Saturday, April 28, 2012

Email April 17, 2012 from Laura the Stalking Duchess
Apr 17 (11 days ago)

to me
I write fast too!!! So does the others writers!! I have documents Many of them! You have what?

I also have the court minutes! Wendy photos were evidence to the courts.

Your creditors want you they will be at your place in Ohio?
Or some day on a radio show?

Wendy as I told her to come get her things! I have the email where she says to go to hell and she wasn't coming to get her things...Alexander and Alex gave and packed her things up and gave her things....

Ill send you the email where she refused to get her things! The local Church has her things to this very day! Ask her?

Melinda go fix your own family your a freak and we all will and are going to stop you.

Your could have had a great life but your are so mentally ill. The computer is your only friend.....
Where do were serve you?
Who are you living off of today?

Oh and your Phycko doctor role is a joke to many people....You are NOT a doctor and what anyone sees not even a journalist

Oh and that stupid CAD Marcus scriven I have told him he just gets all the old X wives to talk to him...He NEVER gets both sides to the story ever! He's not a journalist he's also a disaster....LOL

Your both a embarrassment to society! Marcus has no life or family either!

ALL of the media out let's know your a NUT case and have been contacted....Good luck!

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