Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 21, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 21 (8 days ago)

to craig, Charles, me, morgangell, lmontymont, raelon
Go find a HOBBY? Your brain is overworked.....By your evil sick handwriting skills? You put my phone number and my address on the internet what do you think would happen?

What do you think happens when you put someone children's birth certificates on the internet very sick indeed!
I had a real doctor look at your internet sickness and he said your a borderline personality disorder with phycko also,
He also said a phycko CANT LET GO, phyckos ALSO like the cat and mouse game! They also don't care who they hurt.......THAT IS YOU!!

YOU need serious help and YOU need to work on your own family ISSUES you have family issues!! You need to get your life together before your too old to enjoy it.

Your Grandchildren need. Real Grandmother not Menace to society! Wait till the children can look up your internet skills how embarrassing!

Your life should have been and could be beautiful but its just pure evil and destructive and you sabotage everything you touch!

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