Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 18, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess

My book coming soon the truth ann documented fact.

Laura Montagu
Apr 18 (10 days ago)

to me, Rayelan, MORGAN, lmontymont, Ilene, john1885c, craig
Is not a Journalist if he was he would have got the true information on Wendy and the entire Trust.
None of you know what your blabbing about your so stupid. A true journalist listens to both sides of a story and prints not just from a angry X wife who was a drunk. who called Alex her babysitter!  Wendys photos are shocking.  Alex has been kind not to post them.   Where did you get your information that Alex lost custody of his children....We lived in Los Angeles, Wendy would not let us speak to the children. Wendy also told the children lies that he had money and was not paying them....That was a lie.  Wendy also told the children that I married Alex for his money!   Now we all know that is a lie....
Oh by the way my family lives in Europe also. and my father is not a pig farmer....That was Anne fishers family...Your getting old and your facts are distorted.
Yola took you off there sites because your a wacko! I had nothing to do with it. I have a letter from them stating that fact.  Your LIBEL to everyone everywhere.
If you posted the real ant true information you would be a Journalist. You are a lier and So is Marcus the heavy drinker and smoker cad I'm told by many people in London.  You wanted money for what you have done nothing. When Alex and Ilene asked you for the prologue for the book we gave you a opportunity to write....YOU had nothing.  A 15 year old would have had something , With just the history on the Internet and the documents I have a extensive.  You talked with Alex for a few weeks and had nothing so we could get a advance for you and all of us.
Marion Stoner is being served for extortion and False identity.  Marion Stoner has a record and was married........The court document you posted, The judge was stumped...Where was Alex?
Where was the police officer? Where was Marion she wasn't in court either? 
We have asked the pine lodge clinic and they had never had Alex as a Client. I also have a letter.
I will be doing a extensive body of work with the real proof.
And the fact that Wendy sold her children out for money so Wendy could have extra cash for herself. 
No one in this entire world thinks your any thing but a
pshycko!    What is your Journalist code number?  You never had and would never have one.
You soon will be given a court order to stay off the Internet
The yola site was ours and it was a free site...It was in our name from day one. NOT yours.
You are a public figure as you think you are right?  Oh and Wendy is also now.....So it will also be fun!
Al kidd thinks your all nuts! He is laughing calling you the Pillsbury DOE twins!
No one liked Wendy shes never been out of OC. Never went to Europe with her husband...
Never went to the Victoria and Albert museum to see the collection.  Wendy the duchess who has NO interest in her title....Sad!  Wendy also knew nothing about the real family history.....
By the way your family history is coming for all to see!  It makes most family's look good!
My book is almost done!  I have been writing for a year. 
Many people have read it, All truth all documented! Much different than your babbling mouth....
In court you will have to tell them why you wanted to extort thousands from us. You will have to show signed contracts. You will have to show how You ordered contracts from your friend charles not us. Charles even said this as well.    It also was stated that your focus was to ruin our marriage....Well Melinda I was here the entire time.....I listened to all your recorded phone calls and it was shocking!   You Melinda called our home every minute of the day and night 2am 7am in the morning.... That is after we told you to just leave us alone.
Stalking is what you do and what you are is a stalker.
You never answered....why haven't you the scared old lady got a PPO yet?  I guess with a personal protection order you would not be able to write or Slander us.....
Your a mentally ill woman go look in the mirror!  The world is looking!  I feel sorry for your family you ruined your life and sad.  Wendy did the same thing.  Wendys drunk naked photos were shown to the courts as evidence to her drinking and Wendy not a proper mother for any child.
If Alex was so bad why did Wendy have another child 7 years later??  Wendy was nine months pregnant when she married Alex. Wendy had no idea who the father was!   Remember, Wendy was hanging out at the cowboy boogie bar everyweekend!   Alex was in california many years before he met.
Wendy and her lie about him needing her to stay in the country is a joke..
The count minutes I do have Wendy states Aex was a great father.
Alex was never in trouble for years nothing all of you are posting all his old childhood troubles? 
How stupid.....Alex dosent even have a traffic ticket! 
This is going to be all public and the recent findings you have no idea about this family and the history and the wealth.

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