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October 29th 2011 - Melinda Responds to further harassment by Alex

to Rayelan, Lmontymont

. "Seventh Voice," which is publicly available, has been studied by experts who found no contradictions with what is actually known. Raye certainly believes it.  If you had ever asked me I would have told you about it though I had no obligation to do so.  Many people have spiritual experiences, these are not a crime, though fraud, grand theft, and prostitution are viewed rather differently, just so you know. 

Raye commented that you never asked about her other interests, either.  Perhaps you should have asked - or done a Google search earlier, before asking for, and receiving so many unpaid favors, gifts and loans.  I certainly wish I had not trusted you. 

I am also the grand-daughter of an inventor who is responsible for technologies you use every day.  You did not know that either, not being interested in anything but yourself and your own problems.  I've been the president or CEO of many organizations, chaired large meetings, am practiced in parliamentary procedure, and have done talk radio for five years.  I have also had scripts optioned and produced film which received acclaim and managed 24 campaigns - while raising five children. 

Most of my books and articles are available openly online.  SEE?    I'm a columnist.  I write articles.  I review and write books.  The subject matter is varied, from spiritual issues to politics, to science, investments, monetary reform, poetry, and neurobiology.  Take a look at my other websites. 

Vincent Bugliosi used my review for quotes in his subsequent paperback for his most recent book, Divinity of Doubt because it was the only intellectually challenging review anyone provided. 

I have stolen nothing.  I took down the sites I put up to keep Laura entertained, for which I was not paid, after hearing from Al Kidd the slanders she conveyed about me and Raye.  Al recorded them.  He willingly played the tape for me and Rayelan. Al's opinion of Laura was far less favorable than those you have most recently expressed to me and Raye, which startled both of us. He was nothing but relieved you had dumped her. 
Laura, who you have said is a sex worker, was still turning tricks while married to you, by your report.  Mind you, not a high end sex worker, but one who rolled her 'Johns, ' having picked them up after midnight on the strip.  You commented she was getting wrinkled and too old for the work within the last two weeks.  By your report, Laura was stealing from you to the tune of millions.  You felt unsafe in your own home as, by your report, you knew she was secreting papers and valuable materials.  She tried to steal your most valuable asset, the Michael Jackson tapes, again by your report to the police, and to Rayelan.  She maligned Al Kidd to both me and Raye continuously.

I took notes, naturally, as I always do when we talk.  Let's imagine the media reports if Laura the Hooker Duchess  complained I had 'stolen' jpegs which are still in her computer and on her 'Duchess of Manchester site,'  unless, as she told me so many times, you were the one who stole them.  Go on, it would be interesting to watch. 

There is nothing online which I have written about you EXCEPT what is on the website you have taken over without reimbursing me. On that site the only mention of your marital history is taken directly from The Peerage, a simple recounting of genealogy, with changes from the Peerage to accord with what YOU told me.  You were asked to review the page before it was public.  What rational objection could you have to what is there?  Below from site

"Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester was born on 11 December 1962.1 He married Wendy Dawn Buford, daughter of Michael Buford, in 1992.1
     He is the son of Angus Charles Drogo Montagu, 12th Duke of Manchester and Mary Eveleen McClure.1,2 He was educated at Geelong Grammer School, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.1 He was educated at Kimbolton School, Cambridgeshire, England.1 He was president of Global Atlantic Investments and Summit Investments Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI.1 He succeeded to the title of 16th Earl of Manchester, co. Lancaster [E., 1626] on 25 July 2002.1 He succeeded to the title of 16th Viscount Mandeville [E., 1620] on 25 July 2002.1 He succeeded to the title of 13th Duke of Manchester [E., 1719] on 25 July 2002.1 He succeeded to the title of 16th Baron Kimbolton of Kimbolton, co. Huntingdon [E., 1620] on 25 July 2002.1 He lived in 2003 at 537 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, California, U.S.A..1
Marion Stoner, no information available, went through a form of marriage with  Alexander when he was 21.  Stoner was then  twenty years older.  Alexander believed the ceremony was a joke.  The two never lived together.  The marriage was reported annulled within months.  Lady Mary Montagu, Alexander's mother, reported being  "blackmailed by this Marion and I have not had any details of her since I handed over the cash and the documents."  via email. See Trust Betrayed.
Wendy Dawn
Buford, the daughter of Michael Buford.1 They were married May 7, 1993.  Their son, Alexander, was born five days later.   From 1992, her married name became Montagu.1 As a result of her marriage, Wendy Dawn Buford was styled as Duchess of Manchester on 25 July 2002.
     She was divorced from Alexander in 2005 and as of this date, August 26, 2011, remains single and living in the San Diego area.  See Trust Betrayed.

Laura Ann Smith, daughter of Marvin Smith and Frances Smith of Laguna Beach, California, married Alexander on September 21, 2007.  Divorced, October 2011." 

I tried to rewrite the entry on Wikipedia but until accurate material is published, with references, elsewhere, that is not possible.  I told Laura the changes I tried to make were rejected by Wikipedia.  Otherwise, I cannot imagine what you are talking about. 

If you Google "Duke of Manchester" and "Pillsbury-Foster" this is what comes up. Every entry is there simply because I am a host on Rumor Mill News Radio with no connection and no comments what so ever.  Zero. 

  1. "RAYEDIO Lounge / Radio RMN - Alex, the 13th Duke of Manchester ...
    Feb 15, 2011 – ... Eben Rey, Patrick McGean, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, Field McConnell ... Legitimate heir to land owned by the Duke of Manchester, ...
  2. 13th Duke Of Manchester | RAYEDIO Lounge

    NEXT SHOW. 11AM PDT: Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, host. Click here to email your radio questions. Click here to enter the chat room. Call in number: (208) 935- ..."
You now owe me for the site, for which you expressed delight and admiration to several individuals.  .I suppose I should file for the money in small claims court.  Somehow I doubt you are good for it. 


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