Monday, May 21, 2012

October 18, 2011 - Alex Borrows Money to Divorce Laura

Always a classy fellow, Alex borrowed money from Raye for several purposes during the months we were working to assist him with what he described as the "outrageous lies told by the greedy media."  One such wire transfer took place in October to pay his expenses in filing for a divorce from Laura, his wife.  We will be putting up the records for loans, sending and receipt, as soon as Raye has a moment. 

The filing was electronically filed,  dated October 18, 2011.  02:23:34PM, Case No. D-11-454022-D.  The email is provably that of the Duke of Manchester.  Laura is, according to Alex, not pregnant.  On page 4 Alex notes she will be taking back her maiden name, Smith. 

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