Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RESPONSE to the Manchester's newest site

Laura Montagu, her husband, Alex, and their collection of co-conspirators are all inclined to psychological projection. They are all used to achieving their goals using ugly behavior and intimidation.
DEFINITION: Psychological Projection
Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]
Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.
An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another person or object.
The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud - in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, '"Draft H" deals with projection as a mechanism of defence'[2] - and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.[3]
The new Manchester site, theduchesscyberbullyingandstalkinghel.blogspot.com, partially plagiarized without attribution, and partially written by Laura Montagu, is larded with examples of psychological projection. These also include attempts to recharacterize objective reporting of facts as 'stalking.'

The facts need no excuse and make no apology. The truth may be ugly but in the tradition of the First Amendment it need not be defended because the truth is its own defense.

The Facts

On November 19, 2011, I wrote a declaration for the FBI on the stalking, threats and harassment then being carried out by Alex and Laura Montagu. Others were also involved but this was not yet clear to me.

I was then driving from California to Ohio at the request of Rayelan, the owner and operation of Rumor Mill News. Her health was bad and she needed help. My disabled son, Arthur, was with me along with his cat, Meow-Meow.

Because I am nearly blind and only able to drive during daylight hours the trip took three weeks.

I will use the declaration to show what was happening at the time and then add to it.

Declaration, November 19, 2011
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

I, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, declare the following to be a true and accurate account of events and not intended to deceive.  

I am a journalist who is published and writes for the Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas and who also does other free-lance work and other writing projects, working entirely from my home as I am full time caretaker for my son, Arthur, who is completely disabled. I am, myself, legally disabled.  

On or around August 25, 2011, I was introduced to Laura, the wife of Alex Montagu, styled the Duke of Manchester, by Raye Smith (DBA Rayelan Allan), for the purpose of writing a book. I had no knowledge of either husband or wife prior to that time. I have known Ms. Smith for a number of years. Ms. Smith told me at the outset the Duke was short of money but could be trusted to ensure I was compensated for my work when the funds became available. I agreed to work on that expectation. This was affirmed by the Duke, who expressed his gratitude. 

I was asked to introduce the Duke to Ilene Proctor, http://ileneproctor.com/. I did so. I have worked with Ms. Proctor over the years writing reviews for books and on other projects. The Duke was hoping Ms. Proctor could find a publisher for the book he wanted me to write on his life. I was asked to write the book and began doing interviews of the Duke and Laura and others, suggested by them.  

The Duke asked me to take notes whenever we talked, even if I was not formally interviewing him. I generally did so, but the conversations became highly repetitive. I also spent even more time on the phone with his wife, Laura. The conversations were generally about her cats, the Manchester estates and funds which they could not access, and the jewelry, which was not available to them, or on her personal life and prior love interests. Laura began drinking about the time the Duke went to bed and from that point on became increasingly loquacious and incoherent on a regular basis.  

Neither of the Montagus expressed interest in anything but their own personal affairs. Since the relationship was professional I accepted this as a matter of course. Taking notes and researching the background of the title and family continued to be my focus as I put up a website for them. This was to be used to refute charges of bigamy leveled against the Duke and to allow him to carry out his stated goal, to do good in the world with the money he would have when the Manchester Trusts were broken and the funds therein were in his possession.

Articles about the scandals attributed to the Duke have come thick and fast over the last months. These articles have reiterated the charges of bigamy, stated as fact he was jailed for fraud in Australia, stealing cars and reselling them, and additional newer stories which, if true, are shocking revelations about his children and family life. These are the three most recent articles, containing these charges. 
Court rules O.C. family is blood nobility, Aussie-born Duke denies bigamy in UK, Aussie-born Duke denies bigamy in UK.” ARTICLES – these make fascinating reading.

At the time I believed the Duke was an honest man who had been badly treated by nearly everyone in his life. Now, the jury is out. The lies which are contained in his recent emails document a willingness to spin and restructure documentable facts.

I began outlining first a book, which I was asked to change to a series of articles. The project on which I was asked to spend my time was then shifted to the sale of video tapes which Manchester had made of Michael Jackson some years before. I have never, to date, seen these tapes and have never had them in my possession.  

Over a two month period I wrote copy to produce a sale, which was to be carried out by Ilene Proctor. Working without seeing the material presented significant difficulties, as I was forced to interview the Duke on the content and he is not an able communicator, necessitating repeated and detailed questioning on my part to elicit the required information. It is probable the psychotropic drugs he takes daily, or sometimes the lack of such drugs, was, in part, responsible for this inability to convey information but his admitted dyslexia could also be, in part, responsible. Getting technical details, for instance the length of segments of video, place taken, type of film, and dates proved to be nearly impossible.  

Over this period the Duke expressed lavish thanks for the work done and began telling both myself and Raye he considered us to be members of his family. He was verbally effusive and his promises for compensation increased along with such demands as having us live either with him or close enough so he could 'watch over us.' This was rather creepy.  

I had persuaded a disbarred attorney, Charles Lincoln, who, none the less, has an earned degree from the University of Chicago. School of Law and a Ph. D. in Anthropology from Harvard, to produce contracts and do research on intellectual property rights sales, promising, after checking with the Duke, he would be paid for work done. The contracts were essential to the sales but the Duke could not afford any outlay of funds for any purpose, telling us he was applying for a job, first at ATT and then at Target or Walmart. When the contract for services for the sale of the Michael Jackson tape were produced he asked us to trust him to ensure we would be paid.  

In early October the Duke became agitated and angry with Ilene Proctor and fired her after she began to insist a contract be signed for her, specifically.  

In mid-October the Duke again became agitated when his wife, Laura, told him the Michael Jackson tape was lost. He accused her of stealing it and told us he was going to call the police. Laura had left the apartment but was calling both myself and Ray, making accusations of having been abused. Neither of us had heard any sign of this taking place but suggested various places she could go and attempted to find a place where she could stay with friends of ours.  

However, it was obvious that if the tapes were missing the only person who could have taken them was Laura.  

When the police arrived, I was told by both Raye and the Duke, Raye was on the phone to the Duke. The Duke, who had admitted the police, asked she talk to an officer. While she was on the phone with them there was a knock at the door and the Michael Jackson tape was leaning against the door, according to the Duke, and by what Raye was told by the police then present. 

Over the next several days the Duke, again asking me to take notes, told me, providing references, that Laura was a former prostitute who still worked regularly in Las Vegas. He provided details which included the individuals who had broken this news to him. As the Duke went through Laura's possessions, left in the apartment, he reported to me finding papers she had told him he had lost and women's clothing he had never seen, tags still on, which he said had been stolen. He told me Laura was addicted to shop lifting, used multiple social security numbers and alternate identities. These statements were also made separately to Raye. He told me he would send references, which were not forthcoming, but his statements were credible to me because of remarks made by Laura directly to me previously regarding the irrelevancy of shoplifting laws along with her obvious her sense of entitlement and odd stories told regarding her career in Los Angeles.

The sale of the tape was progressing through these events but had stalled through objections made by Laura prior to the disappearance of the tape. Raye then mentioned to me having found a buyer, a major Hollywood producer. That sale also failed because Laura objected to the buyer for reasons which were completely irrational.  

The presentation package was complete except for inclusion of stills. Clips also remained to be made. A request document, to be faxed by possible major media buyers, was ready to go out. This protective document had been produced by Lincoln. Raye paid for all the costs and also for the divorce the Duke insisted on filing against his wife as the Duke continuously claimed he had no money.”

Raye started a FedEx account so the Duke could send the tapes to her to be processed and the clips and stills produced. All documentation of transport and the source of these funds is in Raye's possession along with emails authorizing the processing to go forward.  

When the tapes were received, several days late, because the Duke failed to send them for next day delivery, Raye spent 59 hours and $200 for the purchase of programs to produce the needed clips and stills.  

The Duke had no idea of the format in which his own tapes had been made.  

During this time Raye paid for the Duke's prescription of psychotropic drugs, again at his request. He told us his psychiatrist was unwilling to work with him unless and until he divorced Laura. He also requested we talk to his psychiatrist, which we attempted to do. Alex told us he had sent a fax giving permission. The receptionist told us it had not been received. The contradictions in his statements, plus evidence of continued irrationality toward the end of this period gave both of us pause.  

Up to this point my relations with the Duke were friendly and we talked on the phone, mostly regarding the tapes and what needed to be done, several times a day. He had purchased a used car and decided he would come to meet me as my residence is located in the national forest in California because he wanted to 'get away.' I was reluctant, but agreed to the visit, persuaded by Raye. The Duke wanted me to put up a commercial site for him to produce income from the sale of military supplies, which was what I was to be working on while he was vacationing at my home. He also asked me to set up an email for the url I purchased for him at his request. He told me what his specific dietary needs were and I assured him acceptable food would be available. There was nothing social about the planned visit.  

The Duke had told both myself and Raye he had only one for two feet of intestine, and so required soft food which was fairly bland.  

Our last conversation took place around October 23rd when he called to tell me he was delayed due to car problems but would be there the next day. He never arrived. Raye then contacted me to say she had received an email from the Duke and he was pulling back on the sale of the tapes.  

I then received an email from Laura which resulted in an exchange of emails between us where, as I now felt free to express myself, she obviously resented. Copies of the emails are available and can be obtained by request. These will soon be up on a website.  

Neither Raye or myself have ever talked to the Duke again. Of myself and Raye, I was the last to speak to him over the phone. Our intention, when initially discovering he was going forward with the project without paying us, was to file in small claims court for the maximum, which was over the number of hours spent on his project but under what we are owed.  

I made one or two attempts to contact the Duke. His numbers were changed.  

Calculating the hours spent putting up the website and material for the tape sale I was owed $12,540 for work done. Raye is owed $15,200 on the same Michael Jackson tape project. Additionally, she intended to file for the loans made to the Montagus in a separate motion. I did not charge for the interviews as I will be using them for articles now planned. We deemed this to be the appropriate avenue to obtain compensation for work requested and then not paid.  

Both Raye and myself had spent hundreds of hours on the phone with the two of them and deferred other projects, suffering losses at their request and with their knowledge.  

Soon, I was receiving hostile and angry emails purportedly from the Duke, and forwarded emails from Charles Lincoln, who forwarded without comment emails from the Duke, filled with slanders and lies about me. These included my having published slanders about the Duke and or Laura. A Google search shows I published nothing about either of them. I never had any materials except interviews, which were for publication and for which the Duke refused to sign any agreement, releasing me from any limitation for their use.”

Raye returned the original tape, at her own expense, to Alan Kidd, who the Duke trusted. She felt this step was necessary because she did not want to be accused of having not sent it and Kidd is a known and respectable individual living in San Diego to whom, she understood, the Duke had given a power of attorney. The Duke directly told her Kidd had custody of other tapes, kept in a temperature controlled environment. 

From these emails I learned Laura and Alex were contacting my family and business associates, telling slanderous stories about me. The Duke claimed I was a criminal, he positively stated there were active warrants against me, and he had been deputized by the FBI to arrest me on sight and use lethal force to do so while refusing to provide details of any charges. He gave the name of Gregory Coleman, who research showed to be the name of a real FBI agent out of New York, as having authorized the arrest.  

The packet of 'research' they had compiled from the internet was completely about a run in I had with an individual who called himself Karl W. B Schwarz in 2004 – 2005 who also slandered and libeled me and who became silent after I published an article titled, “Dumb, Unscrupulous, and Debauched,” on December 26, 2008, about him. Schwarz attempted to harass me again by posting comments about these previous events below an article I had written on a completely unrelated subject.

Schwarz was researched thoroughly by Gina di Miranda in an article titled, “Unfortunate Son,” in 2005. The di Miranda article was completed and published online around 05.Jun.2005.

Harassment by the Duke and Laura continued, if anything increasing, as more people were contacted.  

On Thursday, November 17th I contacted the FBI myself asking if they deputize non-governmental individuals for this purpose. I asked as a journalist, providing my name and the paper for which I write. A copy of the email was sent to my editor, W. Leon Smith of the Iconoclast in Texas. The answer was no, they do not deputize.  

My next query was to give them the identify of the individuals involved, Alexander, Duke of Manchester and Laura, his wife, with his contact information.  

I asked Lincoln why he had not done this himself, instead resending these charges, as forwards, to my friends and business associates, further spreading the slanders. To date, I have received no reasonable answer.  

The Duke of Manchester has stated that he calls Raye and claims she does not answer. However, Raye has a Vonage number and a cell phone number. These make a record of all calling numbers. The line makes transcripts of all calls. Neither I or Raye has received a call from the Duke since late October.  

To date, Raye is still paying for a ducal storage unit in Michigan, which payment began at Laura's pleadings of poverty. 

Those contacted include political figures who were subjects for articles I was writing, law enforcement agencies, other governmental agencies, and potential business contacts as well as friends and family. Threats include having disability payments to my son ended. I have retained counsel for the purpose of suing for slander, libel and other possible torts.  

Signed, Sunday, November 20, 2011

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster esignature”

The Facts and Story Continue

When I finally arrived in Ohio, after Thanksgiving 2011, I immediately began untangling the problems Raye was encountering there. During the previous weeks I had been slandered, harassed, threatened, and otherwise outraged, experiencing all of the traumas listed by Laura on her highly projective website.

  • changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • nightmares
  • hypervigilance
  • anxiety
  • helplessness
  • fear for safety
  • shock and disbelief”
I was a victim not only of cyber stalking but of slanders carried out by Laura and Alex Montagu through contacts made to my family and professional associates. The only fraud involved was perpetrated against me by the Manchesters. Additionally, I was exhausted from three weeks of travel and faced further, immediate issues in assisting Raye.
I hoped at this point they would simply stop and move on. This was not to be.
After it became clear Montagu had no intention of paying, I had locked them out of the site I had built. They had written not one line of the text but promised to pay, always expressing their lavish gratitude for my patience.

I soon became aware they had persuaded Yola to turn the site over to them. Yola had not contacted me. The site was separate from the 45 other sites I had hosted on Yola. Since I was traveling, on my way to Montana to write an article, and then on to Ohio, Raye and I agreed we might eventually sue them in small claims court. We put the matter on the back burner. It was, afterall, really a business matter gone wrong and nothing more at that time. This was our attitude before the personal assaults began.

Yola sites are free to the user. But the content must be added. It was for the content which the Manchesters had not paid.

On October 26, 2011 I had routinely renewed my Silver Bundle for premium services from Yola, Inc. Payment was made through PayPal, using my credit card, which was billed $49.95 USD.

I had had an account with Yola, Inc. several years before it had changed its name from synthasite. At the time I started my account there was no limitation on the number of sites you could start using your free membership. In this way I accumulated 45 sites, most of them active, by the time a limit of 25 sites had been set several years previously. None of the sites contained sexual content or any other materials which failed to follow the guidelines for ethical journalism set by the Society for Professional Journalists.

The most developed site, acpillsburyfoundation.org, was constructed for educational purposes and to sell prints of photographs by my grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury. After many months of work I was preparing a showing which was to include a video and historical treatment of the technical transition of photography. Arthur Pillsbury's work in lantern slides advanced this area of technology significantly. They are still admired for their beauty. We planned to sell prints of these images.

On December 13, 2011, now temporarily located in Ohio, I received a refund for my previous payment for Silver Bundle services from Yola, Inc. This was the first communication I ever received from Yola. I was puzzled and immediately contacted Yola support.

I immediately found a phone number for Yola and called their support,writing a letter the same day. (see below)

I received an email from one of you, I was told by the gentleman I talked to in South Africa, there are three ladies who handle complaints of 'abuse.'  I contacted support regarding your email as, in my experience, most systems send responses to Never - Neverland.  I had never actually talked to anyone at Yola before so it was interesting to hear a voice. 

I was waiting to hear through support, assuming all of you were busy.  This morning my silver package was refunded so I started looking for the phone number mentioned above. 

The site in question, Greedville.biz, has been up for a number of years.  No changes or additions have been made for some time prior to you having removed it from the web.  If you look at the documentation provided you will see legal papers, emails, and affidavits which affirm, in accordance with journalistic practices, every statement made.  Some is in first person as I am reporting events from my own life. 

My writing on the subject of psychopathy is published elsewhere.

Please tell me why you took the site down and refunded my Silver Package, which I would like reinstated and for which I am very willing to pay. I have been very satisfied with Yola and would like to continue having a relationship with you.


Melinda Pillsbury-Foster”

The support team member told me I would hear from their Abuse Department within three days. In less than three days all 45 sites had been removed from the Internet.

Laura's new site, mostly plagiarized from other, uncited sources, until you get to the bottom when the spelling and grammar are obviously Laura's, is a pathetic whine from a group of highly abusive individuals who are not succeeding in their attempts to intimidate and silence me, after victimizing me in every imaginable way.  

On line, I began to find libelous charges posted by the Manchesters. These included the charge I had a sexual relationship with my disabled son, and charges I was fleeing warrants in five states.
I also found this posted as 'proof' of wrongdoing on my part. I have no idea who Fern Anderson is. The only accounts I had on Yola were in a single account. However, the truth and the Manchesters are not even nodding acquaintances. They make up what ever works to achieve their goal.

In the salutation in the email above one name is whited out. The name has to be short.
Why would Yola, Inc. have consented to do a search of sites on behalf of Laura, Alex, and another person? One name which would fit there is 'Craig.'

Craig Franklin, my former husband, is a sexual predator who lied to me, battered and abused me while we were married. DECLARATION, Ayn Pillsbury All of the children witnessed these abuses.

I knew, having received word of his involvement, Craig had been contacted by Laura, providing her with the names and contact information for numbers of my friends and children.

Craig is an ugly character.

His first sexual arousal took place with his sister when she was 12 years of age. He was some years older. This was reported both to myself and to Anne Fisher, a woman he dated for some years after our divorce.
Fisher first contacted me in 2003 and again emailed me in 2009 with the news Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin had been arrested. At that time Anne and I began talking frequently, these conversations continuing for over a year during which time she sent me copies of emails and photos along with other evidence.

Craig reported to Fisher one of his first memories was being beaten by his mother with a Bible late one night. Mrs. Franklin was dressed in a revealing nightgown and immediately afterward had sex with his father with their bedroom door open. Both Fisher and I had each been told the same stories many years separated in time.

After the divorce I discovered Craig's sexual fantasies focused on the rape of young girls with whom he had a close, familiar relationship. This realization began with this magazine, which focused on incest. It was found by a private investigator I hired to ascertain his address for purpose of service of process. He saw Craig deposit the bag of trash at his condo, waited until Craig lumbered off, and grabbed it. The bag was first opened on my dining room table.

Along with it was a receipt from an adult bookstore on State Street in Santa Barbara. His name is very visibly on the receipt which was tucked into the book, found in the bag.

Craig's son from his first marriage, Jonathan Scott Franklin, was found guilty on May 27, 2010. An article appearing in the Appeal Democrat was quoted as saying about the conviction, “ Jonathan Scott Franklin was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years to life for hiring a "hit man" to kill his estranged wife in Marysville and her boyfriend — a sentence that came after the woman said that unless he was locked up, Franklin would try to find her.

Kathleen Franklin, 35, said on a videotape played in Yuba County Superior Court that she suffered a decade of verbal abuse from Franklin before his arrest last July as he drove away from a meeting with an undercover officer posing as a hit man.

Kathleen Franklin said that after she filed for divorce, Jonathan Franklin quoted e-mails she had written. She said she learned he'd installed spyware to steal her passwords and made video recordings of her through the webcam on her computer.

"I was just terrified to be around him," she said, recalling how one evening two Marysville police officers spoke with her and said, "We don't know how to tell you this, but your husband has hired a hit man to kill you."

Craig's reaction to the arrest of his son was to immediately attempt to gain unsupervised visitation to his grand-daughter, then eight years of age. The child's mother told me during a phone conversation Franklin ignored his grandson, who was two years older, focusing his attention on the young girl. The court denied Franklin visitation because, according to the mother, his behavior toward the girl was inappropriate.

I realized then why Craig had asked me to marry him. I had three daughters, all beautiful and all of the age which he found most sexually arousing.

Franklin insisted on adopting all of my children, ensuring my former husband, Ron Foster, would be out of the picture. He insisted Ron cede his parental rights and immediately named the children as his natural heirs. Only after the marriage had ended did I realize how ugly his behavior had been. One of my daughters came to me and told me he had routinely exposed himself to her when I was absent from the home.

Craig took his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, into the family home before informing me of his intentions and allowed her to steal his Will. Only because this copy was later found in my graphics books do I have a copy today. Misho also stole my personal papers, which was both a violation of law and ethics.

Misho, for the record, has a reputation for ugliness. She figured prominently in the After Divorce Tour of John Cleese, having represented his wife in that action.

Although these facts were made known to the court, they were ignored.

In late January I put up a site and began fighting back with the truth. Evidently, the Manchesters, Craig, and their co-conspirators were not prepared for this.

Laura copies Franklin on the ugly, slanderous, and harassing emails with which she continues to hammer me.


no subject)
Inbox x
Apr 29 (5 days ago)

to me, morgangell, proctor, craig, lmontymont, Serious

BY the way Running for president.......
Makes YOU a public figure.
Alex and I are not a public figure???

While YOU are legally Blind and Defrauding our Government isn't going to work......

YOU are a public figure.....That does leave lots of room for discussion and YOUR history.......

Melinda WHY don't you talk about all of your X husbands?

To much info to speak of but many years of trash on you there! When you put my phone number and address on the internet many people had a lot to say!

CRAIG was not the only man you had many years with........

YOUR classmates account you did on me is being watched then we are going to post where the email comes from..........YOU
Everyone knows.  The authorities are being told everything and I have everything you have said about us our family!

AND your EXTORTION!    YOU did nothing but stalk us...Alex had NO idea how to stop you from calling........NO one knows how to stop you from YOUR Psycho behavior.

Phycko DO not know when to stop! That is YOU!

OH BY the way tell your new BFF WENDY she has to report her financial to the CPS Wendy refuses to tell them how much BACK pay and all her pay she has received from the trust for HER kids..........We are going to court to have her money cut off the courts will see her as a fraud. And the fact we have not seen the children since the DAY she finally got the children from the courts.
After Wendy did drug and alcohol testing ORDERED by the courts.......Many letters were sent to the judge because they found WENDY a unfit mother......That the naked photos of her also were shocking and very serious decision........Alex was in the hospitol at this time she got custody because he really had a serious surgery......He was in the hospitol for a YEAR!   I stayed with him!

Yes the Duke and Duchess of Manchester would have got the children but Alex was in the hospitol at the time.

ALEX has Half custody!
Not like YOU stated that Alex lost Custody! Wendy won't let The children near Alex. Wendy sold her kids out for quick cash!
Wendy knows Alex never married Marion Mary his mother has told everyone!
His brother is retracting on his statement!
The documents are fake! I have done my research!
That is real Journalism........

I have his email YOU don't!

GO and FIX your own LIfe and family!
AT Your age you did this all to yourself!

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 29 (4 days ago)

to theduchessofma., bcc: Morgan, bcc: craig


You do not have my medical records, or access to those.  Go ahead, keep telling lies about me using information supplied to you by sources which have no direct knowledge of these matters. Morgan never received my disability information so those were not sent.  At the time I did not have copies of my medical examinations, taken before I qualified for disability.  At my last eye examination I was warned I would likely not qualify for a driver's license again.  Special tests were needed to even fit me with the maximum correction so I could continue to drive last year. 

Regarding the divorce:  As is true of all examinations done for purposes of legal action the divergence between the two sides is often vast.  It was in my case - which is why the court failed to acknowledge I am disabled.  Now, that has been noted by the appropriate agencies.  It was not a matter of paperwork.  The tests were objective. 

I never said I was entirely blind and that was not the basis for the award of disability.  That was based on other multiple issues.  Together, these make me very much disabled.  As I am Arthur's caretaker, 24/7, no one could expect me to hold a regular job. 

What is your disability?  Why aren't you out there working so your disabled husband does not have to look for a job at Walmart?  Very thoughtless of you.  In fact, you should be required to find work as you have no obvious or documented disabilities. 

Both of you are public figures.  Being titled makes you a public figure.  You have held yourself out as such and the notorious behavior exhibited by Alex over decades makes this doubly so for him.  Morgan is also a very, very public figure.

The emails you send are harassment.  You have been told to cease contacting me.  I suggest you stop sending emails. 
Apr 29 (4 days ago)

to me

Dear Melinda,

Why don't you take down the sites on us.
We will call a truce and move on to a nice summer like normal people.



The emails are a fabric of lies, slanders of myself, Raye, my son, Arthur, and Wendy, Montagu's former wife and the mother of his two children.

For a more complete, and documented story on Wendy, the marriage and divorce, read UPDATE: Family Values Manchester Style.

Laura Montagu contacted Craig Franklin. The Montagus and Craig and, perhaps, others cooperated to deprive me of sites which represent years of work on my part. They then accused me of of harassment and cyberstalking, having threatened my life and charged me with unnatural behavior.

Today, May 22nd, there are eight more ugly messages from Alex Montagu on my phone which I have not yet had time to copy to be made available on this website. Alex makes a point of calling during my radio show, and during Raye's show as well. This is done intentionally to interfere with our livelihoods.

Don't hold your breath for any documentation of the specious charged from 'the ducal couple.' It will never happen because there is none.

I refuse to be destroyed silently. I will fight back and I will have the truth known.

As long as those without conscience get what they want through intimidation none of us are safe. I will not be intimidated and I will have justice.

Monday, May 21, 2012

October 18, 2011 - Alex Borrows Money to Divorce Laura

Always a classy fellow, Alex borrowed money from Raye for several purposes during the months we were working to assist him with what he described as the "outrageous lies told by the greedy media."  One such wire transfer took place in October to pay his expenses in filing for a divorce from Laura, his wife.  We will be putting up the records for loans, sending and receipt, as soon as Raye has a moment. 

The filing was electronically filed,  dated October 18, 2011.  02:23:34PM, Case No. D-11-454022-D.  The email is provably that of the Duke of Manchester.  Laura is, according to Alex, not pregnant.  On page 4 Alex notes she will be taking back her maiden name, Smith. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Propaganda Strategy of Frequent Repetition of The Lie

 Laura, presently styling herself as 'Duchess of Manchester,"  posts at the blog from which  the comment at the bottom of this post was copied.  She clearly authored the comment.

Read the previous Post on this site for the longer answer to the question she poses on 'why would the Duke of Manchester go through an expensive divorce...'. 

Family Values' appears to have a very interesting meaning in the minds of the Duke and Duchess.

To answer the question below in short form, Alex filed for divorce and served papers on Wendy in December of 2006 so he could extort alimony and child support from Wendy.  He had joined dating sites some months previously and quickly moved his present 'duchess' into the family home to assist him as he continued the brain washing process on the children. 

Duke Alex claimed to be destitute.  

In court he was found to have, in his possession, funds amounting to nearly a million dollars which he had attempted to hide. Don't for a moment think this was money earned.  It appears to have come from the sale of the Manchester Jewels, another loss for the heritage of his formerly respected family.

Back in court, Alex sat on the stand continuing his claims to be destitute.  However, at least one of his bank accounts was located and he was confronted there by Wendy's attorney with written documentation, obtained through subpoena of his bank, with his own account information. 

What followed will soon be available here through the transcript.  If you are a journalist, and are researching the Manchesters, contact us and we will provide the files immediately.

Alex's 'medical needs' were not caused by injuries but by his various expenditures for cosmetic surgery, including, according to Wendy, a colon reduction to help him reduce his growing weight. 

This surgery took place at Tri-City Regional Medical Center.  Alex had a bypass, which he told his wife, Wendy, was 'back surgery.'  Since the family medical insurance was obtained through Wendy's employer the only source for this elective surgery would have been the funds from sale of the Manchester Jewels.

Alexander, Duke of Manchester, wanted to keep all the assets from a fraudulent marriage while forcing his victim to pay for the doubtful privilege of having been victimized.  This is Family Values, Manchester Style.

Here is what Laura is REALLY saying, "Why did you have to point out what Alex did?  It would have been so much more convenient for us is you would shut up."

Laura, that is not going to happen.  Get used to the truth. 

"Tell Me,Why would, The Duke of Manchester go thru a expensive legal divorce knowing he was not legally married. We all went thru the divorce. He had no Money to give his children.Wendy Montagu Buford has made more money than her husband for several years.All she wants to do is call the press This court case could have been done Quietly without bringing attention to her children as Bastards to the entire public! Nice mother!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UPDATE: May 16, 2012 Family Values Manchester Style

March 12 - On the day before the arraignment of Alexander, Duke of Manchester for passing bad checks took place in Las Vegas he placed a call to Child Protective Services in Orange County, California making a charge his daughter, Ashley, had called, telling him her mother, Wendy, was constantly drunk.  He also called the police and asked they do a welfare check.  

 Wendy believes the report was made as a form of harassment.  The following events are documented, providing the back story for this report.

March 13 
Alexander's arraignment took place in the Las Vegas, Court 8, in front of Judge  William D. Jansen, Department 5.  This resulted in his being bound over for pretrial to take place July 18th.
An attorney appeared for Montagu.  The court provided contact information for the attorney who is Steve Goldstein,  Half Priced Lawyers Suite #100, 330 E Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 Tel: (702) 400-0000.

Criminal History for Alexander Montagu, Duke of Manchester
The Duke's past criminal history appeared extensively in Australian papers from 1984 - 1991 ARTICLES at which time he left the country relocating to the United States where he persuaded Wendy Buford to enter into a marriage with him, failing to inform her he had not ended his marriage to Marion Stoner.  The Stoner marriage took place  March 17, 1984.  Certificate
The marriage to Buford took place May 7th, 1993.

The couple's first child, a boy named Alexander Michael Charles David Drogo  Montagu, was born  May 13th.  Alex asked Wendy to marry him months before but insisted the marriage take place that day because, she said, Alex told her he was in danger of being deported.  Immediately after the child's birth the baby was left with Wendy's mother and Wendy was forced to go to Immigration and Naturalization to provide papers proving they were legally married, according to Wendy. 

This, it turns out, was a fraud as Alexander, still married to Stoner, could not legally marry in the United States or elsewhere. 

The Stoner divorce took place in 1996.  According to emails and the reports of Wendy Montagu, who was unaware she was not legally married, Alex was on the phone frequently with his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, who, insisted a divorce finally take place from Stoner.  The divorce became final on October 28, 1996.  Dissolution 

Longer Stoner Story

There can be no doubt Montagu knew about the tardy divorce from Stoner and that he withheld this information from his then wife, Wendy Buford Montagu.  This impacted her legal standing as the wife of a Peer and of her son, Alex Jr., who was not, therefore legitimate.  These facts were also withheld from those overseeing the financial matters of the Manchester Trusts by both Alex and his mother, Lady Mary Montagu.  

Lady Montagu insisted Alex remarry Wendy.  This he failed to do.  

On June 16, 1999 a second child,  Ashley  Faith Maxine Nell Beatrice Montagu, was born to the couple.

This child, because of the failure of their father to repair his marital status, was also illegitimate, though this remained unknown to Wendy or to others they knew until 2009.

In the interum Duke Alex had planned and carried out a divorce intended to force Wendy to pay him alimony and child support.  If the court had been aware the original marriage was not legitimate no alimony could have been awarded.  

On November16th, 2006, Montagu took out divorce papers.  Wendy was served December 6th at her home, where the couple was still living together as husband and wife.  

They had just moved again, the 11th such move during their marriage.  All of these moves were caused by Montagu's non-payment of the mortgage or rent, which resulted in continuous evictions. 

On  January 5th, 2007 Montagu laid false charges against Wendy, accusing her of drunkenness, and violence.  

Alex phoned her work and informed the other receptionist that he had issued a restraining order against her. This was followed up with a call from the sheriffs’ department that this action had been filed and she would be required to appear in court and answer to these charges. Alex’s claimed she had chased him around the house with a knife.

Wendy was immediately evaluated by court appointed counselors to determine if she was a fit mother. It was determined she could have unsupervised visitations with the children during the divorce proceedings. During the divorce all of the exchanges ......... with the children were at the police station.

After months of investigation, the process extended because of Montagu's continued pleas to the court of his medical problems and lack of counsel, physical custody of the children was awarded to Wendy Buford Montagu.  

In August of 2007 the case was heard.   

The Judge considered all the reports from CPS, the 730 evaluator and the psychologist. CPS indicated that they had observed one of the worst cases of Parental Alienation at the hands of Alex. 

August 23 - Alex lost physical custody of the children, where were picked up by their mother, Wendy, with nothing but the pajama’s they were wearing. To this date all of their possessions remain with their father who has not seen either of them since 2009.

August 30th - Marriage between Wendy and Alex Montagu is dissolved, with some issues reserved.

September 21st - Alex marries Laura Ann Smith, a spinster in her 40s whose father was a farmer in Michigan, where she grew up.Laura told us she had grown up in Laguna Beach. This is untrue. She attended Holly High School in Holly, Michigan and was born in that state.

The court ordered Montagu to pay alimony and child support, which he refused to do.  He also refused to pay other costs ordered paid by the court.  The court papers and transcripts, will be available soon.  If you are a journalist now working on an article contact me and these will be made available to you immediately. 

The only funds received by Wendy for the support of the children, who were handed over to her without any of their clothing or property, would be from the Monchester Trusts. 

On June 5th, 2009  Montagu informed the Manchester Trustees he had not been legitimately married to Wendy Buford Montagu and so his children were illegitimate and therefore could not receive payments from the Trusts.  For two years the children were left without support to augment their mother's small income from her job as a receptionist. 

Alex never personally paid any court ordered child or spousal support.

 Alexander believed he would receive the money which had previously provided for his children.  This was not to be.  

The Trustees filed a law suit to clear the way so they could provide payments to the children. The case was heard July 19, 2011  in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and Wendy Buford Montagu.  Both children were found to have rights as beneficiaries.  If you are a journalist presently doing research or writing a story we will send you the court documents, please contact us. 

Probable Motive for Montagu's actions
From the Manchester Trusts Montagu began to receive payments for his children with the birth of his son, Alex, in 1993.  According to Wendy he constantly nagged her to have more children for him.  Payments stop when a child turns 18 and since Alex has aged out his existence is ignored by his father.   Wendy believes his interest in the children was entirely financial.  

Now, any attention to the children is focused on his daughter, Ashley, on whose behalf payments are still received from the Manchester Trusts.  

Report to CPS and the Police 

March 12 Police stopped by the home of Wendy Montagu in Orange County, CA.  They told her they were doing a wellfare check, this requested by Alex Montagu.   Finding all was well, they left after  20 minutes.  Wendy had been making dinner for her children at the time of the police came by. 
During this period Child Protective Services received a call from Alex Montagu.  A file was opened, as is the required protocol. 

Visits to the family, Wendy and her two children from the marriage to Montagu, took place. 

Wendy learned of this when a card was left by the social worker on Tuesday, April 24th.  Wendy called the social worker and a visit was arranged for the next week, for Wednesday May 2nd.  

The social worker came to the home, spending time alone with Ashley and talking to Wendy.  She then informed Wendy she was very satisfied all was well and was closing the file Alex had caused to be opened. 

At the time the social worker was in the home the phone rang.  Wendy did not answer it.  Later, she found a message from Alex informing her CPS had called him and was taking Ashley away from her and he would be receiving physical custody.  This statement ignored the fact changes in custody take place through the court and not through CPS. 

Over the last several days the following text messages were received by Wendy Montagu and Ashley Montagu.  Ashley has expressed a wish not to have contact with her father as long as he is living with his present wife, Laura. 

Wendy has to communicate with Alex, as the father of her children.  Instead of handling these matters appropriately he evidently has Laura handle communications.  

If you are a journalist this site is intended as a resource on the Manchesters and their activities.  Sign up to receive updates and please share your own research.  

The text messages are below: 

From: brzydawn@xxxxx.com
To: venture06@XXXX.com, lasmith693@XXXX.com, theduchessofmanchester@xxx.com, globalatlantic@xxx.com, lmontymont@xxx.com, lmontymont@xxxxxxxxxxx.com
Sent: 5/9/2012 5:55:40 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Texts to Ash

I don't have to explain anything to YOU Laura, bimbo!  Why didn't I go to England??  Well, could it be that I was home with the kids?? And someone had to work to provide medical insurance?  Daddy Trent?  I broke up with him LONG before I was with Alex.  You can leave him out of it.  It was the other way around!! Alex BEGGED me to marry him!!  I thought I was going to have a fairy tale wedding, what I got was far worse!!  I can change my name or not, the fact it makes you crazy pleases me.  I have said to you again and again, the financials are reported to DCSS, not CPS.  It just kills the two of you that you have no idea what the CHILDREN received!!  You can stew about that longer, after all what have you done for them?  In 3 years, you disgust me with your claims of loving them more than anything in the world Alex.  The text messages below Laura to a 12 year old are repulsive and the actual proof of parental alienation from a parent.  CPS visited us last week based on your outrageous claims.  File closed, unfounded! Harassment.  You sent the police to my home in March, they caught me alright!!  Cooking dinner for my children, in my pj's!!  Ashley was upstairs in her room doing her homework!!  They asked Ash a few questions and again cleared me.  Told me they had no intention of calling you back and playing into your childish games!! And yet you both continue to say they are coming after me and I'm in trouble?? Well, I've heard that for years now haven't I?  What must it be like in your world?  I will be opening a file with CPS, I hadn't before since it's not like he exercises his rights to visit!!  Why do I claim to have custody Laura??? Because I have full physical custody that's why!!  You simply look at Ashley as a dollar figure at this point Alex! You don't even know her!!  Laura your brain has turned to mush!  You have facts in front of you and refuse to believe.  But then you have no other choice, you are stuck with him.  No one else will take you. You really show a lot of class Laura!  NOT 

Subject: Texts to Ash
I think during her texts with Ash she thinks I take over the phone and she starts talking to me….Laura is saying this to a 12 year old, but then they claim I’ve alienated them from the kids?
------ SMS Text ------
Sent: May 4, 2012 4:16 PM
Subject: laura dad called me telling me...
laura dad called me telling me that they were going to get custody then she said f u u fing b  and f ur fing mother
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Sent: May 4, 2012 4:50 PM
Subject: FWD: Ok Cps will love that one xo...
FWD: Ok Cps will love that one xo xo Tell your mom to do her financial to Cps were all waiting! Melinda putting your birth certificates on the on the Word wid
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Subject: FWD: e web is Child...
FWD: e web is Child endangerment...and a Federal Offense.
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Subject: FWD: We do have custody...
FWD: We do have custody...Why did your MOM say Alex lost custody? ON a International News article Strange?:)
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Sent: May 4, 2012 5:04 PM
FWD: MONTAGUS?   Your a Buford now because of your Mommy. 
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FWD: Wendy BUFORD...Marion Stoner uses Her real name...Your not Montagus anymore Wendy?  Buford? 
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Sent: May 4, 2012 7:13 PM
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FWD: to BUFORD...YOU can go to the court house and do it. Wendy for sure should GO BACK to BUFORD...HELLO? She hated the Montagu name right?? 
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FWD: Wendy Buford ya sounds better...In the book she has coming out I hope you aren't using the Montagu name?  WHY?  YOU never went to England with your husba
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FWD: nd how weird? Very weird..9 months pregnant THANK god Alex married you what would you have done??  YIKES NO DADDY for baby?
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FWD: Daddy Trent wouldn't marry you! LOL
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FWD: Alex knew the Jackson family 10 years before YOU begged him to marry you at 9 months pregnant?  He didn't need you at all YOU needed him....LAST minuter
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FWD: wedding 3 days later you had a baby!  Cutting it close!!
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FWD: You all can change to whatever name just move away from the Montagu name....All the News articles say how much you all hate Alex and his NAME so Go back
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