Monday, August 26, 2013

MORE - All About the Money, Money, Money....

So much about the money Laura is even attempting to correctly spell words.  Amazing.  It seems that despite dodging the bullet, so to speak, court, Alex and Laura realize the continued tap-dancing is likely to end up with Alex in jail when the incredible patience shown by Judge Cynthia Dustin-Cruz finally gives out.

Below is a series of text messages taking place yesterday morning after blocked calls began coming in to both Wendy and Ashley.  Text messages started around 6:30pm and went on until around 7pm.  

A phone call, with Ashley, did take place but resulted only in a renewed determination on her part not to have contact with her biological father and his duchess, Laura.  

You would think they would quit calling and texting but, after all, what else do they have?  Laura again floated the fantasy they are renewing their marriage vows in a new ceremony so 'the kids' (both of whom refuse to see them) and their 'families, (who also refuse to see them) can be present.  How many ways can you spell pathetic? 

It is all about the money and that when generations ago.

August 25, 2013
Wendy - Don't call me
Manchester - "Your the leach using the name all over the world your a joke to the 
press. You use the money for yourself stashing it for your self. You use the Montagu 
name everyone is embarrassed your going to the stupid press shows how stupid you are.
You wanted your name in lights but it never will be your not a duchess and never were. 
That's why my mother and others wanted you out of the family any way they could. Your 
a Buford that's the name you need to use in court I'm going to make sure you go back 
to your madien name your not a Montagu your a disgrace to society. Your a first class 
leach you stole your children's money we wanted in a trust so you couldn't steal from 
your poor kids well you'll soon see your money's been found. Good luck."
 Wendy - Bring it on loser
Manchester - "It's coming get your accounting Buford. Your going back to your madien name ASAP" 

Wendy - "Let's go"

Manchester - "My mother was right your white trash Buford she never wanted you to be in the family. Strange how you got yourself illegitimate" 

 Wendy - "I have emails from Mary... Current ones"

Manchester - "Good so do we  The old emails are great"
Manchester - Good so do we  the old emails are great
Manchester - "All your emails about the press it's coming have you seem Mary's articles there 
are thousands" 
Wendy - "Don't care." 

Laura - "been to your pool lately?"

Wendy - "Last Sunday" 

Laura - You weren't kicked out? 

Wendy - "Never. "

Laura - "Youve been kicked out several times" 

Wendy - "You guys are mentally ill. "

Laura - "Mary didn't tell you the new info about her?  Ya she's a trustee lol. Mary is a 
secret shopper with a bad record"
Ashley  -  Can you shut up.  I hate you.  I hope you burn in hell - Ashley 
Laura - "We you in between the call today with Ashley  again Buford.  Do you still talk 
about your x husband all the time your sooo crazy!   Buford "
Wendy - "oh Laura......."
Laura  - "go find a husband everyone is so over your mental illness  you've shown the world."  

Laura - "Were in love were having another wedding so the kids can be there and our family." 
Wendy - "Could care less."  

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