Monday, April 2, 2012

April 3, 2012- Response to Letter published on Laura'ssite.

To: Laura and Alex Montagu
Take Notice:

A Cease and Desist Order is in order, but not from you. 

There are two issues, which will be taken up here. 

One: Action for Libel.
Your letter is libelous and has been sent to my attorney and the attorney retained by RMN News. 

The chain of correspondence between us, numbering over 500 emails, just for myself, with jpegs and documents, received by myself, is being compiled for use during anticipated litigation.

Two: Reprise of Facts 
Both Raye and myself agreed to wait to be paid, but, clearly, paying for services in not a habit usual to Alexander, due to his psychopathy, which is being documented openly, online, in the interest of public safety and as an illustration of what can be expected from a psychopath.
You first called me on August 25, 2011. Having conveyed the packaged lies you use to elicit sympathy and suck in victims, you asked for a website. 

If I had know the truth about you no website would have been built. Both Raye and I deferred paying work to help you, who certainly did not deserve it.

Raye, who you had known for several years, had told me you wanted a book written and worked hard to sell me on your story. She had also been conned.

I told you a book would take around 8 months, longer if I had to do it while engaged in other work. 

Your 'victim' scam was certainly smooth and well practiced. 

We reached agreement and I put up the website, using the URL You received the link the next morning. The first exchange of emails is HERE. You were aware, because I told you, I used the Yola site for my own websites. 

If that had been all I did you would still have been obligated to pay me. The site was multipaged. The writing was done entirely by myself. The site contained had all the specific information you requested. You expressed your satisfaction upon delivery. 

Over the next month I continued to build it out and do research while doing interviews with Alex. Copious notes were taken for purposes of producing a book. These are still in my possession and copied off site. 

For purposes of doing the website, I was sent jpegs and records for use on both the book and website. Iwill use these as suits me.  

The target project continued to change, You cannot stay on point. Over the two plus months I was working we moved from a book, to a series of articles, and on to materials for offering film rights to the Michael Jackson tapes. 

On October 16th, 2011, Charles Lincoln produced a contract, to be received by potential buyers, which was essential to make the offering of the tapes, with promotional materials, possible. This due to a decision coming out of the 9th Circuit earlier in the year which would have compromised the intellectual property rights, if any sample photos accompanied the materials. 

Having invested hundreds of hours in the work you requested we finally asked for a contract. Alex, naturally, plead poverty, but agreed to have Lincoln write the contract. 

I obtained services, payment deferred, from Dr. Charles Lincoln. Charles has a PhD in Anthropology from Yale and a JD from the University of Chicago, School of Law. I had introduced him to you, originally, for the purposes of inventorying your 'Manchester Collection' for tour to institutions. 

You should, but choose not, to remember, Lincoln was originally to be involved in arranging cataloging and scheduling for these showings. Institutions pay for the use of collections and in this way funds could be generated and the collection preserved. This was the Heritage Held Hostage link on the menu. One reference to Lincoln's work appears here.
I did not then know Alex had sold everything anyone was willing to buy, which now seems to be the case. 

Charles is fully qualified to either write contracts or carry out any academic assignment for antiquities, though his specialty is Mayan culture and artifacts, where he spent several years as head of a research team, doing exemplary work. If there was any possibility you could understand his papers I would send them to you.

In fact, and as you know, it is not myself who has engaged in stalking, but yourself and Alex. You, contacted members of my family in November and December. You posted statements you have entirely fabricated ton the Internet, beginning at the same time. 

As part of your campaign of vilification Alex threatened us, stating he was, “authorized to use lethal force,” by the FBI. My Declaration to the FBI on this stalking and harassment is HERE, sent November 20, 2011 to the FBI. A frank and open discussion with the FBI agent was enlightening. Alex lives in a fantasy world. 

Harassing me in this way was not enough for you. Having stolen, refusing to pay for, the site I produced, you became determined to steal from me 45 websites I had hosted on Yola. You contacted Yola and, purveying lies, achieved in closing my account, without even contacting me to hear my side of the story. This cost me tens of thousands of dollars. 

You made the mistake of posting one of the fraudulent assertions on the web. It is now in the hands of my attorney. 

You, Laura, contacted my former husband, Craig Franklin, a sexual predator and psychopath himself. Craig happily provided contact information for my children. You made calls to them. 
This is documented in several ways. First, by the appearance on the web of slanders conveyed previously by my daughter, Morgan. She repeated these to you. You then contacted my other children as well , telling them slanderous lies about me and my oldest son. You told others, who related these facts to me and will so testify. 

You have remained in contact with him and he has assisted you in your ongoing attempts to destroy my reputation and ability to work. Alex said to Raye, this recorded, he had contacted John Fund in your ongoing attempts to destroy me. 

Until January neither Raye or myself had decided to file a small claims action to collect the monies you owed. You went on a full blown attack to destroy me for no discernible reason starting in November, 2011.

At that point in time there was nothing on the Internet linking our names.
Your libel regarding the asinine posts put up by Alex on Huffington Post have been noted. Under no circumstances could I sound that stupid. I learned of the HuffPost from Wendy, who emailed me immediately when she found it. 

The posts bear a remarkable similarity to emails I received from Alex, from time to time. Wendy, having viewed this material would testify these resemble emails she has received I had never then seen. They also are very similar to letters written by Alex's father, who is also dyslexic. 

Since posting on the Internet comes from a specific IP a lawsuit would necessitate requesting this information from the webmaster of Huffington Post. Naturally,you have not requested this before now. I did, however. I contacted the HuffPost legal department and will post their response, when received. When this happens, a news release will go out and my attorney will be advised. I have nothing to fear, as both you and Alex know, when you occasionally drop into reality for a visit. 

Lady Montagu might be interested to know I have copies of her emails to yourselves and copies of magazine articles and other research done on her,at your request. If you had not waged, what was in effect, a war against me I might have spent my time in other ways. You determined my course of action, making it a matter of survival.   

These materials are being compiled for use. All of the material in my possession is my property. As you said, there is no contact.

Additionally, the Michael Jackson videos are not Alex's property. They would have been community property – if Alex and Wendy had been married. Since they were not, and the marriage was an intentional fraud in which Alex's mother also withheld relevant information, their status is murky, at best. Since Wendy was not Alex's wife taking photographs, of any kind,  under pretense of the relationship will raise interesting questions. It will be a precedent making case. 

When the case regarding property from the non-marriage is heard in a court of law I do not doubt any potential assets will be apportioned to Wendy, along with a huge slug of liability which Alex will die unable to pay. Alex committed a massive fraud and has no excuse which will stand up in court. 

Raye threw out the bathrobe you gave her on the occasion of your meeting when she realized you had stolen it from the hotel where you were staying. The two of you are nothing, if not consistent. 

My work is protected by the First Amendment as free speech. They are also real journalism. Check out KEY FEATURES OF PSYCHOPATHY - Robert Hare 
Neither Wendy of Marion ever used the title, 'duchess.' Marion both because she thought it absurd to use a title, and because she was not married to Alex when he succeeded to the title in 2002.  Wendy simply thought it absurd to do so when there were none of the trappings to accompany the word and she was in fear of being evicted every month of her marriage. 
Handing out embossed business cards while failing to find work at Walmart is pathetic.
It is also absurd for either of you to use a title which presumes a familiarity with, and adherence to, standards and values which are, to each of you, entirely alien. The peerage was not about privilege, it was based on service to the crown and country, something about which you know nothing. 

 Alex should stop calling himself a 'royal duke.' He is nothing of the kind. Manchester is a Duke in the Peerage of Great Britain. The royal dukes are all related closely to the monarch. Ignorance of these customs and practices, along with prancing around in robes never worn except of specific occasions, makes your peers cringe, or worse, snicker. 

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Descendant of Robert the Bruce

PS. Next time try to center your family coat of arms. It is enough to make anyone cringe to see a coat of arms off center.

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