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November 10th, 2012 Response to the Manchester - Franklin - Gell Cabal

The group of us who have been, cooperatively, working on exposing the Manchester – Franklin – Gell Cabal over the last months agreed some time ago to approach the issue in phases. It was very predictable the MFG Cabal would start endlessly repeating themselves, one of these retreads being the imminent publication of 'proof.' Since this gets old fast we decided on beginning the more efficient approach, of which you have seen some elements.

BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS: The reason this site, and the related sites, exist is to allow potential victims access to the facts. Google the names of the MFG Cabal Members and you will see why they are growing more desperate.

The time has now come to provide an outline for what you an expect from each of these people.

Google These:
Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester – 29 convictions for felonies in Australia. Exposed himself as a bigamist because he hoped to get trust money for himself then going to his two small children. TIME LINE

WHEN YOU MEET ALEX: He is effusive and friendly, though he brags non-stop about his family's wealth, former wealth but he neglects to mention that, instead introducing the benefits of assisting him to fight the Trustees who are living lavishly on the wealth which should be his. Then comes the requests for loans of money, cars, living space, and other bankable goods.
HIS EXIT STRATEGY: After Alex has what he wants, or if you ask loans be repaid, he explodes, picking fights which allow him to stop speaking to you. Then he keeps it that way. This is a strong indicator of the motivators provided by Craig Franklin, et al.

Laura, Duchess of Manchester – No visible means of support, no resume. Cannot write to save her life. Lied when she claimed to have been raised in Laguna Beach. She was raised in Holly, Michigan, evidently. Craig's comment to soft porn star Regina Russell is even more accurate in Laura's case, after all, Regina is a working actress.  Craig's comment to Regina was, “You're sitting on your only asset.”

Laura does not appear to be a psychopath, just desperate to find someone to support her and her kitties.

WHEN YOU MEET LAURA: Laura tries to snow you with her pretensions of social adequacy but talks too much for this to work for long. Laura dropped out of high school, where, clearly, nothing had sunk in since sometime in Primary School. She will remain agreeable as long as she is getting something from you.
HER EXIT STRATEGY: Just leaves. Is always looking for another mark.

Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin See Incest Porn. According to Bug, an anonymous individual who contacted me with news about Craig, Franklin is now freed of structure (meaning a job) and preparing to become a film star. Here is the communication from  BUG

WHEN YOU MEET CRAIG: Craig is actually bumptiously charming when you first meet him. Or he was. It sounds, from all reports, he traded charm for cash long since. If you are not young, blond, and female, especially very, very young, around 12, the charm will probably be turned off.
HIS EXIT STRATEGY: Craig very much enjoys leaving his former Significant Others gasping in pain. Some of the pain is emotional, but a good deal is physical as he is enjoys rape and battery along with walking off with, or destroying, anything you cherish. His dominant sexual fantasy is raping a young girl, perferably a virgin, who trusts and believes in him.

Morgan Pillsbury Gell Dropped out of school when she was 13. Raised hell with her grandparents, who had adopted and indulged her. Was dumped first on their oldest daughter, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, who then, for reasons both shocking and vulgar, dumped her on her biological mother, Melinda, when she was 19. TIMELINE

WHEN YOU MEET MORGAN: Morgan is charming as long as you are useful. She is also extremely devious. I knew an old man she called her grandfather who she stole from routinely. If you shake hands, count your fingers.
HER EXIT STRATEGY: Morgan prefers keeping the door open so she can prey, prey, prey again.

Jay E. GellJay is most likely the 'handler' assigned to control Morgan by Karl Rove, acting to immunize John Fund. My own acquaintance with him was limited to some interviews for a book in which I fictionalized him as the character, “Coop.” Jay told me he was an expert with writing legal papers. I believed him. His 'associate,' Robert Evan (Van) Hughes, told me he was alright with research but said he did not trust Jay to actually write legal papers. Certainly the legal writing he did for Morgan and once for me was, shall we say, less than adequate. Both he and Hughes claimed, separately and in conflict, to be the originator of the Justice Coalition, a long established group in Florida who has no knowledge of either of them.

Given the kind of associates who turned up with Hughes it is most likely Hughes was a corporate raider, not a legitimate businessman. Jay seems to have functioned as his flunky.

WHEN YOU MEET JAY: He brags about his legal abilities and his multitudinous skills. Don't hold your breath, the reality does not match.
EXIT STRATEGY: Jay has the filthiest mouth in the South. His aim is to traumatize and so immobilize. He also threatens to sue you but this can be overlooked.

Statements presented without documentation is not a fact. Every member of the MFG Cabal has been shown, over and over again, to lie like a rug. Lying is the basic skill set for psychopaths. By exposing the lies we, the people who survived their past predatory behavior, became targets. We accepted this because we needed to protect ourselves from future lies by members of the MFG Cabal and because our court system is entirely incapable to coping with the strategies used by psychopaths.

You can visit Laura's newest attempt at Doxie Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. Expect to see more of the same old, tired, attempts at defamation without a claim there will, at some time in the distant future, be some 'documentation.'

Raye asked me to assist them on August 25th, 2011. Immediately thereafter she gave Laura my phone number. Laura called and persuaded me to start right then. That night the site went up. Here is Laura's reaction the next morning.

In all, I spent the next six or seven weeks focused on their needs and was very willing to write the whole thing off. It was their behavior after they teamed up with Craig, Morgan and Jay which changed my attitude.

See Declaration to the FBI in its original form.

My present position is at MacPherson Investment Group. My title is: Vice President, Rebuild America. I'm also still a columnist for the Lone Star Iconoclast. See article(s) on the Lone Star Iconoclast site and the Wiki.

I find locations for sustainable investments and other potential clients and put packages together. These are then partnered with investors who are alive to the present instability of the stock market and our financial institutions.

I am legally disabled, this having been determined by Social Security and through objective, medical examinations. I have heart problems and am close to being legally blind and have incapacitating migraines. But I, by God, do my duty to my son. He has no one else. Family members very often abandon those who become a burden and this happened to both of us.

I am the full time caretaker for my son, Arthur Edward Foster, who is also legally disabled. Arthur was assessed and found to be permanently disabled. See letters from his attending physicians.

Arthur bought his motorcycle himself, aided and encouraged by Ronald Foster (AKA Kellett) now of Seal Beach, California. I was very opposed to Arthur having a motorcycle, especially when he was young. Ronald knew this and also enabled highly negative behavior in Arthur in those years they saw each other. It was Ronald who left him alone with a loaded gun, instead of, as he had promised, keeping an eye on him. Arthur was to have entered a program for depression the next day when, on Sunday, March 22, 1998, he shot himself through the brain.

The only time Ronald spent at the hospital was in support meetings which were for the sole benefit of 'family members.' Ron lives walking distance from the hospital but otherwise ignored Arthur until he was ambulatory, many, many months later. Ron contributed to Arthur's recovery in no positive way whatsoever.

Without my knowledge, Arthur severed his relationship with Ronald several years ago.

Laura's comments are so inane as to defy belief. Can any emotionally functional human being be so dense? This is clearly projection. Alex and Laura have no interest in Alex's son, who no longer receives a stipend from the Manchester Trust, but they constantly engage in pathetic attempts to gain custody of the younger child, a daughter. This is simply for the money.

These attempts have included calls to the CPS, who call Wendy to report the contact, come out to chat, and close the case. Everyone knows what is going on.

To the Manchesters Child = Money. It is different with normal people.

I have not ridden a motorcycle since Jimmy Dean gave me a ride home from Mar Vista Park on his Indian.

See article(s) on the Lone Star Iconoclast site and the Wiki
On Ilene Proctor. Some emails are up on the site now. Others will be going up and accessible through the time line. None of the things she said are true. The August 1st Email shows the quality of work I provided to Ilene, generally free of charge because I believed in the work. Then see the Contract she proposed which cut out myself and Raye Allen for her benefit.

1st - Email from Ilene Proctor thanking Melinda for Brilliant Review of Bugliosi
          30thAlex responds to Ilene's suggestion for a contract cutting out Melinda and Raye.

           3RdAlex cans Ilene Proctor

The Duke asked me to take notes whenever we talked, even if I was not formally interviewing him. I generally did so, but the conversations became highly repetitive. I also spent even more time on the phone with his wife, Laura. The conversations were pointless, time fillers. Laura went on about her cats, the Manchester estates and funds which they could not access, and the jewelry, which was not available to them, or on her personal life and prior love interests. Laura began drinking about the time the Duke went to bed and from that point on became increasingly loquacious and incoherent on a regular basis.  

Neither of the Montagus expressed interest in anything but their own personal affairs. Since the relationship was professional I accepted this as a matter of course. Taking notes and researching the background of the title and family continued to be my focus as I put up a website for them.

August – 2011
    25th  - Laura calls Melinda for the first time, Melinda's number provided to Laura by Raye Smith. 
                      26thEmail from Laura to Melinda regarding website.

The “use only the parts you want to obfuscate what was really said” Technique.

What appears below is an email entirely authored by Raye. I was on the road at the time and she did not discuss it with me until some time later. For the record, I never thought Laura had murdered Alex and buried him in the desert. My conversations with the Dolt had long since raised questions about his mental capacity and moral values. I thought Laura was desperate and dingy, nothing worse.

According to Wendy, who was married to Alex for over 15 years, Alex believes being asked to pay for anything is 'extortion.'  He always has a reason why he should not have to make good on his debts, expressing outrage when asked money loaned be returned or for to make good on bounced checks, for instance.  

Regarding the website I put up for the Manchesters:  I did not know them from Adam.  They asked for a site.  I provided it.  They have worked through a series of rationalizations and justifications for having welched on their promises to pay me even though I never bothered to as much as file a claim in small claims court.  

If the site had been the only issue and they had not partnered with Craig I would simply had moved on.  There is no point in trying to squeeze money out of a rock.

But by their own actions the Manchesters forced me to revisit the issue.  I dug in and did more research.  

I researched German Bearer Bonds, which Alex said he possessed in plentitude.  These, he said, were worth billions but he needed help in cashing them in.  See this site for more on this issue. 

The Michael Jackson Tapes were given, as a gift, to Wendy Montagu whle the two were, by California law, married.  These are, therefore, her separate property.  Alex has no right to them.  Additionally, the tapes have been posted and in the public domain for at least two years, long before I met Alex.  So he was actually attempting to involve me in a fraud he was committing by offering them at all.  

I agree with Raye on this issue.  The accusations seen in this post, dated November 15, 2011. THIS POST could not have been written by Laura. As bad as the writing is, it is too literate for her to have produced. Knowing now about the developing 'relationship' between the Manchesters and Craig Franklin, it is obviously Craig's work, pretending to be dumb and illiterate.  

The entire letter was not reproduced by Laura but appears below.


to Lmontymont

Hello all of you who have received this as a BCC. To understand what this is about… you will have to read the email from Laura who is using Alex’s email and pretending to be him. It is at the bottom of this email. She really screwed up this time… I bolded the area where she screwed up. I think you will all get a good laugh! I did.
It’s obvious that she didn’t write all of it herself because it is far too literate for Laura. I suspect that Melinda’s ex husband, Craig is the one who wrote the first part.
Hello Laura,
Since I  have not heard from Alex in weeks, I did what he asked me to  do with the dvd. I mailed to Al Kidd. Alex told me he was taking all of the videos to Al to store in Al’s vault so they would be safe.
Having made contact again with Al Kidd, I sent the original video  to him at the address he designated. He was very willing to act as a trusted intermediary. If you want the video back, you can get it back from Al.
Laura, I can tell that this is YOU writing these emails from Alex’s account. I can also tell that you have fallen under Craig’s spell. Have you gone to bed with him yet? Did he pay you? He normally likes much younger women. You are probably too old for him. I cannot believe that you have fallen under the control of this perverted scum bag.
As for the work I did on the video… I spent 56 hours. I have never been paid for the time spent or for the programs I needed to buy to do the work.
Melinda and I have talked and agreed to put this behind us. Your threats, written and transmitted will be held in safe keeping. We now understand, having discussed the matter with counsel, these emails are a form of extortion. They are also libelous. But we have no interest in pursuing the matter unless you make it necessary to do so.
Having read the most recent article appearing in the Orange County papers regarding Alex, we want no further contact with either of you. The Michael Jackson material on my computer will be permanently deleted, if in the next month, both of us are not paid for work done at the rates we normally charge.
I have calculated you owe me, for money advanced and work done, $23.000.00. You owe Melinda $12,540.00, for work on website you stole without payment and for writing the Michael Jackson presentation.  Which… if you use and we find out, you will be sued. And by the way… I have excellent clips of Michael playing hide and seek with young Alex… and riding the ferris wheel and driving bumper cars… all with Michael. I also have excellent stills. But in one month I am permanently deleting them unless you somehow arrange payment for them.
Oh… but you know so many people. You know need the work I have done. You have people who can do it a thousand times better than I could ever have done it, don’t you? So, when Al send you the DVD, take it to one of your friends and see how quickly they can get you stills and clips.(missing text)
I don't know that I have ever been more disappointed in a human being. What happened to you Laura. Were you born like this?
Laura, what have you done with Alex? Do you keep so drugged he can’t get out of bed or did you take out in the desert and bury him? Or are we soon going to hear that he has killed himself? Have you been working the entire time for his mother? Or maybe for the Trustees. What did they promise you? You know they will never deliver anything to you.
You have already sold your soul to the Devil. I hope you like it down there.
Rae (text appearing at the top of Laura's post)

(Text which did not appear) p.s. Alex… if this was really you who wrote this email… when and where did you marry this man 23 years ago. I didn’t think it was legal for same sex marriage anywhere.

And Laura… you told everyone you had never been married. You even told Alex this.

Maybe you didn‘t write this: . i married a man just like that. he too has not moved on in 23 years.
Maybe Craig wrote the entire email for you. Since it’s far too literate to have been either you or Alex.

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