Friday, November 9, 2012

October 22nd 2011 - Alex is hung over and off his meds evidently

to me, raelon
Dear Melinda
Hi  I went to a movie yesterday I saw the THING it was OK just a bit slow.
I am coming up your way tomorrow for a couple of days I spoke to Ray this morning I tried to call you a couple of times but your phone was busy
I am really hung over today
I was going to leave early tomorrow morn and needed to know the address were to meet you
I am excited to meet you finally I feel so bad today   I now remember why I do not drink.
Do you want my breakfast Lunch Dinner and snack menu   yet HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
I am just looking forward to meeting you and I do not want to discuss any thing negative nothing I will bring the computer thing.
wile I am up there we can set up the military equipment etc site I was going to set up the e-mail thing but could not figure it out do I need a password or anything can you walk me through how to set it  up so I can get e-mails etc on it so I can stop the AOL account
Cant wait to see you tomorrow
Love Alex

Alexander Montagu Manchester
His Grace the 13th Duke Manchester

220 Newport Center Drive
Suit # 11
Newport Beach

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