Saturday, April 7, 2012

Response II Commentary

Dear family, friends and new friends,

I know there are great Journalist, I know it is not everyone,
I mean no disrespect.
Could you please name one journalist of note?

The 13th Duke of Manchester has started to document truth.. I have been forced.
Everyday I wake there is a new Rubbish article. I will fight back,
The accepted method for refutation is to cite specific facts with which you disagree, state why and provide documentation.  Speaking of yourself in the 3rd person is pretentious.
How many trustees do we have, In NYC, England, Italy,Irish, Kenya,
The list goes on and on.
The Trusts have trustees.  You are one of many beneficiaries to the trusts.  You have absolutely no power in relation to dispensing funds.

The Duke and Duchess of Manchester are beneficiaries to the several trusts.  Since you raise the issue, now state exactly how much your income from the trusts amounts to, per year.  None of the trusts give either Alex or Laura any power over dispensing funds. 
The Trustees, doubtless, ensure tax accountings take place.  Your own filings, if you need to make them,  are a separate issue.  Having raised the question, please tell us who does your accounting and files you returns, if needed, now that you and Wendy are not married and receiving her income.  The funds you receive from the trusts arrive with the taxes already paid.  You are obligated to file taxes if you have other income, otherwise, if you have no earned income, you might not have to file returns in the United States.
The press is printing anything they feel . MURDOCH AND HIS GROUP. MOST OF IT IS RUBBISH. 
Is your opinion based on any facts?  Anything like documentation you would like to share as the basis for your opinion?
Without any truth at all. I have been forced by circumstances beyond my control to document truth in my past and future.
See Articles
This is going to be a website where photos, Personal documents clearing my name and my great honorable family history.
Nothing but the facts have been posted about yourself and Laura.  No one has commented on your family history, except to express sadness at how far their descendants have fallen in decency, respect, and rectitude. 
I have been forced to post documents because of false statements from my X wife of 15 years.
Wendy Montagu Bufords stalking and false statements..
We have been divorced for several years she will not stop.
Wendy has stated many times she wishes for justice.  She had every reason to pursue these issues.  
You knowingly entered into a bigamous marriage, illegitimatizing her children, falsely accused her of crimes, attempted to extort alimony from her when you knew you were not married, and left her with debts for which, since you were not married, she was in no way responsible.  This would annoy most people.  Wendy is simply telling the truth and providing documentation as she does so.  She states that she will be pursuing legal action now that she is aware of the extent of your crimes. 
The media is printing anything the feel.
They need to sell papers they are desperate.
They have no journalistic integrity nor have they done there research or printed a statement from me.
See previous letter, this did not change.
We are now writeing our own book with extensive documented truth.
What a treat the public has in store for them!  Why don't you provide some documentation now?

They are leaving themselves vulnerable to a scandalous libel situation.....
What happened to your attorneys?
Nothing Richard kay, From The Daily Mail said is true. Nothing they have printed is the truth. The email was done by someone else, Not by, The Duke of Manchester, It has been traced.
Documentation?  Correspondence from Huffington Post? 

I never said one word about the Royal family. They know this.
And yet it sounded just like you and was incredibly stupid.  Documentation of IP?
I do not have a on line rant called montymont.. I never have.
The email you have been using for many years is ""  This appears on your stationary and I have hundreds of emails from you using this email address.  On one occasion last summer a copy editor mistook the 'l' (small L) for the numeral one (1)  while copying your email address.  On this occasion the 'l' (small L) was left off.  A minor point.
We also do not live in Newport Beach California.
Then why is this the address on your stationary?
This sloppy unprofessional journalism is going to stop.
They do not do there due diligence to document there stories.
My familys resources are vast we are comitted to document the unvarnished truth.
The Duke of Manchester family has been very close to the Queen and past Kings for Centuries....That is how I became the Duke of Manchester.
Your family has not been close to the Royal Family for at least a century.
The Duke of Manchester has been the Queens Guard and Yomen and very proud of the relationship.
Yes, but not of any relationship with you or Laura.
I Cherish a Centuries old tradition and would never, Under any circumstance, Malign or disrespect that relationship.
This statement is not supported by the facts now in public view.

The Duchess, Laura Montagu Manchester, And I Alexander Montagu Manchester are going to restore the family name and reputation for the future of our esteemed title.
We are not going to hold our breath.
Our Lawyers have been informed about the scurrilous accusations in the article and are proceeding to act accordingly.
With what funds did you retain an attorney?  You can afford to pay legal fees but not to support your children? Dead Beat Duke.
This is a BIG media challenge! You will have to do research I know it will be tough work.
Nearly all of the rest of this can be viewed on the previous commentary.
I challenge any of you to find Marion Stoner.

The woman who extorted money from my mother Mary Montagu. Marion Stoner also did a fake article.
I took many photos with people and pretty women my entire life. More when I was younger.

Find out why my mother paid Marion Stoner. And how much.

Why didnt my mother call the police if Marion Stoner extorted money from my mother?

Tell me Why Marion Stoner stayed married to me if she got a restraining order on me? By the way,

I was never served....Why did Marion Stoner not get a divorce she was at the court house...
.Marion just forgot to get a divorce from me...She had a lawyer. My mothers name is all over my marriage paperwork she did the entire thing. I was not hard to find.
Not her responsibility. 

Marion Stoner knew my mother worked for the court house. None of my friends believe I was ever married to Marion stoner she is a lie made up by my mother.
My mother wanted the Title and money for her other son who I have never known.
How did my mother have two children with my father if he left her when I was 9 months old. She raised them and sent me away to boarding school.

I have no baby pictures from my mother only what my wife has found.


The Duke and Duchess of Manchester
Laura and Alex Montagu Manchester

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