Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Moment of Good Cheer for Alex and Laura

Hey Laura and Alex!

It has been over six months since you moved to another location, doubtless because your creditors had again caught up with you. We assume you told the District Attorney's office about your change of residence since, we understand they have an interest in ensuring they know where you are.

Those moves, of course, are expensive and Laura can only strap a few of those big plastic bags to her back at a time, you know. It occurred to us, me and Wendy and Marcus and......well, you know, the folks who are interested in watching as you melt down into goo.....that you might be feeling the itch and need money. 

Or, it could be that Alex is nervous about going to court with a public defender.  We can think of lots of reasons you need money.  You might even still be having trouble with the Butt Lift you had just after you left Wendy, Alex.  Could be!  

It really started after your father died, Alex, and while life did not change for Wendy or the children you began to focus on your appearance. A normal person would exercise – but who ever said you were normal?

Over the years you had gained considerable weight and began using Human Growth Hormone to stave off the appearance of aging, which is always compounded when you ignore such issues as good nutrition and exercise.

Then, in the winter of 2003 you announced you had 'back problems' from injuries caused by your job at Nordic Security. Surgery to alleviate the problem would take place at Tri-City Regional Medical Center.  You asked Wendy to drive you, which she did. When Wendy went in to pick you up she asked the attending nurse how the back surgery had gone. Wendy said the nurse stared at her and said you not had back surgery, but a gastric bypass. The nurse was standing so she could not see Alex waving to get her attention and indicating she should not tell Wendy.

You did lose weight. But thereafter you claimed to have been injured while on active duty with the military to account for the scars, which Wendy says were not there before.

So, be honest, you need money, right?

Have you asked Craig (incest porn) Franklin to send you a check to pay the rent (or whatever)? It strikes us that the vitriol spewing forth comes from frustration with your inability to continue to con credulous and trusting people out of their hard-earned money. Certainly you and Craig (incest porn) Franklin shared some significant time together and were very, very closely associated in acts constituting conspiracy. People this close really ought to remain close, don't you think?

Certainly Craig has a plethora of funds, after all he hosted you in Santa Barbara at the Biltmore and, doubtless elsewhere. Have you asked nicely? Pretty mean of him not to share since he is funding movies and such out of his spare change.

Anne used to arrange 'dates' for Craig (incest porn) Franklin. Perhaps she could intervene in this case.

Just a thought, we are trying to be helpful, despite the astonishing lack of gratitude you two exhibit.

Now, on to another subject.

Both of you have been very naughty, you know. And so we all voted and decided it is time for some Consequences. So, here it is. Laura is going into the Stocks for Stalking us. 

            Laura is SMILING because, no matter what, she enjoys it when people look at her.  
                                         Are you going to court with Alex this time, Laura?   

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