Friday, November 9, 2012

August 22, 2011 - Email from Lmontymont (Alex) to 'his' trustees firing them

Sent: 2011-08-22 5:19:43 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Mr Green & Mr Mike Insuel
 I have been in very lengthy discussions with associates in the UK, Australia and here in the USA. From all of the past e-mails and  recorded phone messages and discussions  you have left for me, or  actually had with me on the phone since 1993, a very amazing puzzle is slowly being put together.
 As we all sat down and read and listened to all of these. My associates and I now realize that unless there is something that I know nothing about... and mind you... these associates are very experienced, knowledgeable, and very well connected legal and business-wise people.
 From the combined experience these individuals have, and the combined knowledge these people have between them, there is little their research can't find.
I am advising you, that from the conduct you have shown towards me, the present Duke of Manchester, and from the actions (which can be verified by the paper trail you left) and the attitude and manner in which you treated all of the past Dukes of Manchester,  and with abysmal management of all of the property's for which you claim to be the trustee or are the trustee, I am terminating your position as TRUSTEE as of Immediately. You no longer represent any properties of the Duke of Manchester or the Duchess of Manchester.
 I am also advising you that I have legal assistants working for me as I write this who are presently working on a legal law action against YOU PERSONALY FOR SLANDER, AND the LIBELOUS statements you have made about my self and my family.
These particular law suits have NOTHING to do with the TRUST and are directed towards your  person (PETER GREEN) and  your actions.
 All of this documentation is held with 3 different legal groups who are working on my behalf. I am advising you that I am taking as much legal action as possible against you personally and all of the past Legal firms that you have worked for.
We are in the process in requesting a complete judicial inquiry into you and the handling and the management of the trusts. 
 From Wendy words that we have  tape recorded from her  and e-mails Laura has received from her "Peter Green was the person who put her in touch with the Media in the United Kingdom to slander my self" and spread the lies that even the courts with in the USA and Australia recognize to be untruths and acknowledge that I have never committed bigamy of any sort
I can guarantee to you that you will have a reply correspondence from the Queens  council in London forward to you and from the Lawyers in the United states with in the next couple of weeks.
I was just advised to send this e-mail to you that they wrote themselves and for me to add that they will contact Mr Mitson Directly at his law firm any day now but they said to tell you that there are still many thousands of e-mails and many hours of Tape recordings that they are having to go through
Alexander Montagu
13th Duke of Manchester

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