Time Line

                   9 - Born: Angus Charles Drogo Montagu
                         Born: Mary Eveleen McClure, daughter of Walter Gillespie McClure

               Mary Eveleen McClure is working for Rupert Murdoch.

                 22 - Marriage: Mary and Angus, married, firstly, Mary

                11 - Alexander Charles David Francis George Edward William Drogo Montagu is

                21 - Born:  Kimble William Montagu, son of Mary Eveleen McClure and Angus
                 Montagu Manchester.

               17 - Born:  Emily Louise Evelyn Montagu, daughter of Mary Eveleen McClure and
                  Angus Montagu Manchester.
                      Angus Montagu leaves his wife and children when their new born daughter is
                  five days old.

     February  - Alex started - Geelong Grammer School, Geelong, Victoria, Australia  
               15 - Born:  Wendy Buford, in California, USA
            Divorced: Angus and Mary Montagu

1971 – 1974
                    Alex is at: Bancroft School, living with a nanny in a house his Grandfather either
                 owned or rented nearby.

           Alex is at: Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire, England.

                      23 - Alexander George Francis Drogo Montagu, 10th Duke of Manchester,
                         Alex's grandfather, died. Since there is no record of Montagu's having finished
                         school it is possible his disgusted family, likely his mother, had allowed him to
                         enlist in the military, who gratefully allowed him to leave at this time.
                              Alternatively, he could also have left school at this point, simply changing
                         the story as having left the military.

          February 3 -  Saturday - Lady M gets injunction - Makes you wonder what happened.

          November 21 - Lady M cops a rent writ
                     After a very short time in the Military, by his report, this not documented, Alex
                returned to Australia.
                     Alexander Montagu claims to have worked for Thomas Joseph Fabian Erickson.
                     Montagu identified Erickson as a member of the underworld. He claimed
               however, Erickson had kept him drugged. This struck me as strange since the
               duties required him to repossess automobiles, which required one be quick on one's
               feet  and also able to drive reliably.
                      Montagu stated, for publication, he had lived with Erickson and his family for a
               period of 11 – 12 months during 1983 into 1984. Given the propensity for security
               Erickson, evidently an underworld figure of some power, both in Australia and
               around the world. This raised further issues.
                     Alex reports having lived with a criminal, Erickson for 7 months. 
                     Montagu claimed Erickson found him a few days after his return to Australia to
               find his mother, whose address and phone number were unknown to him. Alex told
               me he was staying at in very expensive suite at Regent Hotel in a large suite on the
               50th floor. He lead me to believe he had plenty of money but did provide any
               source  for these funds.
                     Erickson, Alex said, greeted him with, “I understand you are looking for your 
               mother.” Alex told me he immediately was handed 10 thousand cash, a Walter P5
               gun, and a private investigator license and moved into the Erickson home to work
               for him. It sounded more like a scene out of a movie than reality.
                     The room described by Montagu at the Erickson home in St. Eliza had its own
               bathroom and was 'posh,' as was the entire mansion, which was far back from the
               street and approached over a gulley or moat with very tight security, according to
               Montagu, whose work was repossessing cars, he said.
                     When Erickson died in 1988 he was still facing 230 charges, including
               kidnapping, threats to damage aircraft, blackmail, threats to kill, and sexual
               assault against minors, according to an article appearing in an Australianpaper.
                     Montagu had also mentioned Erickson and he conspired to carry out a plot to
               'kidnap' him, Alex, and extort money from the Manchester Trust for his return.
                     Alex expressed no particular shame or comment on this money-making scheme.


                17 - Alex Montagu Manchester marries Marion Johanna Stoner, the  never married
                  mother of two.    Marriage Certificate

               21 - Alex Montagu Manchester and Marion Johanna Montagu are separated after
                  incidents of violence directed against her children from her previous relationship
                  and her self.  Complaint, filed September 5th.  Police report filed.  Johanne Stoner
                  The Stoner Story 

                 What Montagu was doing in 1984
                  5 -  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu succeeded to the title of 12th Duke of 
                   Manchester upon the death of his brother, Sidney Arthur Robin George Drogo
                   Montagu, 11th Duke of Manchester.  Alexander, his oldest son, succeeded to the 
                   title, Viscount Mandeville
                     ARTICLE -  by Ian Livingstone Mary and Alexander:  It's a title fight 

                  14 - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail
                           From The Age -"Duke's heir weeps in dock "

                           From The Sun, "Tears as heir, 22, gets jail"
               ARTICLE  HERALD - Of broken hearts and coronets,  by Alan Tate The Next
               Duke of Manchester is out of Jail traces the life of an unhappy peer

               Viscount Mandeville released from prison  and ordered to repay West Bank
                     17 - Alex's certificate was signed by His Royal Highness, Prince Leonard,
                        Defender of the Faith, Sovereign for the Principality of Hutt.  The certificate
                        reads, "Viscount Mandeville, Baron Montagu, Duke of Manchester," naming 
                        Alex as an Ambassador at Large to the Principality of Hutt.  See Certificate
                     31 - Thursday
                             Article: A Touch Of Dinky-di Nobility  Sydney Morning Herald
                     Singer Michael Jackson won't be there. His house will.
                    But guests at the $250-per-bidder art auction Sunday won't be allowed into
                    the house, even though getting behind the intimidating iron gate and into the
                    Encino home was admittedly used as a draw by organizers.
                     8 - ARTICLE - Los Angeles Times Estate-of-the-Art Auction at Michael 
                       Jackson's Residence,  by Marylouise Oates
                             "Set to benefit the South African Council of Churches, the auction at the
                         Hayvenhurst Avenue estate hosted by Michael's parents, Joseph and
                         Katherine Jackson, will feature more than 100 pieces of art and "the world's
                         second largest pearl, valued at $2 million." MORE

                        ARTICLE - By Frank Swertlow, appearing in the Daily News in his column,
                     HOLLYWOOD FREEWAY, titled, "There's lots of land down under his limo"

                     5 - Christopher Reed  The Age
                           Article:  Lawyer Names Australian 'Viscount' in Marriage Case  
                           Article: Los Angeles Times  Breakup by the Bay: Bellis' Messy Divorce
                     15 - |MARK A. STEIN | Times Staff Writer
                     18 - People Magazine, Vol. 30  No. 3 Summertime, and the Loving Is Anything
                         but Easy for Lionel, Melvin and Stephanie.
                         By Michael Neill, Angela Blessing, Tina Johnson, Dianna Waggoner, Maria
                         Wilhelm, Cathy Nolan
             March 17, 1988 - The People, tabloid in the UK  -
                         Article:   MyBarmy Marriage - I Left When He Fired At Me With a Speargun
                 by Ian Dougall - Montagu offers to sell title of Duchess, among other outrageous
                         Article: Los Angeles Times Special, Milwaukee Sentinel Page 6, Part 1
             “Battling Bellis Hard to Ignore” Wednesday, July 20th Belli Marriage Goes Bellicose

           August 1 - ObituaryThomas Joseph Fabian Erickson

                      13 -  Montagu is working for Justin Case Cleaning Service on "a casual basis."
                      26 -  THE AGE, by Spy  -  Lord, Now it's a wedding
                           Story about Alex as he makes an announcement he is getting married and
                         not being paid to do so. Reports he offered to sell the title of Duchess of


                    11 - Australian Post Naughty Viscount by Murray Thompson
                    21 - SUN JOURNAL, (AP)  Diana's Cousin Selling Title
                          “Since arriving in this port city, a cousin of Britain's Princess Diana has 
                       been arrested, fallen for a former stripper who manages his $12 a night
                       hostel, and decided to sell his title.”(see article)

                  17 -  Wendy and Alex meet.
                   Alex moves into Wendy's apartment.  Wendy is pregnant.  
                   7 -Viscount Mandeville marries Wendy Buford, with whom he has been 
                   living for some time.  The couple are already engaged.  Wedding takes place at 211
                  W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, 92701 Orange County, California.  A business
                  associate  of   Alex’s, John McDonald, acted as witness.  Marriage Certificate
                15 -  Born:  Alexander Michael Charles David Drogo Montagu, Alexander Junior,
                    to the Viscount Mandeville and his wife, Lady Wendy Montagu.

           The first of the five jobs held by Montagu  was driving the shuttle Wyndham 
              Hotel in Costa Mesa, in late 1994. The couple lived within walking distance. Alex,
              Jr. was less than a year old and Wendy was working full time and taking care of 
              the household when she came home. This job lasted about a month, according to
              Wendy,  who remembers he was excited about the tips. She also noted losing the
              job was never his fault. He showed no sense of having failed. 

             The second Montagu job began, lasting two weeks and involved scraping
             barnacles off boats in Newport Harbor. Wendy had to drop him off and pick him up.

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
                       27 -Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, agrees to
                          cooperate in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has
                          been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.
                             Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and
                          remarry Wendy.
                              Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 
                        28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              Certified Divorce Decree

                 13  - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville,  and Wendy, Viscountess of Mandeville,
                    attend the memorial service for Diana Princess of Wales at  St. James Episcopal
                    Church in Los Angeles. There, they become acquainted with Michael  Jackson,
                    who returns with them to their hotel room to visit with the family, which then
                    includes their young son, Alex. Viscount Alex photographs Michael playing with
                    young Alex in their hotel room at the Hyatt Regency.

                    16 -Born:   Ashley Faith Maxine Nell Beatrice Montagu (Ashley), in Aliso
               Viejo, CA at the time of her birth. Daughter of Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville
               and his wife, Lady Wendy Montagu.

              The third job Montagu job.  Alex is driving a limo for a company whose name
              was something like “Five Star Limo.” This ended after less than a month when he
              ran over someone's foot, according to Wendy.

                     25 - Died:  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu, 12th Duke of Manchester, at age 63 
                       Alex succeeded to the titles of 16th Earl of Manchester, co. Lancaster, title of
                      16thViscount Mandeville, 13th Duke of Manchester, 16th Baron Kimbolton of 

               The fourth Montagu job began while the couple was living in Irvine in early
                 2002. Alex became a security guard for Nordic Security and drove a patrol car
                wearing a standard uniform. Excited by this, he became very wrapped up in the job.                         According to Wendy, Alex decided he was actually a police officer, buying extra
               uniforms in addition to a pair of handcuffs.

                       The handcuffs were used on Wendy, one evening as Alex dragged her down the

               hallway, bruising her badly during a disagreement. He lost the job because of an
               altercation while on patrol at a movie complex area in Lake Forest. 

                       Wendy understood the event which ended this employment was an altercation
               with a woman manager at the Movie theater and the manager's boyfriend. Alex did
               not confide in her further except to say he needed to break up a fight. He told 
               Wendy he was shoved and hurt on the job, evidently this resulted in a claim for 
               workman's compensation. Wendy believes the job lasted perhaps, a month.

2003 - 2004
                 Alex, now Duke, decides he needs to upgrade his bodily appearance. 
                 While telling Wendy he has medical needs requiring back surgery he schedules
                       a colon  reduction to help him reduce his growing weight. 
                 This surgery took place at Tri-City Regional Medical Center.  Alex had a
                 The source of the money was a claim against his previous employer. 

                     25 -  NBC News by Mike Taibbi  Jackson witness says he’s been threatened 
                         Montagu claims caller has told him to stay away from trial.  
                     20 - The Declaration made by Alexander, Duke of Manchester, on the abuse of
                         his son by Jackson was entered into the court record.
         The fifth job was his longest and lasted nearly two months. 
             Alex started training in November 2005 at Disneyland for the Indiana Jones Ride.

                  Initially, he loved the work and made friends, occasionally having drinks after
            work. But evidently this also meant he did not have the money to pay the mortgage 
            on the house they had finally managed to buy. After the family was evicted from the
            home Wendy had made for them the family moved to Laguna Niguel. This occurred 
            around Valentine's day, 2006 while Alex was still working at Disneyland. This was the
            last job except a possible short stint at MacDonalds on the fry machine. 
                According to Wendy she knew of no serious avocational pursuits which occupied
            Alexander's interest.
   December Early in the month - Legal Separation documents are served on Wendy.

                The couple are still living together as man and wife on Prescott Street, Aliso Viejo,                 CA.  Papers were issued 16th November 2006.

                   5 - Call to Wendy's workplace. Alex phoned her work and informed the other
                      receptionist that he had issued a restraining order against her. This was followed
                      up with a call from the sheriffs’ department that this action had been filed and 
                      she would be required to appear in court and answer to these charges. 

                          Alex’s claimed she had chased him around the house with a knife. 

                          Wendy was immediately evaluated by court appointed counselors to 
                       determine if she was a fit mother. It was determined that she could have 
                       unsupervised visitations with the children during the divorce proceedings. 

                          During the divorce all of the exchanges with the children were at the police 

         August - Judge hears all the reports from CPS, the 730 evaluator and the

                                 CPS indicated that they had observed one of the worst cases of Parental 
                        Alienation they had seen. 

                      23 - Alex lost physical custody of the children.

                      30 - Marriage between Wendy and Alex Montagu is dissolved, with some issues

                                 The children are sent them to Wendy with nothing but the pajama’s they 

                          were wearing. 
            September  The Duke of Hazard 
                         21 - Alex marries Laura Ann Smith, a spinster in her 40s whose father was
                             a farmer in Michigan, where she grew up.

                      15 - Judgement for Reserved Issues - Montagu v Montagu, Case No.
                          06D010327, Honorable Judge Mark S. Millard, Presiding.
                          Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling  -  Transcript documents physical 
                          custody residing with mother and the evasive actions taken by Montagu to
                          evade revealing his financial status during divorce. 
Second Marriage - When Alex Met Wendy – Or, the Psychopath Who Ate My Life
The story of the Second Marriage of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester
                      Wendy learned Alex had been married at the time at the time of their 
                        wedding but had signed off on his previous marriage in August 1996, 3 years
                        into they were married.  Alex never personally paid any court ordered child
                        or spousal support. All support paid came from directly from the Manchester 
                        Trusts.  The Trusts is forced to suspend their payments because of Alex's 
                        confession to them of his bigamy. 

              Soon afterward -  Laura calls Raye Allen, owner of Rumor Mills News, asking she
                take down an article an agent posted about Duke Alex's denial his children are                           legitimate. Laura lies to Raye, Raye, failing to check, takes down the article.

              January -Email from Montagu to Trustee Sent: 2011-01-19 6:14:57 P.M. Pacific
                              Daylight Time, regarding he and Laura having finished truck driving 
                              school.  Montagu reports they start work February 11th. 

                        23 - Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, Letter and signature block - 2011
                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of 
                           the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
                           Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.   
                          DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph
                        1 - Email from Ilene Proctor thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi
                        17 - Melinda Sends Ilene an article - Craig Loves Ayn, A Love Story Gone 
                        25  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to
                            Laura by Raye Smith. 
                       26 – Emailfrom Laura to Melinda regarding website.
                       27 -  Email from Alex to Trustees, firing them

                       9 - Financial information for the 9th Duke – Melinda compiling materials for
                         15 – Affidavit in Support of Separation – 1984 Marriage toMarion Stoner. -
                             Melinda receives from and files, more listed below received the same day.
                                  Application forRestraint – Stoner request for restraining order – 1984.
                                  Letter to Alex Montagu from Family Court of Australia Re: Hearing on
                            September  6th, 1984.
                                 Transcript of Proceedings – Re: Marriage of Montagu v. Montagu – 1984
                  26 – Rayewrites a letter to Laura Photos
                  30 – Alexresponds to Ilene's suggestion for a contract cutting out Melinda and

                  1 - Alexasks Melinda to rewrite a letter for him.
                  3Alexcans Ilene Proctor
                  5 - Notes for the Book – Melinda, working diligently
                           Exchangeof emails Melinda – Manchesters, regarding meetings.
                           Emailto Raye from Melinda – business
                  6 – Forwarded to Melinda from Alex,email written to Trustees.
                  8 – WorkingCorrespondence with Raye
                         Alexsends email Melinda edited to the Trustees                
                 12 – Melindasends 2nd DRAFT of MJ Offering to Raye before sending on to
                 14 – DNA test on Angus, the 12th Duke – For Melinda to put up on the site.
                             Alexdemands book back from Ilene, Melinda edited.
                            Alex sends Melinda stills from MJ videos. Melinda cannot tell what they are
                               his work is so bad.
                  16 –    Email from Laura to Melinda and Raye regarding the MJ video.
                             Exchange between Alex and Laura regarding their relationship.
                             Laurapleads with Alex
                   17 – Alex takes photos of the 'Ducal Apartment, sending these to Melinda.
                            Post written the next year using the photos 
                             Alexmakes out the paperwork for his divorce from Laura     
                   18 - Raye provides the money for Alex Montagu to divorce Laura Anne Smith, his
                       wife of four years, who, temporarily, absconded with  the Michael Jackson
                       Tapes. DIVORCE FILING
                   18 – Melinda receives photos of the'Ducal Apartment.'
                   20 - Alexreceives his processed divorce papers.
                   22 – Alexis hung over and off his meds.
                               A harassing phone call from Alex.
                   29 - Melinda again responds.
                    9 -  Alex and Laura find Craig, who puts them in  touch with Morgan 
                  19 -  MP-F Declaration for the FBI regarding Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

                     1 - Emails from Wendy Montagu to Raye Allan
                   13 - Yola takes down Melinda's sites due to false accusations by Laura, Alex, and
                       Craig Franklin.

                           8 -  Alex Posts on Huffington, blathering and accusing the Royal Family of various
                    16 - ARTICLE - MailOnLine by Richard Kay, titled, "Duke in sick attack on the
                            Royal Family."
an article  by Richard Kay, titled, Duke in sick attack on the Royal Family,  published on January 16th in the Mail Online.   - See more at: http://www.thedukeanddoxieofmanchester.info/#sthash.DvZLLHlP.dpuf
                     2 -  Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester – Making Sense of the Totally Bizarre
                   12 -  Alex Montagu is arrested for passing a bad check.  Arrest Record
                     (see Audio recordings of calls made to family members and former employees
                    during this period.)  
                   12 -  On the day before the arraignment of Alexander, Duke of Manchester for 
                      passing bad checks took place in Las Vegas he placed a call to Child Protective
                      Services in Orange County, California making a charge his daughter, Ashley,
                      had called, telling him her mother, Wendy, was constantly drunk.  He also called
                      the police and asked they do a welfare check.   Family Values, Manchester Style
                    13 - Tuesday, Alex Montagu appears in Court 8 in front of Judge  William D.
                      Jansen, Department 5.  Bound over for pretrial to take place July 18th.
                          Attorney appeared for Montagu.  Steve Goldstein,  Half Priced Lawyers Suite
                     #100, 330 E Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 
                     Tel: (702) 400-0000  (702) 400-0000
                    27 - Threatening message left on answering machine of Raye Smith by Alex
                        Montagu.  "I'm going to kill you and nasty language."
                        Link to Audio Alex leaves voice message threatening Raye

                          1 - Another Letter from Mary Montagu

                         12 - On the day before the arraignment of Alexander, Duke of Manchester for 
                             passing bad checks took place in Las Vegas he placed a call to Child 
                             Protective Services in Orange County, California making a charge his 
                             daughter, Ashley, had called, telling him her mother, Wendy, was 
                             constantly drunk.  He also called the police and asked they do a welfare 
                                   Wendy believes the report was made as a form of harassment.  The
                            following events are documented, providing the back story for this report.

                          13  - Alexander's arraignment took place in the Las Vegas, Court 8, in front of 
                              Judge  William D. Jansen, Department 5.  This resulted in his being bound 
                              over for pretrial to take place July 18th. 
                                    An attorney appeared for Montagu.  The court provided contact 
                              information for the attorney who is Steve Goldstein,  Half Priced Lawyers 
                              Suite #100, 330 E Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 Tel: (702) 
                             400-0000(702) 400-0000.

                      16 - Family Values Manchester Style

                      10 - Alex and Laura attend a paid event costing $70.00 each,  in honor of the
                             Queen's Diamond Jubilee put on in Westlake Village, just North of Los
                             Angeles by  The British American Business Council Los Angeles.  They  will
                             claim they were invited to, and attended the event in England. 
                                 Addendum:    Laura's Fantasy
                      30 - Court appearance appears online

                     18  - Pretrial, Court 8 in front of Judge  William D. Jansen, Department 5.
                        8:30am  Las Vegas. Case No. 11F21867X.
                        Montagu has no representation and asks for more time.  Preliminary reset for
                        October 25, 1012.  Montagu will have no money then, either.

                         3 - Alex points a gun at two small girls whose family lives close to him in the
                          same condo complex.  The crime will be reported to the police and Alex
                          charged with a felony on December 19.
                      23 - 23 August, 2012 Red Dwarf X, DaveBy 
                               Article about Manchester funding a movie.

                     22 - False allegation by Laura regarding Trustee payments and child support. 
                     30 - More Accusations from Laura, who put the children's birth certificates up
                         on line.  
                      1 -  Email from Alex to Melinda, Melinda Responds
                      16 - Call from Laura to Wendy's daughter, ugly language used by Laura
                      18 - The Lady - Is this the world's naughtiest aristocrat? by Marcus Scriven
                          "The 13th Duke of Manchester has a list of offences including bigamy, debt,
                          deception and deportation. On the eve of his next court appearance in Las
                          Vegas, Marcus Scriven records the trials of the disgraceful duke"  MORE
                      22-  Post by  Alex explaining  why he did not have to pay for the car he bought. 
                      25 - Court Date for Alex
                      26 - New Court Date, November 28th 
                      29 - Satire, Job Opportunities 
                      31-  Alex posting on dating site the previous May

                   2 -   Attempt by Alex to post comment on this site.
                   9 -   Email from Alex to Trustees, firing them
                   9 -   Alex and Laura find Craig, who puts them in  touch with Morgan 
                   12 - Post by Melinda - Sweet Delights
                   12 - Post by Melinda Contribute for the Ethically and Morally Disabled
                   13 - Audio Recordings of the Duke 
                   13 - Laura's Flickr Post on Elizabeth Taylor - Another lie
                   15 - Alex and Laura write to Charles - after cutting the Deal with Craig.
                   15 - New Court Date for Alex
                   16 - Laura's New Site, doxiemelindapillsburyfoster.blogspot.com,  receives a post
                   18 - Loans to Alexander, Duke of Manchester by Raye Smith
                   19 - Declaration to the FBI by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster  
                   19 - Laura should heed this advice, from Doxie Melinda site 
                   20 - A Moment of Good Cheer for Alex and Laura
                   21 - Happy Thanksgiving!
                   26 - CORRECTION OF ALEX - Swertlow article from 1988
                   27 - Response to Posting by Laura - And now, about Nora Ephron and her
                   30 - Alex, Laura, and possibly Mary again deny reality, reaction to republishing
                      of Stoner story.  
                    6 - How Are We Doing?
                     8 - The American Doll Story, What Kind of Father was Alex?
                     8 - PsychoBusting, the Work Continues 
                    10 - PsychoBusting, Part II
                    11 - Have a nice life, Alex!
                    13 - The Feckless FibBuster is Announced 
                    16 - Ayn Pillsbury Declaration, 1999
                    17 - Update on Post Ayn Pillsbury Declaration
                    18 - Response to Laura's latest Flick Posting regarding Marcus Scriven
                    19 - POLICE REPORT - Case No. 12F20159X, Las Vegas Justice Court.
                            MONTAGU, ALEXANDER, arrested, charged with Felony, Child
                            Abuse/Neglect, 2 counts [55228], Aiming a gun at a person, 2 counts
                            [51447]  JC Department 14, Bond:  Cash Bond $100000, "Or" Split Bond
                           Surety $100000.
                    20 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - CTRACK Case Modified - Jurisdiction/DA;
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Criminal Complaint
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Request For Arrest Warrant
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Filed Under Seal
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - Declaration of Warrant/Summons (Affidavit)
                    22 -The Highly Intelligent Psychopath - Achieving Deviant Goals
                    24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant Request (7:25 AM) (Judicial
                                                                       Officer: Bonaventure, Joseph M.)
                                                                       Events: 12/20/2012 Criminal Complaint
                     24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X -Arrest Warrant Ordered to be Issued (Judicial     
                                                                      Officer: Bonaventure, Joseph M.)
                                                                      Bail set: Counts J & 2 - $40,0001$40,000 per count.  
                                                                      Counts 3 & 4 - $10,0001$10,000 per count.
                     24 -CASE NO. 12F20159X -Minute Order - Department 09 (Judicial Officer: 
                                                                      Bonaventure, Joseph M.)
                    28 - ARTICLE - Synopsis, I, Psychopath
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Issued
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant Confidential
                    28 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Arrest Warrant - Fact Sheet


                     1 - Morgan Drools Again - Morgan is the estranged, and strange, daughter of my
                      first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux, a psychopath. The condition is inheritable.
                      More on her HERE.
                     1 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Administrative Reassignment to Department 14
                                                                      Case reassigned from Department 09 (Judge
                                                                      Joseph M. Bonaventure)
                     2 - Morgan, Craig and Alex, all psychopaths
                     2 - Huffington Anniversay Approaches - and the Pre-Trial is ON.
                     3 - The Conspiracy of the Disordered
                     4 - Alex communicates with his nearest and dearest
                    11- Many Generations of Manchester Stupidity
                    15 - Pre-Trial Day in Las Vegas for Alex!
                    15 - The Update, Please
                    17 - And the Daily Mail Chimes In - Update!
                    23 - The Evil Twins, at it Again.
                    23 - ARTICLE - In days of old when knights were bold
                    26 - ARTICLE - Dastardly duke strikes again
                    26 - And a Phone Call is Answered
                    28 - Mary and Alex learn about Car-ma
                    29 - ARTICLE - I’m no bigamist, says duke — but I am helping the FBI bring
                        down the Russian mob
                    30 - AFFIDAVIT - Wendy Posts an Affidavit

                      4 - Response to Affidavit from Laura
                       9 - Addition to the English Dictionary
                      12 - PsychoBusting for Freedom
                      14 - The GHC Surface
                      19 - The Evil Twins again commit violent crimes
                      20 - Morgan and Manchester Update, Manchesters pass the ball
                      20 - Laura the Loon, playing the same tune
                               A recap of the 2007 divorce of Wendy and Alex Montagu.
                      20 - Laura's Fantasy Day at the Diamond Jubilee
                      20 - Addendum - Laura's Fantasy
                      22 - The Manchester Divorce Reality
                      24 - April Correspondence from Last Year
                      27 - PsychoBusters, The Movie - Opening Scene

                       5 -Who is an Old Lady Contest
                       5 - PsychoBusters, The Movie, Scene Two
                     18 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion
                                                                        Party: Attorney Bush, Susan K.
                                                                        to recall the arrest warrant
                     20 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                        Events: 03/18/2013 Motion
                                                                        No bail posted
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Motion to Quash Bench Warrant (Judicial Officer: 
                                                                       Hafen, Conrad )
                                                                       Party: Attorney Bush, Susan K.
                                                                       continued by court
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Continued For Presence (Judicial Officer: Hafen, 
                                                                        Defendant's - Court wants to address the 
                                                                        defendant's medical issues
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Stands (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad )
                                                                        At this time
                             CASE NO. 12F20159X - Minute Order. Department 14 (Judicial Officer: 
                                                                        Hafen, Conrad)                   
                     22 - UPDATE ON THE DUCAL HEARING
                     25 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - BOOKED BY   Clark County Detention Center-  
                                                                         MONTAGU MANCHESTER, ALEXANDER
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X -Status Check (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: Hafen,
                                                                         Events: 03/20/2013 Motion to Quash Bench
                                                                         03/20/2013 Continued For Presence
                                                                         no bail posted
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                                                                         BOOK ON A/W RELEASE O/r
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Cleared
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Walk· Through Granted (Judicial
                                                                         Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                         Defendant to be booked on Arrest Warrant and 
                                                                         released on House Arrest
                                                                         Charges: 001, 002, 003, 004
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Comment (Judicial Officer: Hafen, Conrad)                                                   Defendant admonished to stay away from the victim and the
                                    victims family. If defendant tests positive for alcohol or drugs, to be
                                    remanded into custody at CCDC
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Minute Order· Department 14 (Judicial Officer:
                                                                          Hafen, Conrad)
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Temporary Custody Record
                              CASE NO. 12F20159X - Release Agreement
                     26 - CASE NO. 12F20159X - Warrant Service Slip
                      4 - ARTICLEBritain isn’t classless but it’s time we all stopped worrying. 
                       4 - Speedy Car Loan is still waiting for their money - Hearing set for April 16th
                     14 - The Day of Judgment Cometh Tuesday, April 16, 2013
                     16 - Is Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester tap dancing
                     17 - And we're sending this, and documentation, to the court
                     22- CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Preliminary Hearing (9:00 AM) (Judicial
                                                                         Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                         no bail posted
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Judicial Summary
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  No Contact with Victim (Judicial Officer: Hafen,
                                                                        Conrad) and family:
                                                                        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No contact
                                                                        through Third Party.
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Defendant Released from House Arrest (Judicial
                                                                        Officer: Hafen, Conrad)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Minute Order- Department 14 (Judicial Officer:
                                                                        Hafen, Conrad)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X -  Custody Status Slip (No Custody Change)
                            CASE NO. 12F20159X - COURT APPEARANCE - MONTAGU,
                                                                       ALEXANDER.  (Judicial Officer, Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                       Attorney, Susan K. Bush.  
                                                                       PLEA Nolo Contendre.  Disorderly Conduct, [56761]
                                                                       INTERIM SENTENCE - Final Disposition Pending
                           CONDITION - Adult:
                           1. Suspended Jail Sentence, 5 months 04/22/2013, Active 04/22/2013
                           2. Stay out of trouble, 6 months, 04/22/2013, Active 04/22/2013
                           3. No contact with victim or family (names withheld)
                           4. If so, to be dismissed.  Can Alex behave himself until October 22?

                           7 - ARREST RECORD - Well, Surprise, Surprise

                          20 - 8:00am - Another status hearing for Alex in front of Judge Cynthia 

                         5 -9 Alex's Creative Writing Exercise at RipOff Report
                         11 - Hearing for eviction from Sky Las Vegas for the Duke and Duchess.

                         18 - Eviction carried out from Sky Las Vegas for the Duke and Duchess.  

                        29 - CASE NO. 12F20159X  - Status Check (7:30 AM) (Judicial Officer:
                                                                            Hafen, Conrad)
                                                                            No Bail Posted

                        25- CASE NO. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Status check:  Has Alex managed to pay off the fine of $3,500 in the last
                                 three years?

                        3 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Motion to Quash Bench Warrant issued for non-appearance on February
                               Arraignment set on original charge.  May 28, 2014

                       29 - Lady Emma Montagu dies.

                        28 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Arraignment on original charge, passing a bad check.  
                               Bench warrant issues for non-appearance by defendant.  Defendant failed
                               to make the second payment of $600.

                               ARTICLE - Mail Online - Duke faces court over a dud cheque


                        1 - Having flown the coop and not shown up for his hearing in the courtroom of
                              Judge Zimmerman on May 28th Alex and Laura surface in Laguna Beach,
                              Ca.  Stating they are staying with Laura's relatives it is equally likely they
                             can be found at the home of Craig Franklin in Laguna Nigel.

                        8 -  ARTICLE - Sydney Morning Herald,  by Tim  Barlass, "Bigamist Duke
                               Alex Montagu in trouble again for no-show in Las Vegas court." 

                               ARTICLE - Bisbane Times, by Tim  Barlass, "Bigamist Duke Alex 
                               Montagu in trouble again for no-show in Las Vegas court." 

                       14 - Case No. 11F21867X - 8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV - See more at: http://www.thedukeanddoxieofmanchester.info/p/time-line.html#sthash.R8iOt7Fk.dpuf
                               Hearing called by Public Defender for Montagu. 
July 14th in Department Eight D at the request of the Public Defender who is handling Alex's case, since he can no longer afford to pay an attorney.  

The hearing is scheduled for 8:00am, but if there is, actually, a cashier's check and not monopoly money, Alex would not have to appear.  
- See more at: http://www.thedukeanddoxieofmanchester.info/#sthash.KkQs1Aav.dpuf

                               Judge Zimmerman's assistant informed us that a cashier's check had been
                               received for Montagu.  If this is true the question of where the funds
                               originated continues and Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester is, having
                               plead guilty, a convicted felon.