Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Greedville - Manchester Conspiracy surfaces as Rumor Mill News braces to withstand another attack by the New World Order.

Another piece of the New World Order puzzle is emerging to public sight. Now, Rumor Mill Readers can understand why RMN is being attacked on what would seem, at first glance, to be a personal issue. 
Until now I did not see the connections and understand the overall game plan. Now, it is clear why refusing to engage will not work. 
For the New World Order nothing is personal. It is all business as usual. 
In 2002 NWO operatives were assigned to began an operation, intended to destroy my daughter and myself using the 'nuts and sluts' attack mode. This had worked well for them before. Karl Rove, who master-minded the political dirty tricks for the Bushes and the US operation since the 1970s, were probably confident it would work again. 
I have reason to believe those in control of awarding defense contracts also partnered with my former husband, Craig Franklin, and the corporation for which he was Senior Vice President. The corporation, Green Hills Software, Inc., has received many millions in government contracts since that time. We know, for a fact, its transmission witnessed by a third party, documents which could not, legally, be circulated were provided to Fund and counsel. 
The operation was carried out to protect John Fund, the pudgy pundit who so often appears on Fox News today. Fund was placed as a 'journalist' at the Wall Street Journal. He remains an operative today, writing a tepid column on the non-race for the GOP nomination for president, appearing in the Online Journal. He also works as a Senior Editor for the American Standard. 
Protecting Fund was essential both because he possessed critical information of past Rove operations and because he was carrying out operations intended to muddy the waters as election theft took place. Fund had proved himself trustworthy to Bush and Faction One with his ugly attacks on the Clinton Administration. He boasted of the ' briefings' received direct from Karl Rove as soon as Bush W. was inaugurated. 
For the New World Order everything is viewed through the lens of their next move to keep the public in ignorance. 
The eruption of publicity around Fund's relationship with Morgan Pillsbury, the daughter of an old girl-friend, (myself), caused Fund to lose his promised job as a Bush speechwriter in 1999. The Rove-Bush White House assumed the problem was solved in 2000 and gossip would fade. Fund could write his book, "Stealing Elections," and wait out a minor wave of publicity. 
What had been a sub rosa scandal hit the Internet when John Connolly published, Sex, Lies and The Tape just before 9/11. Morgan and Fund were living together the day the article was published, an article she insisted be written. 
Rove's calculations had been reckoned without the subsequent revelations Morgan was being battered by Fund, with accompanying publicity. 
The first Ruthless People site went up and the publicity began to build as the case worked its way through the system. Events were spiraling out of control as Fund melted down mentally. 
During this time, Sidney Blumenthal gained unauthorized access to files on Fund through a hack on Morgan's computer. Morgan responded in kind, hacking Blumenthal's computer to gain access to his emails. 
At this point a Rove Intervention began, aimed at discrediting both Morgan and myself, as her mother and sole supporter. Morgan had alienated everyone else in the family years before. 
For the entire period, several years, the case file for domestic violence remained directly on the desk of Manhattan DA Robert Morganthau, all aspects becoming highly politicized.
An attempt was made on Morgan's life. She was forced into hiding, where her surveillance of Blumenthal's emails continued, producing shocking results. 
Over the next months we would learn the shocking facts about how Saddam Hussein was persuaded to remain as leader of Iraq by the Clintons so the invasion mandated by Bush W. could go forward for the profit of the New World Order. 
Two years later Morgan would find herself pregnant and married to a man with family connections to other Bush operatives through such operations as Operation Swift Boat. The same man, and one of his associates, would conspire to make it impossible for me to defend myself from attacks by my former husband and his corporation. The man's name is Jay Earl Gell. 
During this time I found a silencer near the only location with a clear view of my office window. When I sent notification of this to associates a few minutes later the three black SUVs which had been parked at a residence close by roared out of the area, never to return.
Ask Danny Romero what happened to Ron Paul Revolution Radio, to We the People Radio, after I started doing a show there. 
You don't have to be a psychopath to engage in criminal behavior but it does not hurt. Psychopaths can cooperate and over the last months a curious gang has assembled to carry out what is clearly a conspiracy against me. 
Two of these individuals are Alex, Duke of Manchester and his wife, Laura. "Duke Alex" also has a history which includes connections with the FBI. He brags about these though sources within the agency dismiss him as a 'monkey.' However, they might have found him more useful in his present position, harassing, threatening, and stalking me. 
Recent events have opened many questions now being answered. 
Why did Manchester decide to connect with Rayelan? Why did he work so hard to persuade first Rayelan and then myself, he was a victim of misreporting by the media? Clearly, this is a lie which could not have long endured, given the monumental amount of articles written on his ugly behavior toward his two children and their mother. Why, when he had successfully stolen out work without payment did he decide to attack us when we had not even filed a small claims court motion? Over reaction does not even come close to explaining it. 

Is he this crazy or was there a darker motive? 

Why are John Fund, Craig Franklin, Jay Gell, the man with connections to Swift Boat, and the Duke and Duchess of Manchester so determined to destroy me and Rayelan? 
Or is this a covert attempt to seize and control Rumor Mill News? 
Framing the question provides the answer. Business as usual. 
Fund knows I am writing a book which includes his own covert activities. Franklin shares the same motivation and his background is, if anything, uglier than Fund's. Gell, Morgan's handler - husband, is just doing his job. Libeling me is all in a day's work. 
Is Duke Alex hoping for assistance from the New World Order in breaking the Manchester trusts, thereby allowing him to finish squandering a once magnificent fortune? If he is, certainly the New World Order would make this possible, if they decided to do so. But they would extract a very high price. 
The New World Order makes its own opportunities. It seemed bizarre to me that a covert agent would impregnate and marry a woman to, in effect, immobilize her as a potential problem. Raye tells me this is standard operating procedure with operatives and can cite examples from her own experience. 
There comes a time when you have to stand your ground or lose the chance for the truth to be known. This is such a moment, not just for me and Rayelan but for all of us here at Rumor Mill News. 
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