Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 20, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 20 (8 days ago)

to me
Craig, Is NOT involved with us at all Stupid.
We ALL have separate issues with YOU THE Melinda.....what is THE Melinda anyway? What do you do but write and stalk humans!
GO do something good in the world. It will be tough for YOU for sure. DO not talk to Alex Montagus Children you can't even speak to your own!

OH I'm starting my own Radio show!

We all have one thing in common being stalked by The Melinda Pillsbury Foster.

All of US are Victims of your fake Phyco doctor assessments, , Fake emails, Stupid web sites, Blogs, Extortion, LIES, Fake Media statements, Cyber Stalking, Indangerment of a child or children!

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