Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 19, 2012 from Laura, the Stalking Duchess
Apr 19 (10 days ago)

to me, morgangell, craig, lmontymont
The Melinda,

This is The Duchess, You have been stalking a PPO is in order.

Your not a doctor of anything,
Keep it coming Phycko! Your the expert....LOL

Where is your journalism I'd number?

Who is the Doctor you use for your shows? On your daughter and my husband analysis. Didn't she have a very indecent and illegal relationship with a Client? Not good.

Your OH so wrong about my family! I don't even put the real information for anyone.

I don't tell people I don't know my personal information. Smart people are private and take time for relationships. I have tons of friends and people from all over the world. I just don't drop names.

We have told YOU to go away so many times its recorded!

Remember, You Both said Alex was missing in the desert? Then Dead,
Then Alex was threatening you ? You were so scared and confused? Where was Alex?

Then you called Ilene! You Sick woman after telling Ilene to go to hell. I have that email also....You had a plan and here your plan is!

BUT, You didn't do a PPO?
Because YOU can't get one...We have all your internet posts to show your mental illness..And more...

Your the one with the Extortion and threats from the day after we told you to not contact us....We have everything....

Where is your family? YOU have none!

Oh I was so right that YOU were NO family member of James Dean...
Nor were you his girlfriend...And No peanut butter sandwiches...

What have you done with your life nothing,
Your still talking about John Fund come on OLD news lady??? Where is your body of work?

You did a radio show on your beautiful daughter? How sick...What a STUPID doctor who has done NO analysis on your daughter is illegal! She will also be contacted.

YOU are no one to talk about anyone's life you crazy wacko!

YOU had our children's Birth certificates on the internet that is so a prison term!

The Children will not appreciate you posting there birth for the entire WORLD to see.
You are sick.

If you use there names or anyone else does YOU are NOW LIBEL for there safety!
You crazy wacko.

You have been reported TO everyone!
You put my number on the world wide web so this is what you get..Wendy is also in big trouble..

Good Luck, Your being checked out big time.
Keep it up.

Your such a great Journalist!

Many other people are ccd....

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