Friday, November 9, 2012

October 14th, 2011 - Alex demands book back from Ilene

to proctor, theduchessofma., me, raelon
 Ms. Proctor,

I understand from Jeff that the Jackson book was intended as a gift to myself and Laura. That being the case please be so kind as to return it to Jeff forthwith.

I have hoped that our relations could be civil upon parting and that your use of my name for your own purposes would cease.

In hopes I am not to be disappointed,
My self and many other people do not agree in your communistic propaganda my suggestion is that you go back to Iran and preach this Crap there
The USA is a country for people with dreams and legal justice and people like your self do not belong causing KAOS in your lies here or in the UK

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

220 Newport Center Drive
Suit # 11
Newport Beach
California 92660
United States of America

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