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Email April 17, 2012 - Melinda responds to Laura

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 17 (11 days ago)

to theduchessofma., MORGAN, proctor, bcc: Rayelan, bcc: Wendy, bcc: Marcus
Dear 'Peaches,'

You, having a title, and having offered yourself as a public figure on Face Book, Flickr, and elsewhere, are subject to scrutiny and not accorded the protections of a private person. Nothing is private about you which can be documented.  This has been pointed out to Yola, along with others, along with other relevant facts. 

I have the entire transcript for the divorce action instituted by Little Lord Alex against Wendy in Orange County. Your letters contain slander against Wendy and myself and have been filed for future reference. 

My articles, and the site, is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.  Each statement is  entirely documented following the protocols of the SPJ. 

Wendy and Alex were not married.  This was a fraud carried out by Alex so he could remain in the US.   At the time of the divorce Alex was attempting to extract funds from Wendy by pretense of that pretended marriage.  The question:  Does this reach the level of criminal fraud, subject to incarceration, or is it a matter for civil litigation? 

Little Lord Alex lied, perjuring himself, when he asked for a restraining order.  His charges were slanderous and untrue, and arguably criminal. His stalling tactics, which went on for nine months, were noted by the court, which gave sole physical custody to Wendy.  This is reflected in the full court records.  The interviews with deputies, and others, are also instructive, fleshing out the picture.  He never pays his debts  and lies to avoid paying even when he has the funds, according to Wendy. 

Photos and videos would, normally be community property. Since Alex was engaged in fraud during a bigamous marriage, arguably, he has no rights to any property produced by the marriage, including any photos or videos.  If he received funds then those monies,arguably,  were produced by selling stolen property. 
The movie will be riveting.   
I will be publishing, rest assured. 

Regarding Morgan, also marginally literate.   I have only begun to publish.  The book is being written, along with an addendum to GREED:The NeoConning of America.   She can probably guess where the rewrite will go.  Now I know the truth. Where is John Fund when he is needed?

I write fast and and within the confines of journalistic protocols.  Many very, very prominent and respected journalists are waiting for the new  article even now in production.   Others are waiting for the treatment. 

Stop repeating yourself and go play with your cats. 

The Melinda

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