Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alex should have kept the job working as a Barman in Darwin

Laura published some more photos on her Flickr page and we know everyone will be interested in how Wendy views these new revelations.  

"If he had stayed life would have been so much better for me!" 

Yes,  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester should have kept the job at the Beaufort Hotel in Darwin. This would have saved Wendy enormous anguish and hundreds of thousands of dollars Alex stole from her during their marriage, which, of course, Alex lied to her about.

An article was also posted there, the text of which is replicated below.  Incidentally, the writer, Ashley Manicaros,  is still active in Darwin. 

"An aristocrat who is 52nd in line to the British throne is in the Territory... working as a barman.

Viscount Mandeville Baron Montagu Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu is in Darwin trying to “sort out his head.”

He is mixing cocktails and joking with guests at the Beaufort Hotel swimming pool.

Viscount Montagu – or Alexander Mandeville to his mates – is the first son of Lord Angus and Lady Mary Montagu.

His father was a powerful figure in the British Conservative Party before moving to Australia.

His mother was formerly plain Mary McLure, the one time social writer with the Melbourne Truth and an ABC typist.

Alexander Montagu will one day be the 13th Duke of Manchester.

He is also first cousin to Diana, Princess of Wales.

But his royal roots have not discouraged 18-year-old Viscount Montagu from leading a chequered life.

The Aussie aristocrat:
  • Admits leading a “fantasy life” when he was younger – but now wishes he was just an “ordinary Joe.”
  • Admits offering to marry any American woman wanting a title. Cost: $12 million.
  • Denies having an affair with American socialite Lia Belli, wife of Melvin Belli, lawyer to the rich and famous.
  • The Viscount has come to the Top End for simple reasons.

A friend suggested I come to Darwin to relax and get my life back together,” he said.

Viscount Montagu is also trying to forget a broken engagement to a Noosa Heads hairdresser.

She couldn't understand my way of life,” he said.

But Viscount Montagu has more than just the after effects of an broken love affair to sort out.

He denies a substantial monthly allowance from his rich father has been discontinued.

He said he now has the job of convincing the executors of his royal trust account that he is worthy of the money.

This setback has forced him to work.

But the Viscount is not keen on talking about his job.

I am only staying a few months and then I am returning to America.”

What I would like to do while I am in Darwin is organize a few charity events.”

Viscount Montagu said he helped with several big charity events in America, which involved names like Marlon Brando, Whoopie Goldberg and Michael Jackson.

The functions I put together were pretty good and big,” he said.

I think I can help out some of the...;."

Let's all imagine Alex as a barman in Las Vegas, or better yet, in Darwin once again.

 Which is not to say Laura could not accompany him so the two love birds could work together, sharing this exciting adventure.  

Alex's longest lasting job, in Wendy's experience, was the one as a guide for the Raiders of the Lost Ark in Disneyland in early 2006. 

Comment by Laura, Duchess of Manchester -

"This article was done in 1990. Strange how people really thought any title could be sold. It's only a land title that can be sold and even then it's just that, Another family's name. But people offered back then."

Alex's attempts to sell the position of Duchess, effectively selling the name. 

March 17, 1988 - The People, tabloid in the UK  -
            Article:   MyBarmy Marriage - I Left When He Fired At Me With a Speargun  by Ian
            Dougall - Montagu offers to sell title of Duchess, among other outrageous statements.

 1991 - September
  21 - SUN JOURNAL, (AP)  Diana's Cousin Selling Title
      “Since arriving in this port city, a cousin of Britain's Princess Diana has been arrested, 
       fallen for a former stripper who manages his $12 a night hostel, and decided to sell his 
       title.”(see article)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Arraignment Date Set for His Grace

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, will be arraigned for the original charge of passing a bad check.

Well, since the original complaint was dated early in 2012 it is about time.  

Date:  May 28, 2014 

See Time Line for Hearings

CASE NO. 11F21867X  
Anne E. ZimmermanDepartment Eight D
 Las Vegas Township Justice Court
Term of Office 2000–present
Julie Olness-Weinner
Judicial Executive Assistant
(702) 671-3408 Voice
                         (702) 385-8912 Fax
 Bad check to Speedy Car Loan