Friday, November 16, 2012

Laura's letter to Dr. Phil - Laura wants to come out and play

Laura posted an a letter on her new site, Doxie Melinda Pillsbury Foster.  Here is my response.  

Dear Dr. Phil,

Several people have suggested I have a reality show, go on Judge Judy or other like venue, based on my own experiences with the NeoCons. This was of no interest to me and I have declined to initiate any such possibility.

However, today I received a published notification from Laura, Duchess of Manchester, stating she had contacted you suggesting a group of people who, themselves, are many of them guilty of slandering, libeling, abusing and stalking me, would like to air the story.  Well, don't throw me in that Briar Patch!  

I was astonished Laura would, herself, suggest this, but am very willing to pursue the possibility.

 Below are some useful facts, documentable by search.

The individuals who Laura named as seeing themselves as victims of stalking by myself include:

John Fund, formerly of the Wall Street Journal. John authored, “Stealing Elections,” which should be underscored, “A User's Manual.” 

The Bush Family - Meaning, presumably, all of them.   Do you know if the Paraguay Compound was ever completed?    

Craig Franklin, formerly Senior Vice President for Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS). The company is a war contractor, supplying technology for drones. (Franklin is my former husband, he was removed from the 'management team' within days after I published one of his letters about one of 'his newest girls” on the website dedicated to him and GHS) Green Hills Software, Inc. conspired with Franklin to deny me a share in assets in the corporation in exchange for his cooperation to freeze out their original funder from ownership. Craig's sexual predilections include child and incest porn. Links to evidence are online. 

Laura says the entire company but I strongly doubt this is  the case.  Only the officers were involved in the original fraud and only Dan O'Dowd, President of Green Hills Software, Inc., is mentioned in my writing along with Amy, his wife, though that briefly.

Morgan Pillsbury Gell, my very estranged, and strange, biological daughter, who, by her report, had a sexual relationship with Eddy Van Halen while Eddy was married to Valerie Bertonelli. Of my own knowledge Morgan had a relationship with Eugene Volokh, a NeoCon law professor who, according to Morgan, planned the Monica Lewinsky strategy for the attempted Clinton take-down. It was one month after Eugene dumped her in 1998 that she began her sexual relations with John Fund, who I had dated in the early 80s. Morgan was well aware of this, having grown up hearing him referred to as, “Uncle John.” Morgan was probably then in a sexual relationship with my then estranged husband, Franklin, certainly at the time she first slept with John she was traveling with Craig from New York to London and Paris. 

Franklin had adopted all of my five children, at his insistence.  I had three young and nubile daughters at the time.  You figure it out. 

Morgan's life was very active in some regards but not in others which are more conventional, such as finishing high school, college, and getting a job.

And, of course, the Duke and Duchess of Manchester.

Now, this may be difficult for Alex, the duke because he is going to pretrial for passing bad checks in Las Vegas. Having run out of money he now has a public defender. (SEE previous post on this site.)

The following websites provide more information, if you are interested, which would actually surprise me, sort of. (Morgan's husband)

Despite the ranting and claims of this troop of trolls I am a journalist, a radio talk show host, and most of my time is spent on productive activities in addition to caring for my disabled son, Arthur.  Note:  None of Arthur's siblings has so much as sent him a birthday card in years.  Arthur's disabilities stem from two major brain injuries.  Most families would have been supportative.  My children were not but I have never faulted them for this and love them despite their abandonment of myself and their brother.  I am well aware they were manipulated by Craig, who routinely writes checks for sex to multiple women and for other interesting and unusual services.  

Exposing the individuals named above was undertaken as a public service as all are con-artists and some subset of them exhibit highly psychopathic characteristics. When you can find them online their congames decline

If you decide you would like to pursue this, rest assured, there are others who would be happy to join me to confront these trolls. Included in this number is Wendy Buford Montagu, the Duke's former wife, her son, the Duke's eldest child, and her family and friends. Morgan's niece may also be interested in participating along with numbers of my friends and family.

I include two sites below, one on my grandfather's legacy and one where some of my articles are parked.

Now I have to get back to work.

Best, Melinda

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