Friday, August 2, 2013

The Thumb-Fingered Duo Text Again

The Short Story - It's All About The Money 

Yet another bizarre, hysterical, and extended, texting exchange took place between Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester and his wife, Laura, Duchess of Manchester, and Lady Ashley, only daughter of Wendy Buford Montagu, former Duchess of Manchester.

However, they did not know they were only talking to Ashley. Children mature considerably in five years and Alex and Laura have not seen Ashley since she was eight. She is now 14.

I called Wendy last Wednesday and discovered the firm and mature voice on the other end of the phone was actually Ashley, who was using her mother's phone to text her father, she said.

Ashley and I chatted very briefly and Ashley promised to later see I was apprised of then ensuing events. She delegated this task to her mother.

The Texting Conversation with Alex and Laura

It seems Ashley wanted to know if it was possible for her father to talk to her about her interests and life. For these purposes she texted her Dad and told him she was beginning to use make-up and wanted to visit New York and about her other new interests.

She invited him, pretending to be Wendy, to call her on her Mom's phone if he could restrain himself and talk to her like a father.

Except for loaning her phone Wendy had no part of this exchange.

The resulting communications included a barrage of insults because neither Alex or Laura could accept that Ashley is very much her own person and was the only person with whom they were communicating.

The comments made were clearly intended to persuade Ashley to see them. Derogatory comments about Wendy were thick upon the ground, many of these clearly intended to alienate Ashley from her mother.


Wendy has a close relationship with both her parents. Although both have been divorced from each other and remarried years ago, these relationships are stable and both couples strongly support Wendy and the children, both emotionally and financially.

The extended family celebrate holidays together with amicable pleasure and no controversies.

Wendy has never provided financial support to either of her parents or their new spouses and owes them money for their continuing generosity, as she worked and raised both children alone. Someday Wendy hopes to repay them.

Both children were always aware of the state of Wendy's finances. Wendy has encouraged them to directly communicate with the Manchester Trust if they have any doubts.

Regarding the Manchester Trust.

These funds were set up for the Manchester family and stipends are sent to several members of the family besides Alex and the children. In no wise is the Trust Alexander's property and was set up as it is because of the proven inability of previous generations to handle money responsibly.

We are having the text messages converted so they can be posted.

Here is an email from Laura and or Alex of recent date. There was no punctuation. All misspellings are the work of Alex and Laura.

Has stoner called you yet”

No, the journalist who conveyed the invitation to communicate to Marion Stoner Montagu told Wendy it did not appear she was interested in talking.

because Mary said she is going to have her arrested for fraud black mail and extortion”

Mary told Alex’s lawyer that stoner does not even exist she did a sworn deposition state ing that Alex never married her and it was all a prank that because of you got out of control because of your lies you sold Alex’s children out but he is going to fight for them To be reinstated and file to have all of the past rulings over turned being because of you being a pathological liers if I was you I would be Cautious of Alex you through him away and I scored big time in meeting him he is the softest sweetest man I have ever met we are so happy together he is a knight in shining armor all my family and friends thing the world of Alex”

At last report Lady Mary Montagu was not speaking to Alex, but this is a claim Alex and Laura often make. See FibBusting

Knight in Shining Armour?  Last we heard her own mother wouldn't talk to her as long as Alex was in her life and her friends were long gone because of him.  However, there is no accounting for matters of the heart.  

We are so glad the two of you have found perfect love and contentment. Now go away, tripping lightly into the sunset together and make everyone else happy, too.

See some of the texts below (There is a limit to the time we will spend on this): 

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