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Correspondence, Manchester with Trustee

 The letters below were emailed to me, along with an enormous number of other letters, documents, and jpegs, by Laura, Duchess of Manchester.  The date is visible in the email.  I Xed out part of the email address so the individuals below would not receive inadvertent spam.

From: Duchess of manchester <>To:
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Sent: 7/1/2009 10:11:43 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
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Dear Alexander
Thank you very much for the details
I am pleased that things are working out between Laura and Yourself

From: [] Sent: 01 July 2009 17:55To: David MitsonSubject: Re: re manchester [Scanned]
Dear Mr Mitson
I can confirm that with my passport I left Australia in 1985 and never returned or ever really had any sort of relationship with my Mother or sister or Brother I went to Australia for the first time in almost 20 years in 2000 for my sisters Wedding.
I want to stress I thought all of this divorce etc was done in the Middle 80's My mother took care of it as it was a embarrassment to her and Marion started black mailing my mother "so I was told"
I am sure you have known I have never had a close relationship with my mother, sister, or brother The only person I ever had a close relationship to was my Grandfather Many and Kim's first wife Val.
Val was more of a mum to me than my own mother I spent several Christmas with her and she used to take me away for weekends and I normally spent 2 holidays a year with my Grandfather.
I want a family so bad I did then but now Laura's mum Fran calls me son and her Brother Bobby thinks of me as his brother Laura and I have had a lot off trouble because of my self and Wendy but we are really happy right now and are very much in love she stand by me and is a great spiritual guidance and personal Guidance I am not going to mess this up I am taking my Tabs and we are seeing a joint consoling hopefully and I am positive that this will make me a better person.
God Bless
Lord Alexander Montagu Manchester
Lady Laura Ann Montagu Manchester

His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

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Suit # 11
Newport Beach
California 92660
United States of America

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In a message dated 7/1/2009 9:26:41 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Alexander,
Thank you for that. It is helpful
From what I have seen the divorce in Australia was not commenced until august 1996. Your ex wife Marion filed for divorce and it seems that your mother acted on your behalf. The decree absolute was granted on the 28th October 1996.
Could you just confirm that you weren't in Australia at the time of the divorce in 1996 and that your mother never sent you any forms to sign.
Many thanks
David Mitson

From: [mailto:Lmontymont@xcom] Sent: 01 July 2009 17:18To: David MitsonSubject: re manchester [Scanned]
Dear Mr Mitson
I just wanted to try and answer some of your questions.
I was under the understanding that the divorce unlamented or whatever was done in the 80's I did not find out anything more about this matter until 3 or 4 months back when my mother called me and e-mailed me that my marriage to Wendy was not legal.
I do have my view for my mothers reasons for my mother doing this and this being she wanted my brother Boppy to be the next Duke.
I wish I could give you more information but back in the 80,s I assume I would of given her consent to do all off this for me.,
I know I did not give her any further consent to do any off this since the 80's
I have forward to you all of the e-mails and messages that I have received from my mother.
I wish she had told me about this 2 years back because then I would not have spent all of the 100's off thousands of dollars on Lawyers and other things I wasted my money on I could of bought a house a car a lot more than just having to hand over all I got from the trust to other people.
I do hope that this will help some what

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