Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 19, 2012 Response from Melinda

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Apr 19 (10 days ago)

to Laura
What an interesting creative writing exercise.   Keep it coming.  You are digging yourself in deeper with every word.  

You told me your father was a farmer and had pigs.  I made notes.  Anne's father also raised pigs, but lived in a different part of Michigan.  You used to hide in the barn when he was looking for you to deliver a beating.  In the barn you hid under the straw. 

I believed Anne.  You could have been lying to get sympathy or for the drama, but that is what you said both to me and, separately, to Raye.  You, Laura, were not raised in Laguna Beach.  That was a complete lie.  You are Peaches from Holly High School in Michigan, class of 1980, but did not graduate.  You told me you did not graduate yourself.  Your nickname is up online along with a pic of you and Alex, which I copied.  I'm not doing that research.  Another journalist took it on. 

Wendy completed the programs mandated by the court with an exemplary record for compliance.   She has no drug or alcohol issues and your statements are libelous, seriously so.  She has physical custody, works a regular job, and has a strong support network of family and friends who are very normal.   Alex Jr. wants nothing to do with his father, or does Ashley, who is now old enough to decide for herself  with whom she will have contact.  Alex Senior left Orange County without having paid once centavo of the money mandated by the court.  Repeating yourself does not alter the written records. 

I have had communication with Yola.  You libeled me to them.  It is going to cost you personally.  You.  Awards last for twenty years.  Produce the letter from Yola.  Either send it to me or publish it. 

I opened the account on Yola for  I wrote the content.  Of course it was free.  Did you expect someone else to pay for it?   You could not even afford a URL.  You pay for content.  It is not free.  I was willing to wait to be paid.  It was not a gift. 

Nothing on my sites was libel.   Libelous material is untrue.  It was all true and all documented with court documents or other materials.  You talk constantly about what you are going to do then act as if putting up another picture of your cat or a quote on the original Lady Mary Montagu provides you with some validation. 

Why don't you write about your years between 17, when you said you left school without graduating, and the time you started dating Alex.  Just the facts - and provide documentation.   Their date of separation is January 2007. 

You had family in Europe?  So what?  No one asked about your family history.  Provide facts.  Most Americans have European ancestry.   No one said you were a Native American. 

Even Craig has ancestors.  He is proud of his Highland Craig background - but William Wallace beheaded the Craig as a traitor.  My ancestor was Robert the Bruce.  Catch the movie sometime.  It was a funny moment in our family history.  Craig insisted me go to the movie when it opened and then jumped out of his seat when the Craig got it in the neck.   Craig stalked out of the theater, practically unable to talk. 

The Bruce was the one who made Scotland free.  He never stopped trying.  His motto is still in use today, "try, try, again."  He never gave up.  Neither do I. 

Don't be vague and claim to have documentation or be about to publish it.  Publish.   Give dates, provide  documentation which can be checked for its validity.  Every scrap will be, rest assured.  It will be no problem as several journalists are now interested in the story and we all share. 

It appears, from the evidence, neither of you have ever done anything which was not self-serving and destructive.  Every letter you write reaffirms that view. 

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