Sunday, April 29, 2012

This was an Email exchange, mostly one way, between myself and Laura, the Stalking Duchess.  During this period I received multiple threatening calls from UNKNOWN NUMBER, which is always Alex.  Some of these went to voice mail.  Those will be up shortly so you can hear them.

I would not have responded at all except for the opportunity to get Laura's response to the facts on specific issues, which are documented by articles and court documents.  She persists in ignoring the development of events and focuses on the frauds perpetrated by Alex which the court, eventually, realized were ungrounded.  

The emails are ugly, insulting, libelous, and clearly intended to intimidate.  The log of this period is now being provided to the local police as a report for stalking.

Links to Emails, newest to oldest

Totals:  Laura, the Stalking Duchess  22    Melinda  8  
            Ilene Proctor    1                          Craig Franklin of Green Hills Software 1
Receiving ccs from Laura:  Morgan, Alex, Proctor, Craig

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