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Morgan, Craig and Alex, all psychopaths

This site, and the following sites are part of an ongoing effort to help people fight the psychopaths who prey on all of us. The specific individuals named below are psychopaths, or highly unethical individuals working with psychopaths, who joined together in a conspiracy. Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd and Morgan Gell – 1997, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and Laura, Duchess of Manchester – 2011 joined together to destroy me, which sounds melodramatic, but is actually pretty accurate.  

 Alexander, 13thDuke of Manchester, entrapped Wendy Buford Montagu in a fraudulent marriage in 1993 and in 2006 found Laura to help him strip her of everything she owned. When they joined together they all become co-conspirators in their attempts to destroy both Wendy and myself, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

Most run away. We fight back with the truth. We urge you to read their posts as nothing could be more revealing to their real characters.

It is essential for our own safety we understand how psychopaths see us. 
Believing what I am about to tell you can be an agonizing realization, I know that because I have been there. But for your own safety, and for the well-being and security of those you love who are normal, you need to wrap your mind around it.
The psychopath in your life may be to you a child, a brother, a parent or a spouse, but they see you as a domesticated animal, food, pleasure, or profit, on the hoof. They'll exert effort to keep you in shape for what they have planned, but have no doubt where you are headed. One day you will be simply 'harvested.'
Since their lives are, essentially and necessarily lived as a long lie to keep us complacent and producing for them.
Psychopaths may need, and attach to, normal people who allow them to seem more normal. That was the case both for myself and Wendy Buford Montagu. Comparing notes was very illuminating.
Wendy's husband, Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, was sofa-surfing, living on the never-to-be-realized expectations of people who were hosting him when he managed to grab onto Wendy, who was employed and had her own car. Wendy was, and is very attractive as well. Psychopaths looking for a victim generally want resources and stability. Wendy met his requirements. Additionally, she was young and of child-bearing age. Alex knew he would receive payments from the Manchester Trust for each child born.
He did not hesitate to deceive and then launch attempts to suck her dry, in every way he could devise. See LINK
For a psychopath, who cannot fully emulate human emotions having a spouse who acts as an interface to the world can be essential.
That was one of the functions I carried out, unwittingly, for my psychopathic husband, Craig Franklin. But once he saw ways to move on the transition was carried out with ruthless ugliness. Here is what happened.
When I met Craig
He was a software engineer with no savings. That, I knew, what I did not know was that his psychopathic condition made it impossible for him to file his tax returns, which left him chronically garnished and broke.
Craig positioned himself as a Libertarian. He is not, since he routinely uses deceit and violence to achieve his ends. He was also was not a tax protester, he just did not file, thus paying into state coffers money he did not owe. He was being garnisheed by multiple agencies without my knowledge, I discovered in January of 1997. Pay Stub. List of Garnishments 1987 – 1997
Craig brought the problem with him and lied to me. I could have filed as an innocent spouse, but instead I went to work to save Craig, whose health was failing. At that point he was beginning to soil the sheets in our bed as well as leaving feces in the bath tub. I solved the problem for Craig at enormous cost to myself, having spent weeks of 18 hour days going over the records Craig had hidden from me at work.
Less than two weeks after garnishments stopped and refunds began coming in, these would eventually come to around $250,000, my oldest son, who Craig had adopted along with the others, at his insistence, suffered a major brain injury in a motorcycle accident.
With the problem of the IRS behind him and my attention on our son, Craig decided to eliminate me. With me out of the way he could live out his fantasy life.
If he had just told me he wanted a divorce and split the assets, as was fair, I would simply have forgotten him and moved on. But his goal was to get everything and leave me destitute and homeless. This was part of his fantasy, repeated frequently to both Morgan and Anne Fisher.
Affidavit I (Page Two – Paragrahs 4 & 5) “Craig talked to me all the time. He consistently broght up the same several subjects, repeating himself nearly every time we talked.
One of these was his desire to see my mother penniless and pushing a shopping cart in fuzzy slippers.”
Do not expect fair play or decency from a psychopath.

Throw Mama from the Train – Craig and Dan cut a deal
It was during this period that Craig cut a deal with his boss, Dan O'Dowd, to create a different stock option agreement with language recommended by Misho, “future, future, future,” 1999 Phone Transcript (Page 6 – Seventh Paragraph) so, as he left me, he could guarantee I received nothing from our only marital asset. All option agreements for all employees, including Craig's, acknowledged as the most valuable employee and given the highest award, were issued simultaneously in 1996, were for past work. I was told this by Craig in 1996.
Craig signed the agreement in my presence, having written some additional language, which I read at the time.
Green Hills Software successfully resisted discovery on the language of any other stock option agreement and the court refused to enforce our demand during the divorce. At this point I began to understand something was very wrong with the court system.
Dan needed Craig, who had been the pivotal factor in making Green Hills Software hugely profitable. Dan also wanted to cut out his partner, who had provided the original funding, Glenn Hightower. Documents for Hightower – O'Dowd law suit are available at Just the Evidence.
Craig made this possible by persuading the other employees to refuse to cooperate with a Hightower buyout. This is testified to by Wayne B. Weisman, Partner in an equity fund, Private Equity Partners, LP. Exhibit 7a (Page 2- Paragraph 9)
Morgan Affidavit I (Page 2 – Paragraph 7 & 8) “About the Green Hills buyout, he said he and Dan had a deal, had helped each other out. He compared it to the movie, “Throw Mama from the Train” The whole family had seen the movie together so I knew exactly what he meant.
Craig said many times, “They could not be caught.”
Morgan Affidavit I (Page 1 – bottom) “In the summer of 1998 Craig told me gleefully he and other employees he had been talking to at GHS stood up at a conference and walked out, right past Hightower. Hightower was Dan's partner and and was trying to buy the company. It was, Craig said, quite a confrontation. Craig said many times his stock would be worth a lot more if they could dump Hightower. Dan made promises to make it worth their while. Craig also said he was getting extra stock for payment for cooperation on top of Dan screwing over our mother. Craig also said Dan was pussy whipped and Amy ran Dan.”
The offer price by O'Dowd of 47 million to Hightower was far below the actual valuation of the company at the time, from what I knew from Craig before he left. I was told by Craig, at the time, the company was actually worth 350 million.
Green Hills Software, Inc., is a War Contractor, now making essential components for drones. They began getting government contracts in 2003. This story involves John Fund, former WSJ Pundit. This story will appear in the book, now being written. The company is located at 30 West Sola, in Santa Barbara. See Drone Free Zone.
One might wonder why Craig would talk so much about subjects which, clearly were highly volatile. This happens because Craig's condition makes not talking about what he is doing impossible for him.

In 1998 Morgan was living in Los Angeles in an apartment I had rented and decorated for her myself. I bought the material for drapes and the furniture in early 1998 before the IRS matter was settled through drastic economies elsewhere. The last time I was in her apartment, because she became hostile and antagonistic, was late summer of that year. I had been by and brought her roses for the dining room table I also bought for her. She was thirty and had never worked, and never finished school. Looking back, I realize I should have noticed something was very wrong with her. But I try to make the people I love happy and I always tried to be understanding.
For about eight years, from the time she moved in with us, when my sister, Anne kicked her out, until they broke up, she was pretending to go to college but actually having an affair with Eddy van Halen. I did not know about this until years later.
In 1997 she was in a relationship with Eugene Volokh, Professor of Law at UCLA, who she had met at the conference for the RLC I put on in Santa Barbara in 1995.
It was Morgan who found an attorney, Jacqueline Misho, for Craig, as stated in her affidavit.
I helped Craig in every way that I could. It was I who found his divorce attorney for him.” Affidavit I (Page 1 – Paragraph 4)

This affidavit also gives evidence of the kind of manipulation Craig routinely used. Morgan states I told her she had to start working. Affidavit (page one, paragraph two)
I did so because, to my surprise, after we no longer had financial problems because I had solved the tax problem, Craig came to me and insisted I do so. This was done to set up his use of Morgan. I had asked she have time to get a job or finish college. He grudgingly extended support for a full year. Craig's motive was to activate Morgan as a tool and he did so in spades.
In late November, 1997, Arthur began rehabilitation, he had survived, but lost around two years of academic accomplishments. It is true of brain injuries, I now know, that they change you completely. Survivors say they count the day of the injury as the first day of their lives. I found this is also true of any family member who stands by them.
Craig, to my surprise, expressed a wish to take the entire family to Hawaii for Christmas as a celebration. His motives were actually very different. He wanted me out of Santa Barbara, so he could have the house to himself. He knew that, having paid off all our massive debts with the refunds from the IRS, I would want to pay off the vacation immediately, leaving me with little money at the end of January. He wanted to force an early settlement by ensuring I could not afford an attorney or pay my bills.
He returned to California a week before me and used the time to have his attorney rummage through my private papers, removing many which were never returned, and to go through my computer, taking what ever she thought would be useful to her. Morgan attested to this fact in her Affidavit I (Page two – Paragraphs two & three)
Craig also filed for divorce. The plan seems to have been to claim the date of grant was after we were separated. This failed because of the weight of proof I was still paying his bills and he handling his domestic needs. Checks written by Melinda January 1998. The phoney stock option agreement was written by an attorney in Los Angeles, Ruth Fisher and signed with Craig three days earlier. This is attested to in 1999 Transcript (Page two – Paragraph 5) with Craig supplying the name of the attorney, Ruth Fisher, and other details.
When Craig called to tell me he was leaving his just washed dirty clothes were still warm and had just been put away. The day was January 23, 1998.
Morgan's next assignment was to work to suborn her siblings, telling them ugly, and untrue things about me. She also contacted my friends, telling them the same ugly and untrue stories. Emerling Cloud began doing the same among my Libertarian friends and acquaintances.
Morgan is also a psychopath.
It was like being hit by an invisible tsunami.
There are rules you can follow which immunize you from becoming a victim. We'll get into those later here and in my book, now being written.

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