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And now, about Nora Ephron and her example.

Because this actually touches on the maniacal behavior of the Manchester - Franklin – Gell Cabal I'm going to provide a longer and more complete answer than previously.

The following is a true and accurate statement regarding how Gigi, a wonderful woman who I had worked with for years, began loaning me money and why I have not yet, and I mean not yet, been able to repay her or her estate.

Gigi was my bookkeeper for a number of years while we were both active in Business and Professional Women, a national organization. For part of that time I was president of the local chapter while continuing to entirely support Morgan and believing the assurances of representatives from Green Hills Software, Inc., they would make good on paying me for dividends and purchase my stock when they went public.

Green Hills Software, Inc., Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, and others acted with the intention of doing anything possible, legal or illegal, to deny me my marital share of property at the time of the divorce in 1998 – 1999. Since Craig openly discussed the likelihood I would die with several people less closely involved, I can only assume Dan also eagerly anticipated hearing I had died. Certainly, the behavior of both O'Dowds at the time of Arthur's motorcycle accident and thereafter was oddly cold since, prior to this, relations had been warm.

Additionally, I later learned Green Hills settled sexual harassment law suits for Craig and then, when his behavior became too disruptive, refused to allow him to have contact with female employees. This is when he hired a girl from Los Angeles to come up once a week to provide tax and bookkeeping services for him, according to Anne Fisher, who was Craig's girl friend for many years during this period. 

They had paid an attorney in Los Angeles to write a 'new' stock option agreement, special for Craig.  This was fraud, allowed by the Anderle court.  Anderle is one of the growing number of judges who sell verdicts.  Today I know much more about the problems with our judicial system than I did in 2005.   

By 2004 I was struggling to care for Arthur as well, and at the time this meant attempting to get him rehabilitation and studying what was available, which was not much. Additionally, Justin was living with me and I was his sole support in terms of psychiatric care. This was a major expense. Craig refused to honor the order of the court to pay for this expense. Justin's problem was deep depression caused by the ugly and manipulative behavior carried out by his father, Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin.

Craig had been physically abusive both toward me and toward Justin during the marriage. At this point we, his therapist and I, believed it was very possible Justin could become suicidal.

At the same time, I was trying to find a way to honor the order of the court and become self-supporting while caring for one son, for whom I was full time caretaker, and another son, with major problems.  At the same time I was sole support for Morgan, who had been threatened by John Fund, gone into hiding, and required enormous financial and emotional support.  

In my attempts to ensure Green Hills would pay in October of 2004 I retained Robert Hughes, who had been introduced to me by Jay E. Gell. To say, as I later realized, Hughes was a crook, understates the case. Here is some small part of the attempts on my part, Justin's part, and others who Hughes had ripped off. SITE, A God Moment  

But I did not realize this until early 2008. I continued to trust him. In 2007 he told me he was taking steps to force payment. I have no idea what he actually did because I later realized he routinely lied and never sent documentation.

The lies were one aspect of his behavior which traumatized me. But he also continually promised to pay me for work done for him and never paid. He also did this to Gina de Miranda. Later, we found evidence he had taken our work, profited from it enormously, and simply not paid us.  We suspected there were others 'working' for him in this way.  In a similar way he ripped off my son, Justin, with no regard for the trust we placed in him.  

During this period, 2007, Hughes asked me to suspend my other work and work on a project he said would guarantee an income for me and enable me to pay my bills. He wanted me to get Gigi involved as well. I did, to my great regret.

Gigi had started paying my bills without my knowledge in early 2005. I did not know this for around six months. I was horrified, but enormously grateful. By then I was living at the cabin with Arthur, without heat, little food, and working constantly to find writing jobs. During this period I began trying to at least get disability for Arthur. But with the unreliability of the car and the impact of the extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which was the outcome of the train of abuses I suffered at the hands of the court in Santa Barbara, Green Hills Software, Inc., Hughes, Gell, and Morgan, this did not happen. I was nearly penniless.

Given the symptoms, I believe I suffered a stroke. I had no transportation to the hospital, no one to help except Arthur, who brought me water, until I could begin moving my hands again. I still suffer loss of sensation and limited use of my left side. This is one of the causes of my later receiving disability myself.

For a long time, months, I did not pick up the mail or answer the phone. I could not really talk and at the time my car was not working. A friend from Porterville dropped off groceries occasionally and when I had recovered enough I had the car towed. Another friend paid to have it repaired.

I did not want to tell Gigi what was happening. Even though I owed her much more than money she was my friend and I was afraid she would feel like she have to do something more. I could not bear to ask.

I should have ignored my pride and told her but I was not strong enough to do so. 

This was a terrifying time for me.  I thought constantly of what would happen to Arthur, if I died.   

If I had the money today I would repay Gig's family. I have not had even enough money to care for Arthur in more than the most minimum fashion. But this debt is one which will be honored and I work constantly to have the means to do so.    I have a list of debts. I will pay all of them, monetary and otherwise. Some people will be touched and delighted, since they told me not to bother.  Others, where the debt is both non-monetary and of the same nature of that owed by the Cabal, will be less joyous.  

What better use for any money I receive from writing the story of the Manchester – Franklin – Gell Conspiracy?

Much earlier, around 1993, Craig was lounging on our bed and I was working in the room. He was reading a book, “Heart Burn,” by Nora Ephron. If you are not familiar with the book you can read a short review. HERE

At the 7th month of her pregnancy, Nora Ephron learned that her husband had fallen in love with someone else. "The most unfair thing about this whole business," she writes, "is that I can't even date." That line sets the tone for this novel that Ephron based on her own marriage breakup. A court case resulted from the publication of this book, which tells you just how funny and potentially devastating it is. Her ex got a court order that she could never again write about him or their children. In the novel, instead of being a journalist, essayist, and humorist, the protagonist is a cookbook writer, so there are plenty of recipes sprinkled throughout. Published in 1983, Heartburn marked a turning point not only in Ephron's personal life but also in her writing career as she immediately gained entry into the film world as a writer, director, and producer. She wrote the screenplay for the movie based on this book - but don't see it. It's too angry; all the hilarity and subtle humor and caustic asides are missing.”

See, there is a precedent. And what is the likelihood any of the members of this cabal can write a book?

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