Monday, November 12, 2012

Contribute for the Ethically and Morally Disabled

Contribute for the Ethically and Morally Disabled?

It occurred to me this morning that the members of the MFG Cabal - Conspiracy really are disabled in ways which should be brought to the attention of those around them.

Some people are blind and cannot see the light.  Others cannot walk, stumbling when they wish to stand up straight before God.  But will forgiving and subsidizing them aid in their continuing journey toward the Light?  Think about it for a moment. 

What do you say to people who lack a moral compass of any kind?  "Please barbeque my baby gently?" or, perhaps, "Could you please not steal the election, just this once, Karl?"

No, you expose them until they whimper.  This is correct because it allowed them time and opportunity to get right with God and their fellow man before they face the bar of judgement which awaits all of us. 

Please note Laura's only charity is managing to con people into paying for her kitties food. Ask Rayelan. 


Melinda has written many articles on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and worked diligently to educate the public on the problem with her Radio show and lectures.  Certainly Alex and Laura were aware of my work and concern for veterans.  

Alex presented himself as a veteran who had suffered terrible trauma during covert ops, which he could not even discuss they were so covert.  He claimed to have PTSD himself soon after we started talking.  

I suggested he become a patron for veterans suffering from PTSD and introduced him to the Zengar folks, whose Neurofeedback unit has proven to work well for the condition.  

Alex made them huge promises for help and they agreed to loan him a unit.  Naturally, Alex neither used it correctly, since he can't read, or returned it.  Here is real documentation.  The contact person for Zengar was Samantha Diavatis.  Their website is, phone number:   (514) 448-2482.

Here is Documentation Duke Alex Declines to Pay, Yet Again.

Starting in 2007 and continuing today, just a few examples.  

The Genocide of Palestine - Col. David Antoon

The Problem We Face - Vets Coming Home to Tragedy

Saving American Veterans and Saving American Money

Melinda  coordinates the program and is on call to put sufferers together with practitioners able to assist them in several modalities.  Ashtabula Renewal. 

She has never been paid for providing these services, nor asked for any compensation. 

Where do they get these stupidities? 

Doubtless, projection and their fellow conspirators.   

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