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October 1, 2011 - Ilene Proctor's contract elicits a reaction

Alex wrote asking me to clean up the draft of a letter he had written after reading the proposed contract he received from Ilene.  Since I thought I was working for him I did as he asked.  Reading Ilene's idea of a fair contract where she cut out myself and Raye, was a shock.  
My rewrite is at the bottom.  
Since I had brought Ilene in to the deal this was very bad form on her part.  But I did not suggest cutting her out.  Since, as it turned out, the Michael Jackson tapes belonged to Wendy Alex had no right to offer them for sale in any case.   - Melinda

to me
My Newest Dear Friends    I ask for you not at all to take anything seriously to do with my self and my Darling wife like a great of Salt I just du  that Ilene Proctor Seriously at
Since I had the honer of meeting you and your dad
I can T express how comfortable I have felt knowing that there is some one out there as crazy in this world like me world who has such a great IQ like my self and must I do bow down to this, Jeff is only just passes being forehands than me but you have to admit it its not by much
To my self and the duchess and I  are very very excited to wok with you on as many projects with you as possiblare Thursday meeting is still very much on and can you please keep dirctly in touch with The Duchess and my self about are meetings as I do not want to hurt her feelings but at the same time I do not want
wher around are meetings so Wednesday is on
If you could please e-mail a time date and A place for us to meet
Give us a call when you have time we are very excited to meet again with you
I send you all a warm hug and look forward to meeting yo hopefully if you have time on Wednesday             Manchester

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

220 Newport Center Drive
Suit # 11
Newport Beach
California 92660
United States of America

Fax Number (707)897-2713

Sat Phone Number from USA 011 881 631676381


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the Duchess of Manchester and when on this site view the flicker page link


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, Christopher Dale Flannery or Global Atlantic, International Security INT for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use
In a message dated 2011-09-30 2:49:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


Jordan Sommers
President / COO
ARIA Multimedia Entertainment

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URL - 

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On Sep 30, 2011, at 1:04 PM, "Ilene PRoctor" <> wrote:

Dear Jeff, Jordan and Joel, please see change of date email below.

My Dear Ilene:

Due to my demanding  business schedule I will have to change the date of arrival in Los Angeles from Wednesday, October 5th to Thursday October 6th.

Please Jeff, Jordan and Joel  and send particulars regarding time and place.

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

220 Newport Center Drive
Suite # 11
Newport Beach
California 92660
United States of America
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

to Lmontymont
My Newest Dear Friends,   

Ilene seems to have some problems with conveying schedules. We must be understanding, I suppose.  You should communicate with me directly on issues of scheduling henceforth.  Please keep the details confidential, if you please. 

     We have experienced some problems with Ilene due to miscommunications relating to parties and other events of which we were unaware, as I might already have mentioned.  
    We are very much looking forward to Wednesday and our meeting with you.  Both Laura and I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to many pleasant and profitable relations in the future. 

Since I had the honor of meeting you and your dad
I can express how comfortable I have felt knowing there is some one out there as wacky as myself, who none the less does not hesitate to tell it as it is -  and has great family values.  

I try not to resent your being almost as good-looking as I am.

Most cordially, 


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