Friday, November 9, 2012

September 26, 2011 - Raye writes to Laura

Raye was sending the Ducal Couple money for the most mundane and ordinary 'needs' from her own scant resources.  The Ducal Duo had sadly reported their kitties would starve because they could not afford to feed them.   

Raye met the Manchesters when Laura contacted her regarding an article stating Alex had made his children illegitimate.  Alex denied it, but subsequent events proved this to be true. 

Rayelan Allan raelon@xxxnet

to me, theduchessofma.


Did you remember that you gave me some large color photographs of Alex in the Castle… and one of you and he… he has red eyes.

The ones you gave me are far better than anything that is up on the web.

Do you want me to scan them or send them back to you? I can take the red eyes out.

Also… I have a reader in Australia who just sent 3  - 20 pound notes… The closest place I have to cash them in is 40 miles away… Las Vegas probably has them on every corner.  They are worth about $90.00 US dollars. Can I send them to you? You can buy cat food!!

You also gave me the Manchester page from the Peerage. The pages are too big for my scanner… but if you want to put them up… I can take them to Office Max and have them scanned… I can then clean them up a bit in my Photo Shop…

Each one will have to be posted as its own webpage… that’s how big they are.

Let me know what you would like me to do with these things.


The Manchesters and Raye spent a delightful day together in Santa Cruz in 2009

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