Friday, November 9, 2012

October 16, 2011 - Laura writes a letter to Melinda and Raye

to me, Rayelan
Dear Melinda,and Raye

This DVD has been around from the day I met him. He had  it in boxes named anyone who helped us move could have even took it a long time ago.   We have had the DVD for years!
He has been off his paxil for longer than I think he is saying. He has had these episodes before. He wants to be normal. He's already paranoid
Here is where lam at the shelter. Let Alex know. He always takes care and kicks me out in the street. NO car I sold it for US to get the apartment and get across country. NO money he won't and does not want me to do anything but help him. But we have one car. Any money we get goes to his things..Meds,  His car is in his name, I have NO keys to the car or the house. He never gave me a key to the car. Just a trunk key?
He buys things here and there and hides them when I have nothing.  He lied.   I have the voice mail where he says he found his stupid CD in the bottom of my boxes? Yesterday!  That is a lie too! I sent you the Voice mail. Why would I take our own property. I have known where this video has been for YEARS....We have taken it everywhere across country, Michigan, California! He Misplaced it and went nuts! Although he has many copes.  I called. Some of my people They did not want the DVD.  A lot of people at Sony didn't even call me back?  Alex knows this. I'm not stupid about business.Stealing it would be a huge law suit and dealing with Alex would be worse....It would not be smart NOR would I be able to do it. My computer does not have a cd compartment in it. He lied.

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