Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And on the issue of court ordered child support:

Alex and Laura are outraged that Wendy received $1,000 a month in child support because Alex, before fleeing California to evade paying any support at all, went into count and managed to get the original order for support lowered to $472 a month. 

Therefore, Alex reasoned, the Manchester Trust should pay less to Wendy for their daughter and send the money to him instead.  The Trustees clearly did not agree evidently believing Alex, an adult male, should get an honest job and support himself.   

The Manchester Trusts stepped up to the plate and ensured the Manchester children would not be left without support, sending support to Wendy, as the custodial parent since she received sole physical custody at the divorce hearing in 2007.

The Trusts, informed of Alex's bigamy in 2009, by Alex, who with his mother Lady Mary, were the only two people aware of this fact, was forced to stop these payments until the matter was litigated. This took place on July 19, 2011, at which time the Trusts again made monthly payments for the support of the two children until Alex, Jr. aged out of his minority, leaving his sister, Ashley, receiving support only from the Trusts, and her mother, naturally, though it was Alex who had been ordered to pay.

It had been a tough two years for Wendy and the kids. Wendy's job at an Orange County law firm has provided constant employment but is not lavishly compensated. It was through Wendy Alex received his medical insurance and other benefits, fraudulently as it turns out since he had committed bigamy.

Wendy hopes Alex filed a law suit so she can find him to hit him with a response which includes his bigamy.

Today, both Alex and Laura insist the actual meaning of child support is, “money to be put into a trust account for the child's future use.”

No place on the web will you find any agreement for this interpretation, all rational people realizing children must be raised and money must be spent for food, clothing, and their other many needs.

This example provides insight into the bizarre unreality in which the Duke and Duchess reside. In Las Vegas, latest address:

What is

child sup·port
noun: child support; plural noun: child supports
  1. 1.
    court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support one's minor child or children.


In family law and public policy, child support (or child maintenance) is an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other relationship. Child maintenance is paid directly or indirectly by an obligor to an obligee for the care and support of children of a relationship that has been terminated, or in some cases never existed. Often the obligor is a non-custodial parent. The obligee is typically a custodial parent, a caregiver, a guardian, or the state.
Depending on the jurisdiction, a custodial parent may pay child support to a non-custodial parent. Typically one has the same duty to pay child support irrespective of sex, so a mother is required to pay support to a father just as a father must pay a mother. Where there is joint custody, the child is considered to have two custodial parents and no non-custodial parents, and a custodial parent with a higher income (obligor) may be required to pay the other custodial parent (obligee).
In family law, child support is often arranged as part of a divorce, marital separation, dissolution of marriage, annulment, determination of parentage or dissolution of a civil union and may supplement alimony (spousal support) arrangements.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
The right to child support and the responsibilities of parents to provide such support have been internationally recognized. The 1992 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a binding convention signed by every member nation of the United Nations and formally ratified by all but Somalia and the United States,[8] declares that the upbringing and development of children and a standard of living adequate for the children's development is a common responsibility of both parents and a fundamental human right for children, and asserts that the primary responsibility to provide such for the children rests with their parents.[9] Other United Nations documents and decisions related to child support enforcement include the 1956 New York Convention on the Recovery Abroad of Maintenance created under the auspices of the United Nations, which was ratified by the vast majority of UN member nations.[10]
In addition, the right to child support, as well as specific implementation and enforcement measures, has been recognized by various other international entities, including the Council of Europe,[11] the European Union[12] and the Hague Conference.[13]
Within individual countries, examples of legislation pertaining to, and establishing guidelines for, the implementation and collection of child maintenance include the 1975 Family Law Act (Australia), the Child Support Act (United Kingdom)[14] and the Maintenance and Affiliation Act (Fiji)[15] Child support in the United States, 45 C.F.R. 302.56 requires each state to establish and publish a Guideline that is presumptively (but rebuttably) correct, and Review the Guideline, at a minimum, every four (4) years.[16] Child support laws and obligations are known to be recognized in a vast majority of world nations, including the majority of countries in Europe, North America and Australasia, as well as many in Africa, Asia and South America.[17][18][19]

Monday, August 26, 2013

MORE - All About the Money, Money, Money....

So much about the money Laura is even attempting to correctly spell words.  Amazing.  It seems that despite dodging the bullet, so to speak, court, Alex and Laura realize the continued tap-dancing is likely to end up with Alex in jail when the incredible patience shown by Judge Cynthia Dustin-Cruz finally gives out.

Below is a series of text messages taking place yesterday morning after blocked calls began coming in to both Wendy and Ashley.  Text messages started around 6:30pm and went on until around 7pm.  

A phone call, with Ashley, did take place but resulted only in a renewed determination on her part not to have contact with her biological father and his duchess, Laura.  

You would think they would quit calling and texting but, after all, what else do they have?  Laura again floated the fantasy they are renewing their marriage vows in a new ceremony so 'the kids' (both of whom refuse to see them) and their 'families, (who also refuse to see them) can be present.  How many ways can you spell pathetic? 

It is all about the money and that when generations ago.

August 25, 2013
Wendy - Don't call me
Manchester - "Your the leach using the name all over the world your a joke to the 
press. You use the money for yourself stashing it for your self. You use the Montagu 
name everyone is embarrassed your going to the stupid press shows how stupid you are.
You wanted your name in lights but it never will be your not a duchess and never were. 
That's why my mother and others wanted you out of the family any way they could. Your 
a Buford that's the name you need to use in court I'm going to make sure you go back 
to your madien name your not a Montagu your a disgrace to society. Your a first class 
leach you stole your children's money we wanted in a trust so you couldn't steal from 
your poor kids well you'll soon see your money's been found. Good luck."
 Wendy - Bring it on loser
Manchester - "It's coming get your accounting Buford. Your going back to your madien name ASAP" 

Wendy - "Let's go"

Manchester - "My mother was right your white trash Buford she never wanted you to be in the family. Strange how you got yourself illegitimate" 

 Wendy - "I have emails from Mary... Current ones"

Manchester - "Good so do we  The old emails are great"
Manchester - Good so do we  the old emails are great
Manchester - "All your emails about the press it's coming have you seem Mary's articles there 
are thousands" 
Wendy - "Don't care." 

Laura - "been to your pool lately?"

Wendy - "Last Sunday" 

Laura - You weren't kicked out? 

Wendy - "Never. "

Laura - "Youve been kicked out several times" 

Wendy - "You guys are mentally ill. "

Laura - "Mary didn't tell you the new info about her?  Ya she's a trustee lol. Mary is a 
secret shopper with a bad record"
Ashley  -  Can you shut up.  I hate you.  I hope you burn in hell - Ashley 
Laura - "We you in between the call today with Ashley  again Buford.  Do you still talk 
about your x husband all the time your sooo crazy!   Buford "
Wendy - "oh Laura......."
Laura  - "go find a husband everyone is so over your mental illness  you've shown the world."  

Laura - "Were in love were having another wedding so the kids can be there and our family." 
Wendy - "Could care less."  

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Tap-Dancing Duke Dodges Again

The Status Hearing for the badly exposed Duke of Manchester went as well as he and Duchess Laura could have hoped, gaining them another few months to find the money to pay the long awaiting Speedy Car Loans their money.  Note that Speedy does not sell the car, they only make the loan.  Any complaints on the quality of the clunker would be addressed to the lot from which the car was purchased.  

The new Date of Destiny is  February 25th, 8:00am for the next Status Check.  But we already know, given Alex's exclusion from the Roll of the Peerage, April 2013, his goose is cooked even as he keeps dancing. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Laura Meltdown and more whining.

Laura, Duchess of Manchester, is clearly melting down, easily discernable as you read this text sent to Wendy Buford Montagu.  

LAURA - "Your going to jail your nothing Your going to jail your nothing but a stalker. Melinda is wanted by many people. Many warrants.  You spent the kids money we have the info accounting. STOP CONTACTING ME WE HAVE NO BUSINESS. EXCEPT THE CHILDREN STOP POSTING YOUR SLANDER ON THE INTERNET ABOUT MY FAMILY OR MY CHILDREN. LAURA but a stalker. Melinda is wanted by many people. Many warrants.  You spent the kids money we have the info accounting. STOP CONTACTING ME WE HAVE NO BUSINESS. EXCEPT THE CHILDREN STOP POSTING YOUR SLANDER ON THE INTERNET ABOUT MY FAMILY OR MY CHILDREN. LAURA "

ITEM:  Laura has no children and the children of Wendy's marriage to Manchester refuse to talk to her absolutely and have done so since she decided to return to him in 2008 after living with them for several months as Wendy supported her.  

The only contact between Wendy and Alex of late was Wendy's query on his his Status Hearing had gone.  One sentence which resulted in vitriol, also reported here.   

Publishing the truth is not stalking.  Neither Wendy or I seek any contact with Laura and Wendy's contacts with Alex are extremely limited.  This site has worked to warn the public about an immediate danger to their well being, financial, emotional, and physical.  We began this form of publishing due to the lack of any traditional means for coping with the slanders and libels conveyed by the Manchesters, publishing

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

And a note appearing on the Wiki


Evidently Alex got the Royal Heave Ho in April of 2013.  Well deserved and long in coming.  Thanks, Your Majesty!

  1. ^ Brooke, Christopher (1985). A History of Gonville and Caius College. Boydell & Brewer Ltd. p. 127. ISBN 9780851154237.
  2. ^ Debrett's Peerage, 1968, Montagu of Beaulieu (original form of), p.788
  1. ^ Alexander Montagu does not appear on the Roll of the Peerage, April 2013. A Royal Warrant issued in 2004 states that any person not entered on the Roll shall not be entitled to the precedence of a peer or addressed or referred to as a peer in any official document.

Manchester and Morgan, whine some more.

 And yet again we are amazed at the rampant stupidity, not to forget the cupidity, of the cabal which has gathered around the Duke of Manchester and his Doxie, Laura. 

Wendy was curious about how Alex's court date had gone.  Alex was in court on the 20th for a Status Hearing to ascertain if he was adhering to the  very lenient conditions under which he was found guilty of passing a bad check for purchase of an automobile in October, 2011. 

The fact Alex is not in jail is likely related to his continuous whining about his health, which is fine as long as he does not have to go to court.  But this sort of pretense, with whining is typical for someone with his highly psychopathic nature.

To her casual query, "How did it go in court?" Alex responded below

ALEX, 13TH DUKE OF MANCHESTER - "You will find out soon the judge has a big surprise for you and your dyke lover by the way Ash is only supposed to get 400 a month I am coming after you for every penny you have received over this but look for the documents that will be cerved on you at work and your dyke girl friend in  Ohio."

In case you have missed previous rants by Alex please note Wendy and I have never actually met, neither of us is gay, both being boringly heterosexual in orientation. Facts are irrelevant to the highly disordered.  

And we now move on to our next discovered communique from the Cabal of Cloddish which has assembled around Green Hills Software's former senior vice-president, Craig Franklin (AKA Allan Franklin and A. Craig Franklin, and Allan C. Franklin)   Check out Craig's website HERE.

This barely 5th grade effort in crafting the English language, posted by Morgan Barteaux Gell, (AKA Morgan Pillsbury Gell) natters on as a continuing whine and lie, which is her normal and usual behavior.  

Morgan's Comments about myself

The fact is I am the full time caretaker for my son, Arthur, which Morgan is unable to spell correctly.  I have cared for my son, alone and without assistance from anyone in the family for 16 years.  Since no normal person would view the pittance allowed to Arthur as any amount worth comment, we will pass on to other matters. 

Arthur suffered two major brain injuries, nearly dying on each occasion.  I not only did not purchase a motorcycle for him I vigorously opposed him having a motorcycle.  The individual most responsible for this was Ron Foster (AKA Ronald Edward Kellett), Arthur's former father, who allowed him to be adopted by Craig Franklin, along with the other children, in 1989.   

These events are  contemporaneously documented.  Note Morgan, like Alex, believes their unsupported word refutes all proof.  This is typical of the highly disordered.  

Divorce from Ronald E. Foster

Marriage(s) to A. Craig Franklin

Relinquishment of Parental Rights, Ron Foster

Adoption of Children of Pillsbury-Foster


June - Declaration by Ayn Pillsbury

November 28 - Arthur Foster, Permanent Disability Letter


May 8th - Arthur Foster - Continued disability Letter

No one in the family talks to Morgan for reasons stretching back to her clearly disordered childhood. 

Support for the minor children of the Manchester Marriage

 Manchester was ordered by the Court to pay to ensure his daughter did not end up on food stamps or homeless.  Instead, he fled the state after going into court and managing to have support lowered.  He still paid nothing.  

Wendy filed in hopes it would be possible to collect.  The Manchester Trust stepped up and began paying support for the children.  Alex stopped these payments by informing the court he had married Wendy bigamously and the marriage, making his children illegitimate.  

The Trust had the matter litigated and the court determined in July, 2011 the children were entitled to receive support from the Trust.  Payments were restarted.  

The Trust can pay what it deems to be appropriate and has no relationship with the court or the agencies of the State of California.  Therefore, they make payments of $1,000 a month allowing Ashley a more normal childhood.  

Realizing the court was incapable of getting Manchester to pay the tens of thousands he owes today, Wendy dispensed with the 'support' of court mandated collections.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Hearing for Alex! Speedy Car Loan still wants their Money

Update: On August 20, 2013, at 8:00am in Courtroom 8A, Alex will  appear in court to share with Judge Cynthia Dustin-Cruz about his efforts to repay the money owed to Speedy Car Loans and Robert to avoid Repercussions, which may include going to jail, or trying to pass the buck so he gets more time to think of something else.

The judge's assistant was, as always, very helpful.  Look for an update on the 21st.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Duke of Manchester Requests a Presidential Pardon

Laura, Duchess of Manchester, knows perfectly well she is lying when she says Alexander Montagu, the son of Wendy Buford Montagu and her former husband, Alexander, Duke of Manchester, took the boy with him when he went to England in 2006.  

Alex would never have bothered himself with his son when he was playing duke.  While entirely untrue, this is yet another example of a pattern of behavior which the ducal duo have evidently decided works for them in some way not apparent to those of us more firmly anchored in reality.  

Laura's motive for lying is to maintain her position as Duchess of Manchester.  To do so and avoid constant diatribes and nagging from Alex, she needs to say something and quotes him with no thought to the truth of her statements.  

Alex - “I am actually the Arch Duke of Austria and my original home was the star, Sirius and my first wife, Marion was actually third in power in the CIA when she was not seducing drug lords in Mexico.”  
Laura - “Alright, I'll get it right up for you.  Are you sure it was Marion and not you who were third in line at the CIA?” 
Alex – Oh.  Right.  Change that.  

Alex is disordered.  Reality is not real for him, or at least based on fact.  Today, he is busy creating a semblance of reality which makes it possible for him to get close to possible marks.  

Being exposed as a bigamist, among other harsh realities, has moved Alex to attempt to clean up his image by building onto a structure made up of lies.  To his annoyance, he constantly discovers the foundations do not hold.  

In this case, it appears Alex, 13th Duke, wants to appear as a more emotionally normal parent.  

In fact, young Alex was in school while his father sojourned in the UK and would attest to this as fact in a court of law, if called to do so.  So, no bonding at Kimbolton Castle took place.  No proof of these assertions by Laura and Alex were offered.  

Nothing has changed, and Alex, 13th Duke, is still facing jail time if he cannot raise the money to make court ordered payments in the next three months.  

We remind the reader of this past lie, told by Alex, 13th Duke regarding his son.  

13th claimed his son had been sexually abused by Michael Jackson, making a declaration to this effect under penalty of perjury.  The Declaration was entered into the court record on April 20th, 2005. 

In an article from the Orange County Register, published November 11, 2011, columnist  DAVID WHITING  titled, “Court rules O.C. family is blood nobility,” for which Whiting interviewed Wendy and her two children the quote below appears.   

“I turn to the young man, now 18. Busy with a part-time job at a fast-food joint and enrolling at Saddleback College, the viscount wears a T-shirt and jeans and appears quiet and grounded despite his tumultuous upbringing and ties to nobility.

Over the years, he explains, Dad said a lot of things.

Of the trip to Neverland, Alex says he played hide-and-seek with Jackson and other kids, rode the Ferris wheel and was only alone once, briefly, with Jackson in an attic toy room.

Alex maintains it was wholesome fun.

During the trial, Montagu waded into a sea of media, saying that he was terrified about testifying and that his life was being threatened. He told NBC News his son "was sworn to secrecy to Michael."
"I don't really to any total degree know what happened," Montagu told NBC. "I asked my son; he didn't tell me. And my son's very fond of Michael, but he's got his secrets."

Alex shrugs again. "Nothing happened."”

Now, the absence of photos is not proof of anything any more than photos would be proof young Alex was in the UK. Photo shopping is now so common as to demand further evidence and on this site, as a humorous side note to the sometimes ghastly stupidities we must counter, we have provided light-hearted photo shopping ourselves.

The following graphic was created. Alex, 13th Duke has never met with Obama in the Oval Office in any kind of attire but will not be surprised to see it worked into the story line.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Rationality is the tool of the emotionally normal, who experience a learning curve with their life's experiences. 

There comes a time when we must stop hoping the disordered can be made to understand just how irrational they are being.  

Clearly, Alex and Laura are incapable of changing.  They can't even remember their lies, much less make them believable.   

After this latest round of insane assertions by Alex and Laura , AKA the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, and Ashley's realizing she will never have a real, emotionally normal father, Wendy and Ashley have decided to block transmission of text messages and phone.  If, as had been the case uncounted times, the duo change their number and attempt to call again, the new number will be blocked and a police report filed, copy to CPS.  

Wendy suggests the ducal couple learn to live on their present income, which is far larger than is available to her, even with her income from a full-time job. 

She suggests they get jobs.  (That dreaded word.)

She suggests they stop engaging in behavior which results in the need to hire attorneys.  

She suggests they cease embarrassing themselves by writing paragraphs and sentences which manage to so badly contradict their previous lie.  

This does not mean the Manchester Transparency Project is over.  But it does mean we are moving on to a new phase which will be far more focused and pointed.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Thumb-Fingered Duo Text Again

The Short Story - It's All About The Money 

Yet another bizarre, hysterical, and extended, texting exchange took place between Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester and his wife, Laura, Duchess of Manchester, and Lady Ashley, only daughter of Wendy Buford Montagu, former Duchess of Manchester.

However, they did not know they were only talking to Ashley. Children mature considerably in five years and Alex and Laura have not seen Ashley since she was eight. She is now 14.

I called Wendy last Wednesday and discovered the firm and mature voice on the other end of the phone was actually Ashley, who was using her mother's phone to text her father, she said.

Ashley and I chatted very briefly and Ashley promised to later see I was apprised of then ensuing events. She delegated this task to her mother.

The Texting Conversation with Alex and Laura

It seems Ashley wanted to know if it was possible for her father to talk to her about her interests and life. For these purposes she texted her Dad and told him she was beginning to use make-up and wanted to visit New York and about her other new interests.

She invited him, pretending to be Wendy, to call her on her Mom's phone if he could restrain himself and talk to her like a father.

Except for loaning her phone Wendy had no part of this exchange.

The resulting communications included a barrage of insults because neither Alex or Laura could accept that Ashley is very much her own person and was the only person with whom they were communicating.

The comments made were clearly intended to persuade Ashley to see them. Derogatory comments about Wendy were thick upon the ground, many of these clearly intended to alienate Ashley from her mother.


Wendy has a close relationship with both her parents. Although both have been divorced from each other and remarried years ago, these relationships are stable and both couples strongly support Wendy and the children, both emotionally and financially.

The extended family celebrate holidays together with amicable pleasure and no controversies.

Wendy has never provided financial support to either of her parents or their new spouses and owes them money for their continuing generosity, as she worked and raised both children alone. Someday Wendy hopes to repay them.

Both children were always aware of the state of Wendy's finances. Wendy has encouraged them to directly communicate with the Manchester Trust if they have any doubts.

Regarding the Manchester Trust.

These funds were set up for the Manchester family and stipends are sent to several members of the family besides Alex and the children. In no wise is the Trust Alexander's property and was set up as it is because of the proven inability of previous generations to handle money responsibly.

We are having the text messages converted so they can be posted.

Here is an email from Laura and or Alex of recent date. There was no punctuation. All misspellings are the work of Alex and Laura.

Has stoner called you yet”

No, the journalist who conveyed the invitation to communicate to Marion Stoner Montagu told Wendy it did not appear she was interested in talking.

because Mary said she is going to have her arrested for fraud black mail and extortion”

Mary told Alex’s lawyer that stoner does not even exist she did a sworn deposition state ing that Alex never married her and it was all a prank that because of you got out of control because of your lies you sold Alex’s children out but he is going to fight for them To be reinstated and file to have all of the past rulings over turned being because of you being a pathological liers if I was you I would be Cautious of Alex you through him away and I scored big time in meeting him he is the softest sweetest man I have ever met we are so happy together he is a knight in shining armor all my family and friends thing the world of Alex”

At last report Lady Mary Montagu was not speaking to Alex, but this is a claim Alex and Laura often make. See FibBusting

Knight in Shining Armour?  Last we heard her own mother wouldn't talk to her as long as Alex was in her life and her friends were long gone because of him.  However, there is no accounting for matters of the heart.  

We are so glad the two of you have found perfect love and contentment. Now go away, tripping lightly into the sunset together and make everyone else happy, too.

See some of the texts below (There is a limit to the time we will spend on this):