link above

 From the website of British American Business Council Los Angeles
 From the website of British American Business Council Los Angeles 

Graphic illustrating the Ducal Dementia.  Sadly for Alex and Laura and their tiny cohort of fellow psychopaths, including Morgan Barteaux Gell, they do not know when to give up.