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Calloused Unconcern for others – A lesson in the strategies of the highly disordered

Calloused Unconcern for others – A lesson in the strategies of the highly disordered 

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, is the father of two children, ages 19 and 14.  He fled the state so he could not be compelled to provide the support ordered by the court for them.  He has not seen them in five years and in 2009 he took action to ensure the support they were receiving from the Manchester Trust ended.  

Manchester's motive was the false belief he could have the money directed to himself if the Trust learned the children were illegitimate.  

Until June of 2009 only Manchester, and his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, knew he had committed fraud when he married his children's mother, Wendy Buford.  Manchester had never ended his marriage to his previous wife, Marion Stoner.  With full knowledge of this fact, Alexander committed bigamy.

Due to the decency of the Trustees, a law suit was filed which was heard in the Queen's Court on July 19, 2011 and the Trust was allowed to restart support to the children. Although the older Manchester child no longer receives support, the  younger child, a daughter does.  Wendy is able to pay for some of her daughter's expenses with the stipend received each month.  

Money was the motive  behind the threat made in the email below.  If the girl lived with him, he would receive the stipend. 

In an attempt to get his way, Alexander, yet again, threatens Wendy with Child Protective Services.  

While he should know from past experience this will not work, he continues to hope.  

The message from Alexander below mentions 'text messages' from his daughter.  

Teenage years are hard for children.  This little girl wonders why she can't have a father who is normal, kind, loving, decent.  She is angry and resentful, not toward her mother, but toward Manchester.  

To the highly disordered, the well-being of a child does not matter. It does not even appear on his horizon.  It is all, only, about the money.  

Alexander called CPS, most likely immediately after his exchange with Wendy, who warned him he could harm his daughter.   He attempted to use the text messages against Wendy.  These claims included Wendy chaining her daughter up during the day while she, Wendy, was at work.  

As required by law, CPS visited the home. Wendy's daughter  found the card CPS left upon returning from a bike ride with a friend.  Reality does not matter to the disordered.  Lies told which they hope will gain their ends are entirely justified in their minds.  Because far too often these people are believed, since they remain calm, while emotionally normal people are upset, shocked, and frightened, this often works for them.  Alexander, in addition, uses his title as a reference of integrity and respectability.  All too often this works, at least for the short term.   

Wendy has learned to cope with these assaults on her life, but her daughter remains vulnerable.  

This is important to remember if you are dealing with someone who is disordered.  Expect only Calloused and Unconcerned behavior.  Never project human limits and decency.  Doing so leaves you vulnerable.  


From: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 7:30 AM
Subject: (no subject)

Do not fuck with me I want my daughter back with me IF YOU WANT ME TO POST ALL OF HER TEXT MESSAGES TO ME I WILL DO SO
 have not been to CPS yet but are willing to go there
I know all the money you get goes to your mother you should stop and think before I go into everything including PIcs

Wendy Montagu

Jul 17 (10 days ago)

to Lmontymont, lmontymont

I have already gone to CPS with your last email with regards to Ashley.  The only one that will look bad here and irresponsible will be you. There is no chance in hell you will get your daughter back.  I don't know where you get off thinking you know where Ashley's child support goes! You are such a piece of shit Alex.  As far as CPS is concerned you've lied to them too many times with your false reports that have been proven as being false, over and over again.  They've got you pegged.  Ashley's messages to you are nothing more than a pissed off 14 year old, taking her anger out on her piece of crap dad.  That has lied to her and continues to lie, and cares NOTHING about what's happening in her life, only his own.  By you posting any personal texts she has sent you will only harm yourself, and push her further away.  So you need to think long and hard, something you are mostly incapable of!

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