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November 15, 2011 - Craig finds some fellow conspirators of doubtful value. But he makes do.

Sometimes a chain of events is so bizarre and weird it takes time to understand what was really going on.   The letter below, written by Alex to Charles Lincoln, a disbarred attorney who also has a doctor's  in Anthropology, is an attempt to persuade Charles I am crazy. Charles was somewhat freaked out and intimidated. But, always the optimist, he believed it was a matter which could be "talked out." By then I was well aware it would be easier to reason with a rabid rottweiler than Alexander and Laura Montagu.  If I had known Craig and Morgan were involved I would have taken more preemptory action. 

Alex, especially, is 'challenged.' Trying to extract a coherent narrative from Alex was agonizing.  I spend hundreds of hours on the phone with him while researching his life story. 

The text below was not written by Alex, but by Laura, clearly derived from conversation with my former husband, Craig Franklin.  At the time this appeared I did not yet know about their relationship, which surfaced in dribs and drabs.  

On November 15th, 2011 I was driving across country and had little time to consider the matter.  But from calls made to friends and political associates, who then called me, I could see Laura and Alex were busy.  

The fabrications were astonishing.   Four days after this email was sent to Charles, I was driven to contact the FBI.  Advised to write a declaration.   I sent a narrative of events off to the agent on November 20th, 2011.  A lot of good that did.  I suppose we should be grateful we don't get as much government as we pay form. 

Now I know Laura contacted Craig soon after she and Alex split.  Craig provided motivation to begin stalking, harassing, and maligning me.  All this had a specific goal; to destroy me utterly and have me institutionalized.  I learned this when Alex left a message on Wendy's answering machine around March complaining 'they,' either Green Hills Software attorneys, or attorneys working through Karl Rove (John Fund was involved at this point, the Manchesters said),  had decided I had 'too much' on the web for this to work. 

Why would John be involved?  Both payback and prevention.  If you want to know more read my articles.  John has two numbers on his speed dial.  One is Karl Rove, the other is Dick Cheney. 

The fabrications had been conveyed to my friends, family members and employers.  Really.  It was astonishing.  

Note that, like the Kochs, people with ill-gotten money are pretty easy about spending it. Craig routinely pays thousands of dollars a month for women to just be sexually available to him.  Paying to make my life miserable certainly would have given him far more pleasure.  

So the question is - does Craig pay Laura for sex and for conspiring against me?  Is the sex free as a 'lost leader of little value? Did Craig really pay for this posh vacation for the Manchesters in Santa Barbara?  Or did they sleep in the 'girls' bedroom in his funky, rented,  condo?  Craig is terminally lazy about where he lives.  In fact, he lived in a motel room for three years with piles of porno magazines and some hand cream.  Morgan mentioned the condition of the room.  At the time I thought she was just dropping something off.  Wrong again. 

Who paid for the Ritz-Carleton?  

Together, Craig, Laura, Alex, and probably Morgan, conspired to destroy years of my work by persuading Yola to take down 45 of my sites.  That moment, many things started to change. 


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:45 PM
Subject: very very urgent you must read

Charles here is a brief portion of one of the statements given to the authority's about Melinda.
This is just one of DOZENS AND DOZENS SOMEA LOT WORSE THAN THIS PEOPLE ARE SCARED STIFF OF THIS WOMAN AND SHE IS CONSIDERD AS A COMPLETE psychopathic crazy and is a major danger to society and any person on the street she has a warning on police records when they look her up in any police car or any other sort of Government or police agency search

Laura did the writing but the only brain involved was Craig Franklin. 
LAURA - it took me months to get rid of her. 
   See Time Line August 26th - October 17th 2011

LAURA - she wanted to relive her memories about craig. 
   I never mentioned Craig to Laura because the relationship was professional.   Laura never asked.  She does not do dialogs, just a monologue featuring other men she could have had, her kitties, her cancer, clothes, why the Trustees are evil, the Manchester Jewels and property, and her wonderful friends.  Raye used to spend time talking to her so I could work.  LauraSitting, we called it.  

LAURA - she is delusional, it actually is sad. she is just a woman who can not live if she has nobody to live through.  she creates a world that she wants but it doesn't really exist so she has to prop it up.
    This is projection.  I never even took a husband's name, though one took mine. 
LAURA - craig is not a perfect man. none of us are. but she is obsessed with him and dan and john and her kids. they have all rejected her. because of her numerous knife wounds. she threatened me hard. sent me threats and intimidating phoney subpoenas. i liked so much about her at first, but then it was as if she was playing me like a fiddle. and she was well practiced. i feel for her in so many ways, because i do believe she has mental illness. 
      Not a perfect man?  How about a sexual deviant whose married a woman, me, with daughters, in an attempt to live out his sexual fantasies?  Incest Porn, purchased by Craig.  Craig's behavior went beyond fantasy.  His first comment, after finding his son, Scott, was in jail for trying to have his wife killed was, "that was stupid.  They always suspect the husband."  His first act was to try to get unsupervised visitation with his eight year old grand daughter.  Scott had two kids, the second a ten year old boy.  Craig ignored him.  The mother and kids are now in a victim protection program. 

 Laura never met me in person and we had no personal conversations during the period we were talking, August 25th, 2011 - October 17th, 2011, less than two months. TIME LINE - Scroll down to dates

LAURA - craig should obtain a retraining order from her comments in court. she could challenge and they don't want litigation with her.
      Neither a restraining, or retraining order.  Clearly, she was talking to Craig by the time this was written on November 15th.  Months later she stated Craig had hosted either her alone, or her and Alex, in Santa Barbara.  This is likely when they cut their deal. 
     Alex's MO is to ignore people he has ripped off, according to Wendy, who had a front row seat to the Life of the ConMan of Manchester.   After I started talking to Wendy she commented how different his behavior was toward me.  Then the penny dropped.  Alex can get active when money is on the table.  Motive, motive, motive. 

LAURA -  i think they are doing right. i don't think she will ever go away. 
      They, in this case, refers to Green Hills Software, Inc., which is owned by Dan O'Dowd and his wife, Amy as 97% stockholders. Dan and Craig cooperated to rip off Dan's partner and the company's VC, Glenn Hightower.  In return, Dan helped Craig re-characterize the status of stock awarded while we were married.   Why would I go away before I get justice?  Not going to happen.  I keep writing and telling the truth, inconvenient for them.  More is coming.  I promise.  
    The rules applied to conspiracies are far less forgiving than other felonies. Can you spell C0-CONSPIRATOR, Laura?  Careful, your lips are moving.  
LAURA - she's just a nutcase with a computer. once her resources run out she will be done. 
  Projection. The only asset  Laura has is the one she sits on. 
LAURA - arthur is her only possession. i knew she was living off of him. they relationship is eerie. 
   Now, don't you think it is odd that Laura would characterize being someone's caretaker as 'owning them,'  this when she has never seen either of us?  I supported Arthur with no financial assistance from the time of his accident, September 27, 1997, until he began receiving disability in September of 2009.  This is projection on Laura's part since she only stays with Alex so someone will pay her cell phone bill.  Oh.  I forgot.  It was turned off, wasn't it?  
  I come from people who do the right thing, which includes caring for their family members, even when this forecloses other opportunities. Laura, Alex, Morgan, Craig, and Jay calculate how to profit from convenient family members, their behavior illustrates this in disgusting detail.  
  It is often on reflection we realize what the real motives were behind seemingly benign actions by people like these.  I had, to my deep regret, starting talking to Morgan again just before I was finally able to get Arthur qualified for disability.  Until that time I did not have any way to get to the appointments, which because of where we were forced to live, were nearly 100 miles distant.  It was through the intervention of Senator Barbara Boxer.  Her office was horrified when Arthur's health history, buttressed by complete documentation, and my own were presented to them.  They expedited his claim and suggested I also apply.  This was also expedited.  
  Morgan, who had shown no interest in Arthur, suddenly wanted me to send him to 'spend time with her and the kids.'  At that point she and I had been talking for five months and she never asked about him.  But as soon as there was a monthly stipend which could be pocketed, she was all about how much she loved and missed him.  
  She wanted me to put him on a plane, alone.  She was not interested in seeing me.  Arthur refused to talk to her.  He said she was a skunk and not to be trusted.  He was so, so right.    
LAURA - even that film she made arthur do about craig is abusive to arthur and she didn't see it. she would hurt her own kids to hurt craig. 
    Arthur speaks out and tells it like he sees it.  In this instance I helped, usually I don't even know when Arthur calls someone on their ugly behavior.   He could not help but be hurt when Craig, who adopted him, dumped him like a bag of garbage and did all in his power to see him dead.  
    Morgan, then being paid by Craig, called me while I was in the hospital at Arthur's bedside, watching his head swell from the trauma of the bullet he put through his palate, and told me she needed Arthur's heart because she, 'needed a transplant.'  Morgan did it at Craig's behest in an attempt to ensure he would not be paying support for his adopted son.  
    Laura knows nothing about me or my family - and I do not publish anything about my children generally because I know doing so would make them targets for the MFG Cabal.  The exceptions are Craig and Morgan, who had a sexual relationship while planning to defraud me. That is sick.  What kind of woman in her thirties goes on a posh vacation to New York, London, and Paris, with her adopted father, leaving her mother, who is facing three surgeries, to care for a brother who is unable to even go to the bathroom on his own?  That would be Morgan.  On this trip Morgan also screwed John Fund for the first time.  Craig surprised them in bed.  
   Laura had abortions for all her babies, or so she told me once.  
LAURA - i married a man just like that. he too has not moved on in 23 years.
  Laura actually tells people she was never married.  She constantly tells Wendy to 'just move on,' meaning don't try to hold Alex, or her, responsible, just let them go on defrauding more people.  That is not going to happen.  

LAURA - i don't think i can be of help other than to tell you to follow your heart and tread carefully. 
   Laura follows the parts of herself which speak loudest.  I dare you to get an intelligent or literate comment out of her on any subject.  

LAURA - if you read john fund's site you will see the lies that are reproduced and her sites are edited poorly they are just a continuous whine and it doesn't make sense. she is trying to engage anyone she can into battle.
  I have to laugh when I consider this comment. No one is going to ask Laura's opinion on what is well edited. But thanks for pointing out I need to get the Fund section of Ruthless People up again.   The WSJ would not have fired him if he had not gotten caught with his pants down. 

LAURA - i say silent warrior. she cannot stand silence.
   If you think Laura is ever silent you must have had the volume turned down.  She talks and says nothing.  

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