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October 8th 2011 - Working Correspondance relating to Jackson Videos

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

to Rayelan
Unique Film Property Offered for Sale

Viewings of the footage take place by appointment only
Contact: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
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His Grace, Alexander, The Duke of Manchester, was first introduced to Michael Jackson in the 1980’s by a close mutual friend, Elizabeth Taylor. Over the years his Grace filmed Michael in a number of locations as the two discussed their personal lives, their families, and the world at large. All of these filmings were spontaneous, informal, and therefore far more real than other material on Michael's life stretching over the decades.
The film offered chronicles an dialog between the two men, one a hereditary peer of England, the 13th to hold the title of Duke of Manchester, and the other a music icon. 
The film did not include Jackson's family, except for Katherine and Janet. Michael is shown in personal intimate settings, sharing his private thoughts spontaneously and naturally within a friendship of many years.
There are over 2 hours of personal moments with Michael, allowing the viewer to see Michael as he really was. 
Proceeds from the sale will be used to fund two projects which will continue the work undertaken by his Grace's cousin, Diana, Princess of Wales. The first has been undertaken by Laura, Duchess of Manchester, allowing Americans to tell their stories of struggle in these difficult times. The second is headed by His Grace for the purpose of helping veterans to heal from the traumas of war and move on with their lives. 
His Grace and his wife, the Duchess, have both agreed to the sale.
This is a unique body of work with historic value.

Back Story - [The Duke was invited to the funeral for Diana, Princess of Wales, who is a cousin. The Princess had often stayed with Lord Alex at his home in Los Angeles. The two shared common concerns and discussed the work in which Princess Diana was then involved with land mines.

Diana expressed to Lord Alex how emotionally difficult it was to pursue her work against land mines and her hopes for change. The Duke was very supportive of this work, agreeing absolutely with the Princess on the need for change and peace.

Elizabeth Taylor, who introduced his Grace, then Viscount of Manchester, to Michael Jackson in the early 80's, and Jackson, asked to accompany the Duke to the funeral and were with him in London on the occasion. Both were asked by Buckingham Palace not to attend the actual funeral for fear their celebrity status would impact the funeral. Both Taylor and Jackson agreed and did not personally attend.]

Description - These segments were taken in one of the three Hyatt Hotels in London immediately after His Grace, the Duke of Manchester, returned from the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. One of the segments include Michael Jackson playing Hide and Seek with His Grace's son, Alexander who had traveled to London with his father, the Duke, and was in the care of his nanny during the funeral.

Approximately 35 Minutes of Hide and Seek, Alexander Jr. and Michael Jackson

Neverland, Michael Jackson at Neverland

 Description – These segments are effectively home movies taken by His Grace, Alexander, the Duke of Manchester, and were filmed in every part of Neverland with Jackson as it was during his life. To the best of our knowledge these are the only existing films of Michael Jackson at home, being himself, as he talks to his Grace, who is, himself, filming the action and so is heard but not seen. Footage includes the films made at Neverland showing the light show from the Disneyland Electric Light Parade, acquired by Jackson when it was phased out by Disneyland. These were installed Neverland in the amusement park area and are shown in the video here offered for the only time. More significant than any interview, the footage reveals a friendship through the intimacy of shared moments spoken through image.

As you watch you see Michael exploring Neverland, playing hide-and-seek with Alexander, his Grace's son, and eating while the spontaneous dialog continues. This provides a unique perspective on Jackson and events then unfolding in this most relaxed, and private Jackson environment.

The National Enquirer approached the Duke several years ago in an attempt to purchase these videos. His Grace declined at that time. He is now offering these to extend the work of Princess Diana as well as that of Michael Jackson.

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