Friday, November 9, 2012

October 17, 2011 -The Ducal Apartment & Time Line

 Alex sent me these photos, taken on October 17, 2011, which he said showed what the apartment looked like at the time Laura left and he persuaded Raye to pay for his divorce.       

October 18 - Raye provides the money for Alex Montagu to divorce Laura Anne Smith, his wife of four years, who, temporarily, absconded with  the Michael Jackson Tapes. DIVORCE FILING

 To say this was startling and not at all what I expected is an understatement.  

This is one of the family Bibles which, I was told, are extremely valuable. 

A Boudoir Moment in the closet of Laura, Duchess of Manchester after she flew the coop. 

The Ducal bed chamber with all the accoutrements any Montagu expects. 

The Ducal Archive

The Ducal Sitting Room, next to the Ducal Kitchen (right)

Looking the other way in the Ducal Sitting Room, more archival Materials, very valuable.

The Ducal, um, pile of unwashed clothing. 

The Ducal Library (guess the Ducal Librarian had the day off)

More very valuable books from the Manchester Collection, 
under the care of the Ducal Curator

Don't we all store random papers in antique books with delicate bindings? 


  1. It looks like the future 14th Duke of Manchester has quite a task ahead of him restoring the family honour. That said, a title of nobility without vast estates is pretty meaningless, but that does not mean it can't be done. The current Duke of Marlborough, for example, was a complete waster as a young man, but is under the firm hand of his half-brother with the result that Blenheim will remain in the Spencer-Churchill family for at least the next couple of generations. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with being "high born"; its a gift once squandered is hard to regain.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree with you. The wealth that matters are the values which create our actions. There is none of this in Alex. We can hope his son does a better job.