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September 30, 2011 - Letter from Alex to Ilene Proctor, with her suggested contract

This was one of the reasons Alex fired Proctor.  Ilene, who had been introduced to the Manchesters my Melinda, wanted to cut her and Raye out of the Michael Jackson deal.

to proctor, theduchessofma., me, raelon
Dear Miss Proctor
I will discuss signing this contract with you when we arrive in LA I need to have the contract explained in more detail to my self.
I am wanting to know about all of the details that I have mentioned to you for example all what I have mentioned to you being all of the PR as you have described to me in Las Vegas all of the assistance you can give to Milinda with the book and, also the assistance with the Jackson Video sale that is owned and kept in a trust account that I manage.
I personally am the original photographer producer etc of this Video but it is kept in a Trust account for safety so this video can not be stolen especially after the large sums of money I have been offered in the past for this Video.
I am very anxious to get this contract completed in detail next week and signed.
we will be arriving in LA next Tuesday and able to attend meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday before we will be leaving the state and returning home.
Once again I am very anxious to get this contract signed with your self as soon as possible but it needs to be done with profession like your self and I am very much looking forward to seeing you next week.
If you can please send to my self as early as possible are meeting schedule for the few days we will be in LA I do hope that you can get this schedule to me in the next hours this afternoon

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

220 Newport Center Drive
Suit # 11
Newport Beach
California 92660
United States of America

Fax Number (707)897-2713

Sat Phone Number from USA 011 881 631676381


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the Duchess of Manchester and when on this site view the flicker page link

Pursuant to Treasury Regulations, any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this communication, unless otherwise stated, is not intended and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.

The information contained in this E-mail or fax message is privileged, confidential, and may be protected from disclosure; please be aware that any other use, printing, copying, disclosure or dissemination of this communication may be subject to legal restriction or sanction. If you think that you have received this
E-mail or fax message in error, please reply to the sender.

This E-mail or fax message and any attachments have been scanned for viruses and are believed to be free of any virus or other defect that might affects any computer system into which it is received and opened. However, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that it is virus free and no responsibility is accepted by Alexander Montagu Manchester
, Christopher Dale Flannery or Global Atlantic, International Security INT for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use
In a message dated 2011-09-29 6:43:42 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:



www: Ilene Proctor
September 29,2011
To: Alexander Montagu Manchester

9427 Charleville Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


This memorandum reflects the agreement under which the client Alexander Montagu Manchester and Ilene Proctor and Associates (Publicists) will proceed. Client shall retain Ms. Proctor under the financial and procedural arrangements set forth below.
Concerning the properties of Michael Jackson owned by the Duke of Manchester , Ilene Proctor has the exclusive right to negotiate and sell the videos with the consent and approval of the Duke in return for a finder’s fee of 20% of the selling price.   This contract is restricted to the sale of the Michael Jackson video and does not involve public relations, which can be negotiated separately.
To use the media as an active medium rather than a passive one. In this age of information, the ability to attract and inform are equally important.  It is this marriage of attraction and information that Ilene PRoctor & Associates has specialized in developing.
If you peruse my website: http:// you will see a long list of my clients and their testimonial letters regarding my services. I have gotten my clients on literally thousands of radio shows, and hundreds of mainstream TV shows such as Good Morning America , Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, 60 Minutes ,etc. New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today etc. Plus Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Billboard, Ebony, Forbes, Fortune, etc. . My media list also includes hundreds of blog connections and I work that assiduously.
Sign below to indicate agreement:

Client :  Alexander Montagu Manchester
date: 8/30/2011
PUBLICIST: Ilene PRoctor                                      date: 8/30/2011


Impossible, you say.   But with public relations it’s not only possible, it’s probable when you know how to use the media as the medium to reach out and touch millions of consumers.
We live in a world where information is power and communication is the conduit for that power.  The global village is now a reality.  This means that for marketing a product good public relations are no longer an option, it is a necessity.
The value of publicity cannot be underestimated in the highly volatile world of business.  How a particular product or personality is presented to the public can have a huge impact on success or failure.
No matter how good your product or client is, or how wonderful your information is, unless people know about its value, you’re not getting your message to the masses of people who can benefit.
Evidence of the agency's expertise can be found in the thousands of stories it has generated for clients, including news coverage by CNN, ABC News, CBS News, the Associated Press, Dow Jones News, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, People, the Washington Post, and hundreds of industry and professional publications.   
If a product isn’t seen, it can’t be experienced.   And if it isn’t seen and experienced it won’t be believed.  So, we begin with the problem of visibility, of working to strip away the nonessentials so that your efforts to become recognized will become reality.  Don’t become missing in inaction.

            We all agree that without a destination, it’s hard to know where you’re going.  Public Relations is the business that not only knows where you’re going, but helps to chart the best course for your going there.  You can be the best or have the best products in the world, but without the spotlight, nobody will know.  We will help you not only obtain recognition for your product but also build sales, boost your bottom line, define and create an image, and help establish yourself as an expert in your field…. at a fraction of the cost of many PR agencies.

Savvy business owners attribute a 55% to 100% increase in their business strictly to PR.  After a public relations campaign brought a client of Ms. Proctor attention to Harper’s Bazaar (circulation 700,000), the salon received 2,475 calls as a result and a few new clients drove hundreds of miles for their services ever since.
Another time, the Los Angeles Police Department contacted Ms Proctor to help them sell a 37,000-seat concert fund-raiser they were doing with Linda Ronstadt.  Their problem: they were telemarketing the tickets and when someone on the phone heard they were the police, they found every excuse under the sun, moon and stars to get off the phone.  The LAPD tried to sell tickets for six months, and for all their efforts, only 300 were sold.   An additional dilemma: they only had one month left.   My solution: I obtained a major 5 column article on page two in the Los Angeles Times (circulation 22 million) with a story that showed poor the Sergeant in charge sitting at his desk, stacked to the rafters with unsold tickets to the concert.  The implied message was that he couldn’t do his important police work until the tickets were sold.  Result: We sold out the concert in one day...36,700 tickets. True story.
Here’s a great one. Ms Proctor was asked by The United Nations General Assembly to do a fund-raiser for Bosnian woman and children with Sophia Loren as Hostess.  Problem: As the situation in Yugoslavia was in crisis, the event had to be prepared in as little as two weeks time. This kind of event usually takes at least four months preparation.  Solution: Sophia Loren and a lot of other celebs were sent to every major television, radio and newspaper in Los Angeles to inform everyone of the event.   We also did a press conference just prior to the event.   Result: We raised $3 million dollars in one night.   That’s the power of PR.

Consider this for a moment; everyday millions of Americans can hardly wait to read the newspaper or tune in the news, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to build on that eagerness to trigger action on behalf of your products. 

Be aware: the next time you pick up your local newspaper or turn on TV and find out about a story of say the latest nutritional news, look for the source of information. Chances are the “expert” quoted is a business person like yourself.  But why is your competition in articles while you’re not?  The clue is public relations, which is behind almost every media mention that you read.  But don’t fret and don’t regret - our publicity campaigns can get you to be - the ‘expert’ in the media too.

But publicity doesn’t just happen overnight.  There’s a saying: “It sometimes it takes months of hard work to become an ‘overnight success ’”.  Publicity requires effort, attention to detail, product knowledge, creativity and salesmanship.  Once you learn to think like a publicist, ideas are out there waiting to happen. But, and this I can guarantee, as soon as our press releases are completed. There will be IMMEDIATE press attention. I am that confident in my ability to generate  media results.

To publicize an Italian restaurant, Ms Proctor saturated their press release heavily with a mixture of garlic and other heady aromas, so when the editors picked up the release and read “PLEASE DO NOT EAT THIS PRESS RELEASE” they were so delighted they called her immediately to make a reservation for a review.  For another restaurant, ANDRIA’S HARBORSIDE in Santa Barbara, her plethora of publicity resulted in multiple awards from Elmer Dills to the California Restaurant Writer’s Association to the Southern California Restaurant Writer’s Association, etc.

The art of masterful public relations is in creative marketing.  For a very shy fashion designer, Ms Proctor created the first Feng Shui fashion collection.  The concept is not only totally mediagenic as it is a first for using this cosmic oriental philosophy in fashion; it also worked to overcome the innate reticence of my client so that she actually became a very enthusiastic spokesperson.  The result, a huge media bonanza.

Perhaps the greatest compliment a publicist can have is when the media hires them to help publicize one of its own projects.  In this case the bureau chief of CNN Ruben Olague hired Ms Proctor to publicize his documentary, “Silent France.” Also, several media personalities have recommended her to clients and on her own referral list; Ms Proctor includes several members of the media.

Client :   Alexander Montagu Manchester
date: 9/28/2011
PUBLICIST: Ilene PRoctor                                      date: 9/11/2011

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