Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loans to Alexander, Duke of Manchester by Raye Smith

Ship date

Wednesday Oct 19, 2011

Delivery date

Monday Oct 24, 2011 11:14 AM

Monday 24th - 16 hours
Started working on this at noon on Monday Worked until 4am.

Tuesday 25th –   16 hours
Started working at noon – worked until 4am

Wednesday  26th ….  16 hours  Same schedule as Tuesday
Thursday  27th   --  11 hours  --
Due to hosting a worldwide three hour radio show which ended at 5pm, I could not start working on the video until 6pm. I had to find a program that made screen shots. I found one. Made a few screen shots and sent them to His Grace, Duke Alexander. I then worked  until  5am  finding the best screen shots  I could on a video with very poor resolution.

Total hours =  59 – but it truly feels like a hundred because it was extremely tedious work.

Cost of shipping video with three computers was  $99.99 Receipt  included
Computers were so badly damaged they could NOT be salvaged but I found this out after investing $250.00 in parts. Parts that had to be specially ordered and are not returnable.

Money for food sent through WESTRN UNION*CALL CASH
Money sent through Walmart Money because His Grace, Lord Alexander needed to have money for his divorce immediately.
Sent                      $375.00
Walmart Charge $23.00
Total charge       $398.00

Money sent through Walmart Money to buy his prescription Paxil plus gas money to  drive to California to work with Melinda.
Sent: $350.00
Fees:  $23.00
Total:  $373.00
ty      Item    Options Price
1       Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate Gadss
Item # x-video-converter-ultimate6--
gadss               $59.95 USD
Amount  $59.95 USD

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