Friday, August 18, 2017

In response to a civil inquiry from outside the US

A query on the status of our subject, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was received and we searched the data base and found no sign he was not still secured within the prison system of Nevada.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Inquiring Minds Want to Know. Just a tad.

The copy and paste title for a lawsuit brought by 'The King of Condos,' appeared in my email box via the comment app on this site.  The return email was 'sally,' with a fake URL.  This excitement occurred in the lives of Alex and Laura in 2013.  I talked to the Plaintiff, the person not his corporation or attorney. Others also emailed or otherwise contacted me with further updates.  Now, why would either Laura or the nastiest little psychopath in the world, Morgan Gell, have sent this?  

I overlooked it because of the surge of alerts coming up from the tragic Manchester event of late.  

King of Condos Inc, Plaintiff(s) vs. Laura Ann Montagu-Manchester, Alexander Montagu-Manchester et al., Defendant(s)
Clark Nevada Court System | Unknown | 13C017268 | 07/23/2013
Defendant - Montagu-Manchester, Laura Ann Doing Business As International Security Trust | Unrepresented
WestCorp Mangement Group, Landlord(s) vs. Alexander Montagu, Laura Montagu-Manchester, Tenant(s)
Clark Nevada Court System | Las Vegas Township Justice Court | 16E011415 | 06/01/2016
Other - Montagu-Manchester, Laura Also Known As Montagu, Laura | Attorney Represented
Los Angeles County Superior Courts | Torrance Courthouse | YD054850 | 10/24/2008

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Where Alex is now residing......HIGH DESERT STATE PRISON (HDSP)

Here is Alex, as found in their demographics.  But watch out.  The gun-toting jerk is scheduled for a parole hearing, not likely for good behavior.  


Offender ID: 1173104 

Gender: M      

Ethnic: CAUCASIAN      

Height: 5 ft.       11 inches.

Weight:  195            

Complexion:  FAIR    

Hair:  BROWN   

Eyes:  HAZEL   

Institution: HIGH DESERT STATE PRISON       

Custory Level: CLOSE   

Prior Felonies:  NO  (I guess no one told them about his record in Australia) 


And although he was given another 30 months because of another offense Alex, the ducal destroyer, is scheduled for a parole hearing on May 11, 2017!!!!

The hearing will take place 



To schedule a visit with Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester:

Phone (702) 879-6774 or (702) 879-6775 and ask for Visiting.

The HDSP Facility
Visiting Rules and Regulations
Visiting Schedule

P.O. Box 650
Indian Springs, Nevada 89070-0650
22010 Cold Creek Road
Indian Springs, Nevada 89070
(702) 879-6789

    Administrative Staff

    Brian E. Williams Sr., Warden
    Jerry Howell, Associate Warden
    Jennifer Nash, Associate Warden
    Perry Russell, Associate Warden
    Bruce Stroud, Associate Warden


      The High Desert State Prison is the largest major institution in the Department of Corrections. It is the first institution in what will become a large Southern Nevada prison complex. High Desert was designed to incorporate much of the best technology available to corrections to provide for officer safety and the management and control of inmates. The complex totals approximately 1,576,000 square feet of space. The institution opened September 1, 2000 and became the reception center for Southern Nevada.


        High Desert State Prison is administered by the Warden and 4 Associate Wardens. Command Staff consists of 10 Lieutenants and 13 Sergeants. There are approx 400 security staff and 67 support staff.


          New construction was completed in 2009 to add 1,344 beds to the original 2,671. Total capacity is approximately 4,176.

            Programs: Vocational Training, Educational Opportunities, and Treatment Services

            High Desert State Prison offers educational assistance to inmates who want to obtain their GED or High School diploma as well as some college courses. Vocational training includes Automotive & Mechanics Training, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Carpentry.

              Prison Industries

              The Prison Industries building complex is comprised of one building of approximately 65,000 square feet. The Prison Industries building houses six work bays of approximately 10,000 square feet. Each of the bays has camera surveillance capabilities and a dining area for the workers.

                Monday, April 3, 2017

                Noel Gallagher mocks 'middle class' Russell Brand

                NOTE:  ""He says, 'Come on mate, back us' and I'm like, 'If you make me the Duke Of Manchester then I'm in'."  One has to wonder if the fellow actually knew much about Alex.  

                Noel Gallagher has called out Russell Brand for being "middle-class" - despite him being a self-proclaimed man of the people.
                The 49-year-old rock star was a guest on Russell's return to live broadcasting with X Radio on Sunday (02.04.17) and Noel wasted little time in ridiculing his long-time friend, telling listeners the actor lives in a £7 million home overlooking the River Thames in London.
                Noel said: "Russell has got the River Thames as his garden. This is how middle class he his." MORE

                Saturday, March 25, 2017

                Thanks for stopping by!

                Thanks, Lola, yes, we know that but it is delightful to have you weigh in.  I'm respecting your privacy, Lola,  since the Manchesters are connected to some really nasty types.  

                Through the Manchester contact form. 

                I'm sure Alex's probation officer and jailer would love to see the same story Alex is using is that of his father's before him.


                In 1959 Dad took me to hear something he through was important.

                He was right.  Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, my father, was a life-long Conservative who understood the problems we still face today with pollution, water, air and land.  Dad was named to the first EPA in 1969.

                This is a transcription of this speech made for the convenience of readers and researchers. A copy of the text of this speech exists in the Senate Speech file of the John F. Kennedy Pre-Presidential Papers here at the John F. Kennedy Library.
                No change in a fast-changing world presents a greater challenge 2– no problem in a world full of problems calls for greater leadership and vision – than the control of nuclear weapons, the utter destruction which would result from their use in war, and the radioactive pollution of our atmosphere by their continued testing in peace-time.
                It is not a simple problem with simple answers. The experts disagree – the evidence is in conflict – the obstacles to an international solution are large and many. But the issue of nuclear tests and their effects is one which should be discussed in the coming months – not as a purely partisan matter, but as one of the great issues on the American scene.
                It was well, therefore, that this issue was raised last Sunday in a constructive way by the Governor of New York. His statement contributed to the dialogue on this basic issue – it represented the position of a leading figure in the Republican Party – and he did not attempt to evade the question. So I commend Governor Rockefeller for stating his views, and I hope they will be considered and debated by interested citizens everywhere.
                But I must also express my own emphatic disagreement with his statement, which called for this country to resume nuclear test explosions. Such a proposal, it seems to me, is unwise when it is suggested just prior to the reopening of negotiations with the British and Russians at Geneva on this very question. It is damaging to the American image abroad at a time when the Russians have unilaterally suspended their testing and the peoples of the world are fearful of continued fall-out.  And, while Mr. Rockefeller did suggest that the testing take place underground to prevent fall-out, he also – according to press reports – “discounted” the harmful effects of fall-out – which I am unwilling to do.
                While many competent scientists agree that there has been no great harm done to mankind as a whole from the amount of radiation created by bomb tests so far, it is also true that there is no amount of radiation so small that it has no ill effects at all on anybody. There is actually no such thing as a minimum permissible dose. Perhaps we are talking about only a very small number of individual tragedies – the number of atomic age children with cancer, the new victims of leukemia, the damage to skin tissues here and reproductive systems there – perhaps these are too small to measure with statistics. But they nevertheless loom very large indeed in human and moral terms. Moreover, there is still much that we do not know – and too often in the past we have minimized these perils and shrugged aside these dangers, only to find that our estimates were faulty and the real dangers were worse than we knew.
                Let us remember also that our resumption of tests would bring Russian resumption of tests – it would make negotiations even more strained – it would spur other nations seeking entry into the “atomic club”, with their own tests polluting the atmosphere – and, in short, it could precede the kind of long, feverish testing period which all scientists agree would threaten the very existence of man himself.  And, perhaps even more importantly the ability of other nations to test, develop and stockpile atomic weapons will alter drastically the whole balance of power, and put us all at the mercy of inadvertent, irresponsible or deliberate atomic attacks from many corners of the globe. This problem – called the nth country problem, because we do not know how many nations may soon possess these weapons – is at the real heart of the Geneva negotiations. For once China, or France, or Sweden, or half a dozen other nations successfully test an atomic bomb, then the security of both Russians and Americans is dangerously weakened.
                The arguments advanced in favor of a test resumption are not unreasonable. The emphasis is on weapons development – the necessity to move ahead “in the advanced techniques of the use of nuclear material.” This reason is not to be dismissed lightly. Our basic posture in world affairs relies on technical military superiority. We need to develop small tactical nuclear weapons and so-called “clean” nuclear weapons, in order to deter their use or other forms of limited aggression by the enemy, and in order to facilitate a decision to respond in good conscience with atomic weapons when necessary. We need to increase the flexibility and range of weapons in our arsenal in order to increase the flexibility and range of diplomatic possibilities. This is not, I might add, justification for cutting back our ground forces and our ability to wage conventional warfare – but it is nevertheless important. Certainly the destruction rained upon us all by a small nuclear battle – and this our weapons development program is intended to deter – would be many times the damage caused by all the test fall-out in the future. But such a weapons development program cannot be suspended indefinitely in a free country without our scientists and technicians scattering to other positions in other laboratories.  In addition, France and other nations on the verge of becoming nuclear powers will resent a ban – and their goodwill is also important.
                But it is even more important that we find a way out the present menacing military situation.  And let us remember that our present test suspension is implicitly conditional on a continued Russian test suspension. If we are not developing new weapons in the absence of tests, so, in all probability, will they. And the facts of the matter are that, generally speaking, we are ahead of the Russians in the development of atomic warheads of all sizes but behind in the development of delivery systems. Until this lag can be overcome, there is a lesser value for us in testing and developing further “techniques in the use of nuclear material.” In short, for both sides to resume atomic tests today might well turn out to be more of a disadvantage to the West militarily than a help. The Soviet Union – which apparently made great progress in it 1958 tests – is quite as likely as we in any new tests to score a break-through with some new means of destruction which will make all the more delicate the present balance of terror.
                I would suggest, therefore, the following alternative position:
                1. First, that the United State announce that it will continue its unilateral suspension of all nuclear tests as long as serious negotiations for a permanent ban with enforceable inspections are proceeding with tangibly demonstrated good faith, provided that the Russians do not meanwhile resume their own tests. The latest extension of our test suspension announcement expires on December 31 – and we cannot take the chance of continuing it indefinitely without an inspection system – or afford the cost of extending a temporary suspension so long that our scientists disperse and our laboratories break down. But neither can we afford to undercut negotiations close to success – to resume polluting the atmosphere while the Russians pose as moral leaders. As long as serious, good faith negotiations continue into the early month of 1960 – and are not prolonged indefinitely beyond that – we must continue our suspension beyond December 31.
                2. Secondly, the United States must redouble its efforts to achieve a comprehensive and effective agreement to ban all nuclear tests under international control and inspection – and this means developing a single, clear-cut, well 2– defined, realistic inspection proposal of our own. We do not have this today. We have not made as concentrated and effort on techniques for preserving mankind as we have on techniques of destruction. Nor do we have a clear, concrete policy for the general arms control of disarmament program which must necessarily follow an agreement on testing if it is to be meaningful. But the whole international climate could benefit from this demonstration that East and West can reach significant, enforceable agreements. At least a part of the burdensome arms race would come to a halt. The danger of new nuclear powers emerging would be lessened. For the first time the Russians would have accepted effective international controls operating within their own territory. The hazards of health would be over. Such an agreement, in short even if not perfect – even, for example, if it looks to further modification regarding inspection systems for underground or outer-space tests – would nevertheless be worth far more effort than we are presently exerting. And it would be far more valuable than the military benefits to be gained from test resumption.
                3. Third – if our best efforts do not succeed, the negotiations collapse, the Russians resume testing and it becomes necessary for our test to resume, even then they should be confined to underground and outer-space explosions, and to the testing of only certain small weapons in the upper atmosphere, in order to prevent a further increase in the fall-out menace – and in hope, moreover, that the Russians and others will be forced by world opinion to follow our example.
                4. Fourth and finally, we must step up our studies of the impact of radioactive fall-out and how to control it, through the Public Health Service here at home and a special United Nations monitoring commission abroad. Let us not discover the precise point of danger after we have passed it. Let us not again reject these warnings peril as “catastrophic nonsense” (to quote Mr. Nixon), as they were rejected in 1956 when put forward by a great Democratic standard-bearer, Adlai E. Stevenson. There is every indication that had a test ban been accomplished then, it would have been far more useful, far more easily accomplished and far more beneficial to our national security than it would today, now that the missile gap had widened so far.
                These four policy positions that I have stated are no magic solution – nor can they be achieved overnight without effort. The course which I am suggesting is full or risks. It will require more effort, more leadership, more moral courage than merely “running scared.” But the new and terrible dangers which man has created can only be controlled by man. And if we can master this danger and meet this challenge, we will have earned the deep and lasting gratitude, not only of all men, but of all yet to be born – even to the farthest generation.

                Friday, March 24, 2017

                A Kind Reader Sends A delightful Insight

                A Kind Reader named Cindy gifted us with this clipping from the history of the Manchesters.  It originated from the  Chicago Tribune The date of publication is May 12, 1935.

                I guess some things do not change.  I wonder if Laura, Duchess of Manchester, will include this in her own postings?


                "LONDON, May 11.-UP)-The duke of Manchester, clad in drab prison garb instead of the double-breasted gray suit he wore in court yesterday when be was sentenced to nine months' Imprisonment for fraud, cooled his heels today in a South London jail while his lawyers attempted to gain his pending appeal.
                The portly duke, who was found guilty of obtaining $3,250 through pawning jewels belonging to the estate of his late American born mother, breakfasted on the usual prison fare of bread, and tea.
                HIe was housed In the prison hos- pital because of a bad heart."

                                                                                 Different Duke, same habits

                Thursday, February 23, 2017

                GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Dodgy Duke divorces his third wife on FACEBOOK as he tells her not to use Duchess title

                From:  The Mail

                NOTE:  Laura is still the Duchess of Manchester.  Now, how is she going to monetize this doubtful property?

                Alexander Montagu, 53, made a series of sensational allegations about his American wife, including the claim she had stabbed him with a knife
                The scandal-loving Duke of Manchester has filed for divorce from his third wife Laura – and announced the news in an extraordinary Facebook rant to friends.

                Alexander Montagu, 53 – nicknamed the Dodgy Duke thanks to his colourful past – made a series of sensational allegations about his American wife, including the claim she had stabbed him with a knife.

                ‘My wife, who claims she loves me, slashed my thumb,’ he wrote.

                Read more:
                Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                Saturday, February 18, 2017


                This contact came in to the site after two others which appear to have been sent by the same person.  One of these directly identified the sender as Laura but we will keep an open mind on the subject as the missive was not in all caps and short, but not entirely atrocious.  

                Alex is in the slammer but that does not mean we will not be hearing from him.  Convicts get access to the internet and he will have few other outlets.  Remember that Craig Franklin's oldest son, Scott, incarcerated for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, emailed me.  It was creepy and bizarre, but there it was. 

                Laura is news in her own right.  I've researched her and there is lots to say.  

                By the way, bounty hunting implies there is remuneration in this project and, to date, there has been not one cent of money received.  That is fine.  I did not start it to make money but to get out the truth and so protect potential victims deceived by the title of Duke.  

                The contact said: "i guess that's the last of the news for this site for a while.  damn, i really was enjoying your bounty hunting site - i guess all you have now is laura, the duchess without a duke".

                Monday, February 13, 2017

                Jailed duke is given an extra 30 months in prison over stolen car: Disgraced aristocrat also flouted house arrest before being locked up

                From:  Daily Mail 

                NOTE:  The extra 30 months is a charge not associated with the contested SUV, originally purchased with financing acquired through Speedy Car Loan in 2011.  Therefore, this is yet another vehicle theft, before not known.

                Don't miss Wendy's article on the Ducal History for Car Theft.

                The Ducal Carnival of Cars and the Unique Financing of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

                Hard to imagine that the reputation of Alexander Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester, could plunge any lower. 

                But the 54-year-old Duke — thrice married, once deported from Canada and exposed as a bigamist in 2011 — is evidently determined to prove otherwise.

                Less than three weeks after receiving a five-year prison sentence for attempted burglary in his adopted home city of Las Vegas, the Duke has now been hauled back into court, picking up another sentence — this time for 30 months — for attempted possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

                Read more: 
                Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                Sunday, February 12, 2017

                How It All Began - Some Posts from the Past

                As Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, is getting used to prison in Nevada, and facing new charges, we should remember his victims.  These include his first and second wives, Marion Stoner and Wendy Buford Montagu.  Wendy gave Alex two wonderful children who suffered through his abusive behavior along with Wendy.  

                Marion's Story 

                Saturday, March 31, 2012

                Wendy's story on this site.  See 

                March 28, 2013

                When Alex Met Wendy – Or, the Psychopath Who Ate My Life.

                Wendy is an honest person who was, and remains, a hard working conscientious mother and employee. 

                Alex's sister, Emma, also suffered from the distress of having a brother who took financial advantage of her.

                Tuesday, May 20, 2014

                 The toll taken by Alex, both financial, emotional and measured in trauma which defies belief  should stand as a reminder it is necessary to find ways to remove psychopathic individuals from power of any kind.  
                Here is a short essay by Wendy Montagu, Alex's second wife, chronicles her then husband's thieving methods for acquiring motor vehicles.  

                Thursday, April 3, 2014

                The Ducal Carnival of Cars and the Unique Financing of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

                by Wendy Buford Montagu

                Rayelan Smith, who uses multiple other pseudonyms, asked me to put up the website for Alex and Laura on July 25, 2011.  I was told I would be paid both for the site and for writing Alex's biography. For the next several weeks I interviewed Alex nearly every day for hours.  

                The website was up on July 26, 2011.
                Email from Laura 
                                        25  Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to Laura by Raye Smith. 
                                      26 – Email from Laura to Melinda regarding website. 

                Only much later would I learn the entire scam was set up by Craig Franklin, Morgan and Jay Gell, and his associates at GHS to take down a website which provided them with more transparency than they found comfortable.  Raye appears to have been hired to assist with their plans and then she added Alex and Laura to the attack team.

                Wednesday, February 8, 2017

                UPDATE: Man claiming to be Duke of Manchester sentenced 3:49 PM, Sep 1, 2016 3:46 PM, Feb 7, 2017

                From:  13 Action News

                On the issue of where Laura has gone:  It is likely she is in Laguna Beach with her Aunt and looking for another, less tumultuous, position.  She should remember jobs are available at the local McDonalds.  

                UPDATE ON FEB. 07: The man who claimed to be the Duke of Manchester has been sentenced to up to 30 months in jail. 53-year-old Alexander Mantagu-Manchester was accused of numerous misdemeanor and felonies, including filing a false police report. He was sentenced on 166 counts total.
                ORIGINAL STORY
                LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Defense attorneys are seeking the release from jail of the Australian-born 13th Duke of Manchester, who has been in custody for nearly three weeks in Las Vegas on felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.
                One of Alexander Montagu-Manchester's court-appointed lawyers, Robert O'Brien, said Thursday that his attorneys are concerned about his medical condition.
                O'Brien says they'll ask a judge on Friday for his release on the grounds of "medical necessity."
                Montagu-Manchester has been jailed since Aug. 12 on a felony false police report charge that a judge said violated terms of his release on a previous burglary charge.  MORE

                Tuesday, January 31, 2017

                The Road to Finding Alex in the System

                Above was the link, but it does not work unless you go through the forms.

                REGISTER OF ACTIONS
                CASE NO. C-16-318327-1
                State of Nevada vs ALEXANDER MONTAGU-MANCHESTER §
                § Case Type: Felony/Gross Misdemeanor
                Date Filed: 09/27/2016
                Location: Department 3
                Cross-Reference Case Number: C318327
                Defendant's Scope ID #: 2841260
                ITAG Booking Number: 1600106620
                ITAG Case ID: 1808155
                Lower Court Case # Root: 16F11198
                Lower Court Case Number: 16F11198X
                Metro Event Number: 1607060267

                PARTY INFORMATION
                Lead Attorneys
                Defendant MONTAGU-MANCHESTER, ALEXANDER  Also Known As  MONTAGUMANCHESTER, ALEXANDER Public Defender
                  Public Defender

                Plaintiff State of Nevada Steven B Wolfson

                CHARGE INFORMATION
                Charges: MONTAGU-MANCHESTER, ALEXANDER Statute Level Date
                1.   ATTEMPT BURGLARY 205.060.2 Felony 07/06/2016

                EVENTS & ORDERS OF THE COURT
                09/27/2016 Criminal Bindover Packet Las Vegas Justice Court
                09/28/2016 Information
                09/29/2016 Initial Arraignment  (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer De La Garza, Melisa)
                Parties Present


                Result: Plea Entered
                09/29/2016 Guilty Plea Agreement
                10/10/2016 Media Request and Order
                Media Request and Order Allowing Camera Access to Court Recordings
                11/01/2016 Bail Bond
                Dad's Bail Bonds FCS5-1705331 $5,000.00
                01/06/2017 PSI
                01/24/2017 Sentencing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Herndon, Douglas W.)
                Parties Present


                Result: Defendant Sentenced
                01/27/2017 Judgment of Conviction
                Judgment of Conviction (Plea of Guilty)

                And so on to the:

                Nevada Department of Corrections

                Request for Mailing Address in the Nevada Department of Corrections for Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

                We received a request on how to get in touch with Alexander from a Reader.  Exploring this question we discovered it will take from 30 - 45 days for Alex to have an address in the penal facility where he now resides.  

                We do not think it was Laura who inquired, but who knows?  

                In any case, we will pursue this and publish the information here.  Perhaps Her Majesty, Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom, will have some words of advice for the boy. 

                Here is the REGISTER OF ACTIONS
                                    CASE NO. C-16-318327-1

                Monday, January 30, 2017

                After the Lies and Evasions.....

                A reader sent me the information that Alex plead guilty on January 14th. His attorney must have had a chat with him about the consequences of doing otherwise.  May he enjoy the three hots and a cot.

                Saturday, January 28, 2017

                SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE:I plotted to behead Duke of Manchester, says Australian model ex-wife in extraordinary disclosure

                From:  Daily Mail 

                NOTE:  Read the entire article via the link.  Marian is finally telling her story.  Let's hope it gets into a book.  Horrible!

                Alexander Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester, currently awaiting transfer to High Desert State Prison, Nevada, may feel aggrieved that he's facing a five-year stretch for attempted burglary.

                In fact, he's lucky to be alive at all, according to an extraordinary disclosure by his first wife, Australian former model Marion Stoner.

                She explains that when pushed to 'breaking point' by his relentless stalking after their short-lived marriage ended, she plotted to kill him, arming herself with a fishing line and shotgun.