Friday, April 20, 2012

Duke Alex Declines to Pay, Yet Again.

Duke Alex Declines to Pay, Yet Again.  The Story of the NeuroFeedBack Unit

In late August, 2011, Alexander, Duke of Manchester, distraught and sometimes close to tears, asked me to assist him in getting justice and reviving his good name. He told me his name had been unjustly tarnished. Assured the cause was just by my friend, Raye Smith, I agreed to assist them, putting up a website overnight and laying out a campaign to redefine his identity.

The Manchesters loved the site. Here is the email Laura sent, having viewed it. Over the next two months I received around 450 emails, many loaded with documents and jpegs to be used on the site or for the other projects.

Researching what had happened was on the agenda but left for later. We agreed I would begin by doing interviews, compiling documents, which they would send, and by helping the Duke become identified with a worthy cause which would garner public support.

The idea of a refuge for cute little kittens, suggested by Duchess Laura, I rejected. Instead, I persuaded the Duke helping veterans with PTSD obtain treatment which could extinguish their symptoms would both be popular and worthwhile. This cause was, and is, near and dear to my heart so having it taken up by The Duke struck me as killing two birds with one stone.

The Duke told me for publication he had spent most of his life in the military. This proved to be a lie, but at the time I did not question his statements.

Neurofeedback is a therapeutic approach which is inexpensive, available, and effective. Alex said he would be delighted to promote it but first must try it himself. I arranged for him to get the loan of a unit from Zengar, which produces a state-of-the-art unit which sells for around $10,000.

The arrangements were made between Alexander and Zengar, who shipped him the unit. The loan was for a short period, after which it either had to be returned or payments made.

Here are the emails which ensued.

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